Kim Richards Shares Photo of Horse she Helped Save

Former RHOBH star Kim Richards, who has a long history of struggling with addiction, began volunteering at a non-profit Mustang sanctuary last year.

Kim recently shared on Instagram a photo about horse she helped rescue from being killed writing, “She is the most beautiful mare and today she [is] happy and living the life she deserves!”


Photo Credit: Bravo

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That seems like a really healthy way to channel her energy. Good for Kim!

Not newsworthy or gossip reading worthy enough for me. WHAT ABOUT HER DOG, Kingsley?

Good job Kim. Wish all could be saved.

Everytime I root for Kim and think she’s on thr right track , she disappoints me

There is no picture of the horse they must have taken it down but why? God for you.

doers anyone give a $&!* a has been wanna be, I sure hope she NEVER gets back on BHHW ever again I will stop watching if she does

Literally anyone can buy (aka save) a horse from slaughter by buying one from a kill pen or feed lot. All it does is give the owners more $$ to continue running their kill pens/feed lots. I have no idea in what capacity she could be contributing to this since she has no $, and is probably not an avid horse handler to be feet on the ground and actually working with the mare. Perhaps she is mucking stalls? But didn’t she cite she couldn’t do manual labor due to some “injury” before?