Kim Richards Steps Out Of Rehab To Celebrate Daughter’s Bridal Shower


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has been in a rehab facility following her April 16th arrest for public intoxication, trespassing, resisting an officer and battery on a police officer. But late this week Richards left rehab to be part of her daughter Brooke’s wedding celebrations.

Kim’s older sister Kathy Hilton posted the above photo of Brooke’s bridal shower on Instagram, writing, “With my beautiful sister and niece @kimrichards11 @brookewiederhorn so happy for you and Thayer ! Wish you both a long life together xoxo Aunt K.”

As we previously reported, Kim’s sister Kyle WILL be attending the wedding and has been to rehab to visit her sister.

The wedding is set to take place in Mexico this weekend. We are glad to see Kim looking happy and healthy.

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30 Replies to “Kim Richards Steps Out Of Rehab To Celebrate Daughter’s Bridal Shower”

    1. She keeps hitting her head on the bottom..
      I sure hope Kyle is at the wedding. By the looks of the photo, sadly she may not. Once an addict knows you have their number, they find a way to get mad at you and find another sucker… Her poor children have no choice. I feel bad for them especially.

    2. Did you hear the report about what all was in her system the night of her arrest? A few expected things, plus Toluene. Now, I heard that on the 6:00 news, so not a rumor. It’s found in crystal meth and is used for “huffing” Now that’s sad and scary. Now I really am wondering how badly her brain has been destroyed and if it has something to do with how cruel and hateful she can be. What always gets me is how, after she gets like she did that dinner in Holland, the next day she is all like normal. And how everyone else just tries to go along because, hey, what else can you do when there are all kinds of important events with family planned. Makes me see how her family is all caught up in the quagmire.

      1. I am still shocked after hearing about the Toulene. What an IDIOT. I’ll bet Brandi was right, accusing her of using Crystal Meth, on the nite of Dana’s party. Kim even admitted to having not slept for something like 7 or 8 days. At least her kids had decent fathers who didn’t abandon them.

        1. I know, Queenie. When I go back and see how she acts at several events, the things she says like at the opening of SUR end of season two, when Kyle started getting to the heart of the matter Kim goes “and there is something else,” Kyle “something else?”, KIm “I’m late”, Kyle “Late, like a period late”, and on and on. So many times where she has to prove she is more needy and Kyle has to follow her down that road, well, doesn’t HAVE TO, but I have a sister so much like her it’s creepy and it is really hard not to. That is why I get protective when people are cruel to Kyle. Can you imagine living with that in public your entire life. And Kyle isn’t the one who put them and made their life about being in public. It’s what they grew up with and lets face it, it becomes a way of life. She uses her platform, like most celebrities for a lot of positive things.

          1. I think that Kyle has done her best, considering how ungrateful and entitled Kim is. I really believe the whole idea behind getting Kim on the show, was to get her to stand on her on two feet finally, after living off of her sisters. Especially since her child support payments were coming to an end. And what does Kim do? Squanders yet another opportunity and has the nerve to accuse Kyle of “stealing her house,” on national TV. With the kind of money Kim has thrown around, SHE could’ve bought the other’s interests out, IF she was so attached to it. I think the most telling episode of all, concerning how messed up Kim is, was the one you mentioned. First, Kim crawling around the bathroom floor, then searching through the trash in the limo for *something* and finally locking herself in another bathroom, yet again. The only sympathy I have is for her children, she ONLY thinks of herself, a common trait in addicts.

      2. I agree with everything you have said. I got slated on here when I said it was wrong She was in a vapor store. The point was she was supposed to be in rehab. I hope the courts force her to go back to real rehab after the wedding! She is apparently saying She won’t go back. She hasn’t got a clue what She has done to her brain and what She has put her family through, hell for decades!! All these people saying poor Kim, it’s a disease, maybe it is but nastiness is a personality fault.

        1. Thanks, Meg123. Being hurtful and cruel is certainly something she JUST IS. It might have something to do with her “disease” but she apparently has never included getting help for that in all her rehabs. Do people really think that that behavior is limited to camera time. How many times do you think her children came home from school to Kim spewing out her hateful insides? How many times do you think she got in a car with her kids while she was shit faced? How many times did she put them in the tub when she was to drunk to see straight, Those kids are lucky they SURVIVED. “Help” has been around the corner for her whole life. Nothing is ever, ever enough for people like her and it will be her family I pray for.

