Kim Richards Slams Lisa Rinna For Using Her As A Storyline

After the explosive Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale, Kim Richards is firing back at Lisa Rinna in a brand new interview.

“I just don’t think she’s right here,” Richards said, pointing at her head. “I think that she basically used me as a storyline and it’s over. She can’t do that anymore, I put an end to it, I put a stop to it.”

“There is no more using a storyline about me. Find a new one. Since she realized she can’t do that she’s moved on to Dorit (Kemsley) and that made me mad, she’s a young mother with two kids,” Kim told RadarOnline.

“The very thing she didn’t like when I said let’s talk about your husband then she’s going after Dorit ‘do you trust your husband?’ and then she going after Dorit about drugs.”

As for Kim? She’s doing great. “I have a great person I work with and I surround myself with wonderful healthy people,” she shared. “I removed all negative influences in my life and I think that has a big thing to do with it. I don’t have any negative unhealthy people in my life today.”

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    1. Yeah! Kim gets sober for five minutes and feels the need to show up preaching and acting like she is perfect. Not having it. Lisa R is not as bad as Kim that is for sure

      1. I agree Kim’s time is up. Kyle keeps bringing up that her kids & Kim’s think she is the funniest on the show. Bravo Andy keeps bringing her back. I wish the reunion had live questions called in without being censored.

  1. It’s funny but every time Kim opens her mouth BS just flows out. Word vomit I call it. “Im doing great! Im sober! Im perfect! I don’t have a problem with drugs and alcohol!!!! She is so full of shit. Kim’s life is a train wreck. First of all when your suffering from addiction issues whether or not it’s alcohol you are NEVER Ever cured. Saying she is no longer an alcoholic is just stupid and it’s obvious she has learned NOTHING in rehab or AA. Everyday of her life is another day of not drinking is a celebration. I would love that for her. What I cannot stand is people who think they just become sober and are fully cured.
    Alcoholism is for life, each day is a fight to not drink or take any mood altering substance. Kim wants everyone to read that she is no longer an alcoholic so she can clear her past. Problem is everyone already knows that she has not only full of crap but with the stealing from Target, drinking and getting led out of the BH hotel by police for being drunk, kicking an officer. She has a laundry list of issues that she has never taken responsibility for. Kim is delusional the way she defended her dog over her niece and sister, I was mortified. She was definitely still taking something when that came around. It’s really weird how kim gets so emotional about her dog. That thing is a menace and dangerous and the fact that it has more priority over Kim’s niece, Kim’s sister and their family.
    Alcoholism and addiction are very serious but this disease is for life. Every day your in recovery. EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    Don’t worry about story lines kim, no one cares enough about you to even listen to that crap.
    Grow up baby girl. This entire situation would have been done and over with if she had just listened and taken the advice of Dr. Phil. He offered her a dual diagnosis center to help her understand what part of her problems are due to alcohol and what part is psychological. Her first comment was something about the facility. She wants to go to a luxury spa and get massages. Dr. Phil was appalled at her behavior and her kids were too. Kim does not want to be in a place that can help her deal with her disease she just wants to be pampered.
    She is a mess, I feel so so sorry for her children.

  2. I just want to tell everyone here that I care about, and who cares for me, that today is my deceased Daughter’s Birthday. She would be 37 today. We are on our way to celebrate her life on Earth, and how blessed we are to have had her in our lives. Her and I are Aries, she wanted to be born on my BD, because both of my other children were born on the 16 of the month they were born in. I explained that she wanted to be born on the 11th, and there is no deciding for the Mom! She is the Guardian Angel to someone living, of that I am sure.

    1. Oh 3 D’s, she is your guardian angel & is at your side at all times, I’m sure. Trust me, she’ll be so present as you celebrate her special day with family. What a lovely way to celebrate her. Today is my own Grand-daughter’s birthday as well. Feel your baby doll embracing you in spirit, you’ll know it’s her. God bless you, honey.

      1. Thank you Barbara, to know I am loved means everything. I will share the 3 random acts of kindness that occurred when my oldest Daughter’s car stalled in traffic on her way home from the celebration.

    2. I’m so sorry for your heart today. She was so young. Always keep your beautiful memories . Your in my prayers.

  3. Way to go, Kim. I like sober Kim. She seems to have a clear insight into people’s characters & is fully aware of Rinna & her conniving manipulative ways.

    1. Kim is being hypocritical. Kim has many flaws and was a raging alcoholic, so she really doesn’t have the right to sit and act like a saint and point fingers at other peoples flaws! I mean, she became best friends with Brandi for crying out loud!

  4. Let’s hope the big eyed druggie is gone and leave Rennie alone, she is lovely and got a good head on her shoulders, not like Kim who has brains missing. Keeps sounding like a drunk and alcoholic, dreadful woman

  5. Didn’t Kim start everything with Lisa Rinna?! Kim is the one that brought up Lisa’s husband first and then acted like Lisa did something wrong! Kim hates Lisa R because she called her out. She hates hearing the Truth. I also think Kim lashes out at people that she is jealous of.

  6. I wish Kim all the best in her recovery. It’s a lifetime battle and I hope she keeps winning.
    What Kim said to Rinna was said in a drunken/drugged state. It was meant to hurt Rinna. What Rinna said was a legitimate question to Dorit. If Dorit felt threatened by other woman. Should Rinna have used better phrasing, sure. But it was not the same. And, sorry to break it to you sweet pea, you’re not that important or revelant for anyone to want to use you for a story line. Please be gone from this show.

    1. The montage of Dorits twatty behavior agianst Erika all season was quite interesting! She’s been a twat all season !!

      LVP is phoning it in! Shs sits there with a smirk and is such a bitch . Everytime she opens her mouth, I like her less

      Kim, support you , blah blah blah but STFU and get off this show and focus on being sober and a great mother and grandmother. Why are you here ????

    1. Hi Kt lovely. I’m so glad to hear you say that. I thought that it was just me. I didn’t really watch much this time around so was a tiny bit lost

      1. The season was – so – slow starting to a build up to – nothing. Dorit is being pushed (on the show) by LVP, it’s obvious! Honestly, I think LVP wanted PK on instead of her.
        Hope all is well with you!!

  7. As she well should. For whatever Kim’s shortcomings, the fact remains that she is not on this show 90% of the time and should not be dragged into the central storyline for Lisa Rinna’s lack of one. Furthermore, I would have given her that stinking bunny back my damned self because I wouldn’t want her disingenuous, sh***y energy around my grandchild. These lazy biffas love to carry a season on the backs of people who aren’t there by keeping the absentee’s name on their lips ad infinitum: enough! Get your life together in an way that makes filming you FOR YOU worth watching! Either that, or someone pay me for carrying the show, smh…

  8. Kim should get on her hands and knees and thank LR for giving her as reason to be remembered on the show. Please Bravo, don’t bring back Kim!!!!!

  9. ….it’s Kim’s fault that Rinna can’t keep her big lips closed?? Seriously? That’s a bad as saying Kim is an alcoholic because of Rinna.
    It is not Kim’s responsibility Rinna is talking about her.
    I think…Kim and the dud Eden both see addiction in Rinna…Rinna knows it and why she reacts the way she does.
    I don’t care if Kim has been a witch or ‘mean girl’ for a year or more – Rinna has NO right to say “this close to death”.

  10. Yes!!! I saw that moon on the night of the 11th. I looked up at the moon and told the hubby it was so beautiful and bright! He said it was a Pink Moon. I could not believe it!
    What a special day! Yes! The heavens are shining upon us.
    Love you. XOXOXOXOXO

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