Kim Richards To Speak About Her Arrest With Dr. Phil


There have been numerous reports during this past weekend about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards and her arrest on Thursday. Now she is breaking her silence during a one-on-one interview with Dr.Phil airing next week.

In the interview she opens up about her ongoing struggle with alcoholism and discusses her recent arrest that made headlines all over the media. Richards was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel and was charged with public intoxication, trespassing, and battery.

“I was angry and frighten and scared. I knew what I had done. The whole night is my fault. None of this would have happened if I didn’t drink,” she tells Dr. Phil.

Allegedly, Richards made a scene Thursday night in the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills hotel and was described as “belligerent with slurred speech and reeking of a strong odor of alcohol.” Police were called around 1:30 a.m. by security in response to a supposed fight, she initially was in the bathroom and refused to come out, and she was then eventually placed in a holding cell for the rest of the night to sober up. Richards also reportedly kicked a police officer after the arrest at the station.

According to a new report, Dr. Phil offered to send Kim away to rehab directly after their interview.

“Dr. Phil offered to send her to rehab, and said he would take care of the expenses. It was extremely generous, and a facility was picked out by Dr. Phil. Kim was blown away by the gesture, but didn’t immediately agree to go,” a source tells RadarOnline. “Kim’s daughter, Brooke, is getting married for a second time next month, and she doesn’t want to miss it. The event will be taking place out of the country. Meanwhile Dr. Phil warned Kim her life was in danger because of her addiction to alcohol.”

The exclusive interview with Dr. Phil will air Tuesday April 28th, and she is scheduled to appear at the LAX Superior Court on June 10th. We wish Kim the best.

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39 Replies to “Kim Richards To Speak About Her Arrest With Dr. Phil”

  1. I don’t think Kim was ever sober. Every time she would talk about her sobriety, she would slur her words and appear to be off balanced. Both of the Lisa V. and Lisa R. Knew she was

  2. Real question: how much did she get paid for interview. We all know she is going to cash in on this and shop around, selling stories to tabloids.

    Hope she gets help. However I’m guess, like the majority of the viewers, she will proclaim she just slipped, and only because if reunion airing or her relationship with Kyle. She will never be totally truthful and say she had not been sober for 3years straight.

    1. Egg- I have heard Dr. Phil say numerous times that he does not oay guests to appear on his show. But as Chloe’s Mom pointed out, what he does do is offer FREE and usually pretty expensive rehab at the end of the show if you will take it. You usually have to accept the help tpright there and without any conditions, like “my daughter’s wedding….Blah blah blah.” Now what will be VERY interesting yo see is what KIND of rehab they offer Kim. True rehab or so half -assed sober coach to follow her around so she can go about her life as usual. Let’s see i see if she gets special treatment.

      1. So if Dr. Phil doesnt pay for guests, there must be something else, like you said…..dont think Kim will do rehab–unless it is also like you say, special type of rehab; like vaca resort.

          1. Lisa I agree with you 100% damage control she thinks she can BS her way out of trouble turning down the help will so look bad for her when she goes to court

      2. I don’t think sober coaches are half a–ed. Usually folks that have some money hire a “sponsor” so that they can’t sell their client’s secrets to tabloids or write books. Think about someone famous going to an AA meeting and spilling their guts..everyone and their mother would be selling that info to whoever is ready to buy. One can’t get sober without being able to completely trust their “sponsor”. These coaches/companions work hand in hand with therapists and rehabs to help in the day to day recovery. If Kim breaks the recovery contract there will be consequences from the recovery coach. If Kim gets in a car drunk the coach has to call police or they will get into trouble. These people are trained in addictions, some are in recovery themselves. They are held to professional standards and if they don’t adhere to them they get in trouble. Their income would be severely impaired if they mess up or let things slide. Some of these folks can earn up to 6 figures as well. In addition to Kim getting help I hope her family gets help as well. Addiction hurts everyone in the family. Sometimes those scars can remain with family members for life unless they get help for themselves. Kyle, the family and friends need to stop focusing in on Kim and start focusing in on their own lifes in order to get healthy again. They all need to detach from Kim and her problems in order to work on themselves. (I would also say they need to detach from Brandi as well.) They didn’t cause this problem, nor can they control or cure it. I hope that Bravo handles this in a classy well that will educate everyone about addictions. This is a life threatening issue.

  3. This will be interesting. Hope Phil is as hard on her as he is on other”guests” when he calls them out on lies and deflections. Is Bravo owned by NBC?

    1. Aunt Bee, it will be interesting to watch. I just made a memo regarding this, I sure do hope Dr. Phil grills her hard, Kim is a master deceiver and will not blink not once! Can’t wait.

  4. Usually when you sign up with Dr. Phil, you are offered free rehab immediately following the show. Let’s hope she does go to rehab and learns how to deal with her addiction this time. God bless her.

  5. She’s such a washed up has- been. I wish all this about her would just go away. I’ve always fast forwarded thru her RHOBH scenes because she’s just drunk wallpaper. Hopefully Bravo will finally ace her from the show and we can all stop hearing about her.