      3. It’s nice to read comments from someone with sense, there are a few comments on here that is Just what has brought her to this point. No one in her family has said you need to go into a hospital that will help with all aspects of her addictions. Plus whatever happened to her as a child. Kathy spends so much time trying to keep it all quiet. They would get a lot more respect if they sat down with someone to sort out the whole debacle! Commit her before its too late, I don’t hate Kim, I just won’t watch her self destruct. You can see her getting worse each season!! Good comments from most. Kt get a life you are just what she has been living with for years.

  1. Kim looks healthier than ever. Alcoholism is a disease ppl, try being a little kinder. She will go back into rehab after Brooks wedding. Pray for her don’t be a hater.

    1. People have been praying for her for years, me included. She needs fewer people to coddle her.
      I’m now praying for her family.

    2. Yeah, it’s a disease. What do you call the sickness she projected that night in Amsterdam and at the reunion when dealing with her sister? “Cause it seems like all the prayer in the world hasn’t helped her.

        1. I never gave her a pass. I don’t remember her being cruel and hateful to everyone around her, or anyone, and that’s what I was referring to. I think Kim and Lisa decided for Yolanda’s sake they would try and leave it behind for the trip. Lisa certainly did get called out for that. If words can’t provoke, then why was there a riot after the Rodney King verdict? ( That is the only riot I could call to mind, sorry it is such old news. )

          1. Words can provoke a reaction, depends on the persons character how they respond, in this instance I believe we saw both of their characters and it wasn’t good! Kyle’s reaction was hilarious running away like a child…character. I don’t think the blame, for that night, can be placed all on Kim and her using.

            1. Running away like a child. Now I think that was cruel. People keep saying to be kind on here. If Kim was ever kind in her life maybe Kyle wouldn’t “run away” The reason Lisa R. apologized again was because Kim never accepted her apology on the plane. Lisa just wanted Kim to know that she wasn’t being malicious or gleeful and Kim just would not forgive her. If Kim would have, and asked like an “adult” for Lisa to drop it and not bring it up or refer to it at all, I think Lisa would have obliged her. And at the table, if Kim would have just said “I appreciate the commonality for you in this, however, I really would like you not to refer to it at all,” I think Lisa would have obliged her. Kim’s attitude just got more and more aggressive and hateful. This was a beautiful trip to Holland that Yolanda had planned for the girls, they are at a lovely restaurant and Lisa is remembering her sister’s death. The theory I keep seeing is how all of it could have SO EASILY AVOIDED, and the result would have been a positive thing instead of a horrible experience for everyone. If for no other reason than for Kim to have redeemed herself. It ruined the whole trip and everyone is now going to remember that as the defining thing from the whole season, for a long time I think. Certainly Yolanda, if not everyone else, is going to have her memory tainted.

              1. Cruel? It’s an observation! I didn’t call her a child or any nasty name. Kim asked Lisa R to leave alone on the plane, how many times does she have to say leave it alone? Kim doesn’t have the largest choice of words, but the point was clear. As far as Kim and Kyle there is more to the story than what we have seen and I believe both are at fault. From your posts I know you relate to Kyle, and I understand, I merely feel Kyle could handle it better. For the record, so could Kim.

                1. Different people see cruelty in different things. Way more had happened before the table scene in Holland. Lisa apologized to Kim many times and never once did Kim apologize to anyone. even Eileen, who had done nothing but invite them to a lovely party in her home where a scene was created. Rude insults were just the beginning. Then, OMG, she went too far and invited them to lunch because her 2 sisters had died. I guess people who act like Kim think a lunch invitation is, wait, what would it be. Nice. Empathetic. Lovely. So she gets called foul names for that. Yeah, people react different alright.

                  1. Yes we so, I see telling another blogger to “go blow” as cruel and crude. I never said anything negative regarding Eileen, matter of fact, I feel she’s the only one that tried to handle the situation correctly. Even with insults hurled her way she remained calm. Lisa R and Kyle reactions were not becoming of grown women, maybe you can relate to that, I cannot. Kim does not get a pass, it’s part of the disease…what’s their excuse or reason…she didn’t accept my apology…boo hoo…stay classy and see how that works? Maybe use a play from Lisa V or Yolanda play book. All three could have handled it better!

