Kim Richards Reveals Why She Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Faked Fainting


Kim Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kim thinks Lisa’s degrading comments are uncalled for but not uncommon for Lisa. Kim also shares why she believes Lisa’s faint on Dancing With The Stars was fake.

Kim writes, “Once again, to watch Lisa diss my sister and Brandi! Insinuating that my sister doesn’t have friends? And that maybe Yolanda should put her house on the market?!? And then turning to Brandi and telling her that she needs to exercise her brain! These kinds of comments have become all too common from Lisa. It was a very degrading comment but with a touch of humor! That’s another one of Lisa’s specialties! This kind of behavior is totally uncalled for!

As for Kyle and I watching Lisa on Dancing With The Stars… Well, when I first saw Lisa fainting, I thought what just happened? Then we watched again, and I saw that she was holding his hand while she gently laid herself to the floor? But she still had his HAND!?!  It looked like she was still holding, because she was afraid to fall to the floor!!! I have fainted on camera and in real life and that just looked like a FAKEY!!”

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  • I think Lisa is hilarious, that’s just her British sense of humour. Also it was gleb that held on to her hand when she fainted!!!

  • Aunt Bee

    Some thoughts should be left unspoken. With the dramatics Kim has exhibited over the years, she should just keep her mouth shut and be a lady.

  • DebBrenn

    At first Kim said it was her acting background that made her think the fainting was fake. Now, it’s because she’s had personal experience with fainting. I have fainted from low blood pressure and that’s exactly what happens. You lose consciousness over at least several seconds, not all at once. First your eyesight tunnels and your hearing goes, then your equilibrium. You feel yourself falling, but you can’t right yourself. Only after this process do you actually lose consciousness. With low blood pressure once your head is level or lower than your heart the blood returns to your head and you wake up. I saw the hand hold too, and the guy has his fingers over Lisa’s, holding them where they were. News flash: The two sisters made fun of someone for their own amusement, not caring that they were just being mean. Any surprise there?

  • Jennie

    WHY is Kim still on the show? She isn’t a housewife, doesn’t have a boyfriend, contributes nothing. She needs a REAL job…go work for Kyle at her store…but please sit down and get off the tv. 15 min of fame was over a long, long time ago.

    • Fahlina_G


    • Fahlina_G

      Does ANYONE really care what Kim Richards thinks?

  • Deonn

    Kim we don’t care what u think lol! And honestly give UR dog UR day job as a Beverly Hills housewife I’m more interested in that then anything u bring to the show lol