Kim Richards Slams Lisa Vanderpump, Says She Was A Fake Friend And Her True Colors Will Be Revealed


Kim Richards appeared on Bethenny and dished about her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast mates. Richards revealed now that she is sober she realizes that Lisa Vanderpump was never her friend. “I don’t think the audience has seen really Lisa’s stuff yet,” Kim told Bethenny. “I think that as the season unfolds they will see really what Lisa has done to some of us,” Kim reveals. “I think Lisa has a way about her where she comes off very sweet and kind to all of us. If she is really my friend then she would come to me off camera and say to me, call me and say to me, ‘I’m here for you.’ Be a friend but instead she would do it on camera and come to me on camera, ‘Let’s talk about things.’”

“It’s like, ‘Lisa, I don’t want to talk about things, pretty bad night for me alright, seriously.’ ‘Seriously, darling if you want to talk about things.’ Cameras rolling everybody, fans to see. I think is she really my friend? Is Lisa my friend?” Kim continues. “But when I wasn’t well I couldn’t decipher and all of a sudden I am getting more well and I am like hey, wait a minute, girlfriend you are not my friend. I so see what you are doing. She’s letting the audience think she’s my friend when clearly she was just dragging all my stuff out for the world to see more and more.”

“But where did the phone call come in for Kim as a real friend? There was never one,” she reveals. “There were no off camera calls to check on me, there was never a real friendship there and that’s the kind of stuff she’s done to all of us. I think that more and more of that will unfold and you will see the little snide things that she does. She’s just never been a real good friend to me and that’s okay, she doesn’t have to be. I’m over it, I’m over the things she’s done, like pulling out the magazines out of Brandi’s bag, ‘Oh, ooooh my.’ There are little things that you will see that will happen over this season that her true colors will show.”

Kim’s interview with Bethenny will air on Monday, December 9th.

Photo Credit: Bethenny



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  • Aunt Bee

    Kim you still sound like you’re on drugs. The above makes no sense.

    • soni ray

      No sense what so ever! The hypocracy on this show is a bit much to bare. The women are once again ganging up on Lisa, and not for the first time. I’m not surprised by the KK sisters purile antics. They are desperate to stay relevant and have never had enjoyed the popularity of Lisa. However, Brandi’s change of attitude towards Lisa, who along with her husband stood by her in more ways than one, is surprising. In fact its disgusting. I can’t help thinking that BRAVO are engineering a lot of this to create a more soap-like scenario, rather than ‘keeping it real’.

  • Felina

    Kingsley might not be the only one who needs some training!

  • yaya

    Actually, Kim seems very coherent and for the first time she’s clear and is doing her best. For that, I can totally appreciate. I’m not a Kim or Kyle fan, but, Lisa is an enabler, brandis bad behavior is atrocious and Lisa has consigned every bit of it. Yolanda is the quite one but also a cosigner in taking part of brandis ugliest moments. Kyle and Kim have been paid back for the way they treated Brandi early on, but, come on now, they all behave so badly, including Carlton attempting to dislike someone who she doesn’t know for real. Joyce might be annoying as heck but, at least she’s decent enough not to act stupid. The reunion will be a smash, can’t wait.

  • deonn

    kim please i dont even know why you are still on the show. if lisa is supposedly being fake to atleast she wasnt like ur sister who exposed every piece of ur business in a childish argument on season one sorry kim im glad u are better but im not rocking with you on the take down lisa ship

  • nene

    Kandi’s mother acted like a complete freaking idiot at Kandi’s dress fitting..then she had the nerve to bring the old live crew with her to make matters worse for Kandi…all of those hags need to get them and nice old gentleman, have a few dinners with these gentlemen and maybe do a little touching..Kandis mom is so afraid that Kandi will stop giving her money or something I guess..of course I dont know their whole story but I will say this…Joyce you looked like a complete idiot taking off your shoes trying to fight a woman more than half your age who would have whopped your butt if you were two women in the street…you are an evil hag…if your daughter is making a mistake with Todd..let her make it and be there for her if he lets her down…gosh you are igonorant

  • Teresa Carlucci

    Yeah, and Kim is an awesome friend, right???? The season started with Kim and Kyle BOTH making fun of Lisa fainting on TV while on Dancing with the Stars. I think Kim is jealous of ALL the HW. She is the least interesting of them all, and if they did a show, and she wasn’t shown even once, I don’t think ANYONE would even notice. She was a very mean nasty bitch to Brandi when she was drunk, because Brandi is gorgeous and young. I even think she’s jealous of Kyle, and that’s why she treated Kyle so badly for so long. Now Lisa??? Kim spoke to Ken so disrespectfully, because he spoke the truth to her. She WAS absent to a lot of things, and to the things she DID show up for, she was late. In recovery, you’re taught to own ALL you’ve done, and make peace with it. Always talk about it, and never keep in your skeletons. I know because I have 16 years clean myself. Kim is in no way, shape or form clean. In ALL her interviews, she slurrs her words, and can’t keep her eyes open, and I’m not the only person who has noticed this. Kim, you are the fakest one on the show. I think in your simple little mind, you believe this is an acting gig, because nobody is knocking down your door to give you any acting work, awww! Kim, point blank, you have NO room to talk shit on ANYONE, because you are FAR from sweet and pure. You wish you had even a fraction of Lisa’s class, poise, intelligence, and loyalty. That woman has worked her way to the TOP without anyone’s help, and continues to be successful to this day. Leave your jealousy at the door, and get your ass to a meeting, and stop minding everyone else’s business, or people will mind yours!

  • starr sabga

    Get a life Kim. You don’t deserve Lisa V as a friend anyhow, Brandi is more your speed. Must the world fall everytime poor lil’ ol’ u is off your rocker?