        2. Nastiness is not part of her addiction, it’s part of her personality!! Why would someone in their 50’s sniff bathroom products! Save your sympathies for her kids.

    3. No one is a hater, just so frustrated with Her, She doesn’t seem to want to kick drugs, I’m not even sure alcohol is a big problem any more. I think it’s gone way beyond that. She is effecting her brain with the sniffing / smoking pill popping or whatever way she chooses to use these products. I’m not even sure she will go into rehab, she hasn’t been in it, her daughters Instagram photos prove she wasn’t there when she said she was. I just hope the courts force her to go and not to a spa! The photos of her in the vapour store also prove she wasn’t there!!! So to say be kind, I will when She gets real help!!!! If not we will be kind at her funeral!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What other special events does Kim get to leave rehab for? Is this standard practice for all patients or only for Dr. Phil Celebrity clients who dictate the terms and conditions of their rehab before “committing” to it?

  3. They all look lovely.

    Perhaps trying to have her sober in real life situations is the way forward for her. Getting sober isn’t her issue, staying sober is. I think monitoring her in a real life environment can possibly help her deal with her situation when she leaves and perhaps be more productive. She needs to speak to a councilor about things going on in her mind and things that have went on in the past. Unfortunately, her inability to truly trust anyone will most likely prevent this happening, or at least to the extent it needs to.

    1. Yeah, they look lovely. I would be all about that if she wasn’t so cruel to people. And, how about let’s get her a sober companion who can monitor her – for the rest of her life? Wow. There are so many seniors living in poverty from medical bills from other “diseases” who can’t get in someone to be a companion for themselves one day a week, I think that is what I am going to concentrate on.
      That kind of talk just makes it seem like “if she had just had help,” if others had just supported her, if everyone ELSE had just realized HOW SICK SHE WAS, maybe she could get WELL. For me, it just puts the responsibility on others and I’m tired of it.

      1. Exactly. She’s had FAR too MUCH help!!! Let her stand on her own. If she can afford multiple designer handbags in every color, brand and style, then I think she should be able to pay her own way in life, finally at 50yrs of age.

  4. The thing is.. it wasn’t just one of her ex-husband’s pills…Kim was using again and others knew it. Certainly, Lisa Rinna knew it after that wacky limo ride…and from things she said, Brandi knew, too. So while Brandi was willing to protect Kim’s secret, and help her use. Lisa wasn’t…she knew first hand it could and probably would kill her. “Asking” (commanding) Lisa not to talk about it was just one of the many ways Kim intimidates her family and friends into covering for her ….and Lisa wasn’t willing to do it. I like her for that. I don’t agree with Lisa’s reaction to Kim bringing up Harry in Holland, but I understand it. Kim knows what buttons to push to send the attention elsewhere…and she has no limits.

    1. I appreciate what Lisa R was trying to do as well, however, Kim viewed her as an outsider. When that happens, the user becomes defensive and will not listen, this is why interventions are done by close family and friends. A person can share their or loved ones stories, but to hammer it in will only push the user deeper. Don’t get me wrong, It is NOT Lisa R, Kyle, BG ‘fault’ Kim was using again, that is 100% on Kim. I don’t see that BG helped her use, she spoke with her friend who is a professional. Kim most likely has limits, the disease does not.

      1. I agree, kt. that there was very little chance Lisa (and Eileen’s) interest in Kim’s sobriety was going to result in her willing return to sobriety. Kim had not just “slipped”, as she wanted everyone to think, she was in a full blown relapse and was doing everything she could to protect her addiction. But by not allowing Kim to manipulate them, even though she attacked their characters and even their families on the air, Lisa and Eileen forced her relapse into the sunlight, and I would argue, eventually back into rehab. Brandi never challenged Kim, which is why Kim choose her to be her best friend. I would also quess that Kathy Hilton is Kim’s favorite sister for the same reason. I admire both Lisa Rinna and Eileen for doing the right thing, no matter what the consequences.

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