  6. It hasn’t even been a full week since she’s been arrested and she’s already sat down with Dr. Phil to discuss her sobriety or lack there of?! This is the help she seeks?! To broadcast it on national television!? But God forbid her sister or any of her cast mates mention anything bad about her on tv or the dreaded Instagram. I’m confused, who are you Kim Richards? This sounds like the last thing you need to do…sounds like you’re just avoiding having to go to rehab…or maybe you’re deflecting again…oh I’ll just sit down with Dr. Phil and everything will be ok, all the viewers will think I’m just fine. Please Bravo save your money and stop supporting this train wreck!

    1. I agree- like we’re supposed to believe that less than 48 hours later, without benefit if any treatment whatsoever, Kim Richards suddenly reached clarity and truth vompketely on her own.

  7. rambles will continue to lie and be in denial about her alleged “sobriety”. we all know from watching her on BH’s HW’s that she was NEVER sober—-she is a mean drunk and mean person. Wish bravo would ax this loser- she is an embarrassment to herself and her family and bravo reaps the viewership of this trainwreck…..

  8. This is a publicity stunt/damage control by both Bravo and Dr Phil (who basically DOESN’T ask hard questions if you ask me) and Kim is just going to give us some bs as if this was a first slip. She will likely be offered first class rehab services and some agreement to follow up and become Dr. Phills pet project. And folks, rehab is a first step. This woman does not go to meetings, hangs out with people (BG) who has serious drinking/personality disorders and requires everyone to ignore what’s in front of their eyes in order to be around here. If I were Kyle, and I have been, I would be screaming from the rooftops but she has to know there is nothing – absolutely nothing – she can do if Kim is refusing to get help and keep getting help. It is NOT Kyle Richard’s responsibility to have her sister’s back when she is a lying alcoholic in the throes of her disease. Kyle is there to support her sister, but not blindly. Those who think Kim is “needing” support from her friends are crazy. She needs help from fellow alcoholics who know her BS all too well. They’ve lived it. And while I feel horribly that Monty is dying, do we think there is no enabling behavior there? It wasn’t a healthy relationship then, and it surely isn’t likely to be one now.

    1. I totally agree. There is so much enabling Kim. Kyle should not have her back, Brandi should not be hanging around her. And I don’t feel Lisa R was out of line. Since it was a very personal subject to her own life, that’s who Kim (if she had been working her sobriety) should have gravitated towards. Had she been truly sober, she never would have gotten so mean towards her and Eileen.

  9. I am sure she said once on the show that if she falls of the wagon again that her kids would never speak to her again. Not sure if that was BS but then I have lived with an alcholic brother for thirty years and know not to believe a single word that comes out of his mouth.

    Being on Dr Phil is the only way for her to come back from the lies and salvage her spot on the show.

  10. No matter what anyone thinks of Kyle we have to feel sorry for her. I believe the family of the addict actually struggles more than the addict. I have family members who are in active addiction. Prayers sent to Kim, Kyle, and family.

  11. UM, Dr. Phil isn’t a doctor, for one thing….She is so homely, if she weren’t attached to famous rich people, she would not be on the show. Her looks are ruined by substance abuse. She now looks like a grade B porno actress.

    1. Actually, Dr. Phil, IS a real doctor. He has been for over 30 years. He’s HIGHLY qualified to do what he does on a daily basis. You need to fact check before posting something like that.

  12. Actually there is a new report just out that KIM BOLTED from the Dr. Phil interview. The kids were supposedly begging her to take the help but she didn’t like the terms. Her son, Chad, was overheard telling her (paraphrasing) that He never said she drank EVERY day but she is smoking a lot of pot and popping pills. I dunno. This is so sad and looks like a line is been drawn. This was on Daily Mail by the way and other HW websites.

    1. I don’t know why I didn’t see your comment, before I posted. Anyway, I find it so strange how she has insisted for YEARS now, that she was “sober,” and it has all been a big lie. She wasn’t fooling anyone, getting that nose job, right out of rehab either–nor having a re-do, because “Kingsley bumped into her, by accident.” B.S. I’ve long suspected that she has been using a variety of substances, not just alcohol. Especially when she was with that last boyfriend.

  13. I’ve recently read elsewhere, that Kim stormed out of the Dr.Phil interview and her kids are shown begging her to reconsider. Her son has said that she drinks all the time, takes pills and smokes dope. I think her REAL problem is that she has far too much time on her hands. If she had a structured life, including a bonafide job and not just the reality stuff, she wouldn’t have the luxury of laying around high as a kite, all the time.

  14. LEAVE KIM ALONE ! SHE HAS SOME SERIOUS ISSUES AND thank GOD she has HER CHILDREN I ADMIRE That she is trying to take care of her ex-husband that has to be very hard WE all have issues just hope Kim YOU ARE OK STAY STRONG WE ARE ALL CHEERING FOR YOUR RECOVERY

  15. I want to hear from the busboy or the server or the couple she says she spoke with. Where are all those hotel staffers TMZ and the other gossip outlets supposedly pay to squeal on celebrities? Don’t they have any at that hotel? Even if they aren’t supposed to talk, you have to know everybody that works there knew the whole story within a day.

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