Kim Richards Slams Lisa Vanderpump, Says She Was A Fake Friend And Her True Colors Will Be Revealed


Kim Richards appeared on Bethenny and dished about her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast mates. Richards revealed now that she is sober she realizes that Lisa Vanderpump was never her friend. “I don’t think the audience has seen really Lisa’s stuff yet,” Kim told Bethenny. “I think that as the season unfolds they will see really what Lisa has done to some of us,” Kim reveals. “I think Lisa has a way about her where she comes off very sweet and kind to all of us. If she is really my friend then she would come to me off camera and say to me, call me and say to me, ‘I’m here for you.’ Be a friend but instead she would do it on camera and come to me on camera, ‘Let’s talk about things.’”

“It’s like, ‘Lisa, I don’t want to talk about things, pretty bad night for me alright, seriously.’ ‘Seriously, darling if you want to talk about things.’ Cameras rolling everybody, fans to see. I think is she really my friend? Is Lisa my friend?” Kim continues. “But when I wasn’t well I couldn’t decipher and all of a sudden I am getting more well and I am like hey, wait a minute, girlfriend you are not my friend. I so see what you are doing. She’s letting the audience think she’s my friend when clearly she was just dragging all my stuff out for the world to see more and more.”

“But where did the phone call come in for Kim as a real friend? There was never one,” she reveals. “There were no off camera calls to check on me, there was never a real friendship there and that’s the kind of stuff she’s done to all of us. I think that more and more of that will unfold and you will see the little snide things that she does. She’s just never been a real good friend to me and that’s okay, she doesn’t have to be. I’m over it, I’m over the things she’s done, like pulling out the magazines out of Brandi’s bag, ‘Oh, ooooh my.’ There are little things that you will see that will happen over this season that her true colors will show.”

Kim’s interview with Bethenny will air on Monday, December 9th.

Photo Credit: Bethenny