Kim Richards Speaks Out About Lawsuit Regarding Dog Kingsley’s Attack


RHOBH star Kim Richards is being sued by eighty-year-old Kay Rozario. The former family friend has filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles federal court against Kim and Evolution Film & Tape [the RHOBH production company] which previously hired a trainer for Kim’s pit bull Kingsley.

“Kim was lying on the bed talking, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, the dog starts biting me,” Rozario told the NY Daily News. “I’m trying to pull back, but the dog has hold of me with its teeth. I fall backwards onto floor with blood spurting everywhere. There was blood all over the place.”

Warning: There are photos of Rozario’s injuries here, but beware, they are graphic.

“It was terrifying, just terrifying,” Rozario said. “Thank God I was leaning on the bed with both arms in front of me or the dog would have gotten my throat and face.”

As we previously reported, Kim’s dog also attacked Kyle Richards’ daughter Alexia. Alexia’s wounds were so bad she had to get surgery on her hand.

Now that Rozario is moving forward with the lawsuit, Kim is speaking out about her allegations. Richards says Kay’s version of the story is “vehemently not true. (Rozario) walked into my bedroom the next morning reaching across Kingsley towards me and Kingsley went after her. She was fully aware that I had a dog before she came to town and saw him upon her arrival.”

Kim also claims that Rozario has sold stories about her in the past. “It’s unfortunate how people can go against decades of friendship when something like this happens,” Richards said.

To be continued…

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18 Replies to “Kim Richards Speaks Out About Lawsuit Regarding Dog Kingsley’s Attack”

    1. I think Kim is responsable for the safety of her guests period. Doesnt matter if she said she had a dog or if she said the dog is mean. Any decent person would not have people over and have a dangerous dog thats very terratorial out and about. If all Kim cares about is the dog them dont have company over.

  1. Kim neglects to mention that she absolutely refused to pay for the medical bills for Ms. Rosario, caused Kingsley’s attack. That had a lot to do with Ms. Rosario filing the lawsuit. Duh Kim!

  2. I know that a vicious animal attacked several people and that Kim should pay for it. She should have never allowed that people eater around anyone! She said that Alexia knew not to go in the bedroom with him in it, but Kyle said that Alexia was sleeping with that dog the night before which is why it was such a huge shock. Hmmm…those Richards girls have a really difficult time with the truth.

    1. I cant believe Kyle would allow her daughter to visit Kim with Kingsley there. Its Kims fault but, Kyle has said before this she was afraid the dog would kill Kim one day and eat her. If I were Kyle I would have banned my kids from going over there. I wouldn’t have waited for this incident to have happened. They were so so lucky it wasn’t worse. I dont undetstand ever putting your loved ones at risk (or anybody ) for a dog thats capable of killing. Kim is a dispicable loser. She even tried to coax the elderly friend not to call 911 because of that stupid trash show. That woman could have had a stroke or heart attack from the shock and fright and needed immediate medical attention. Anyobe would have but especially an older person. My mom is that age and I cant imagine someone with an ounce of class treating her like this. Yes Kay should speak out and should sue .

  3. I know they say it’s the owners not the dogs, & I may get Flack for this, However the pitbull breed just ent right. They are a wild card. When my husband was 10 yrs old he was trapped inside a car with a family friends Postville and severely attracted by the same Postville he and his friend played and cuddled with the night before.. Pitbulls should just stop being bread.

  4. pit bulls… you don’t heard on a regular basis about someone being mauled by a german shepard, labador, shitzu, and on and on. The defenders of pit bulls…. I believe they are wrong. Kim should be held accountable. Sounds like she puts no blame on the dog but it’s always the who was bit that gets the blame. There is a problem here.

    1. Uhm, yeah, you don’t HEAR about it because it’ not juicy. I rescued a tiny dog and a pitbull. I can’t COUNT how many times the tiny one has attacked me. The pit? Gentle giant, and he’s been attacked by the little guy too. So don’t believe the hype. It’s bull$hit.

    1. Ive thought that too. She has kids that im sure visit from time to time and probably will have grandkids soon. Yes im sure shes lonely but why not get a better family dog? The trainer warned her too so shes ripe for a lawsuit. He told her Kingsley is dangerous and must be muzzled or put into a secured enclosure when others are over.

    2. Because PITBULLS are loving, loyal wonderful dogs. They actually used to be used to protect children of their families. Get a clue.

      1. I don’t think a professional dog trainer would just label a dog as dangerous because it’s a pitbull. Obviously there’s something wrong with this specific dog. It’s attacked multiple people.

  5. Happy that all of you get what I’m saying and. I’m not hating on Pitbulls or people, I just don’t think they mix well. At all.

    1. I don’t think people who don’t know how to train a usually loyal, loving dog that has been inbred too many times mix well. At all.

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