Kim Richards Returns To L.A. After Wedding, But She’s Not Back In Rehab


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards attended her oldest daughter Brooke Weiderhorn’s wedding in Cabo San Lucas last weekend. After numerous reports of a relapse, the Bravo star went missing after the wedding. Kim went several days without contacting any of her friends or family and no one knew where she was or if she was okay.

A family source claimed Richards was definitely “out of it” and “in a bit of a fog” at the wedding, but insists that she was not openly drinking alcohol.

The insider revealed Kim sat next to her sister Kyle Richards during the ceremony on Satuday, May 23rd, and added that Kim was “together the first half of the ceremony,” but didn’t comment on the rest of the evening. When Thayer and Brooke hosted a farewell brunch on Sunday, Kim was missing.

According to a new report from TMZ Live,  no one in Kim’s family heard from her until May 28th, when she did make contact with them.

Richards is back from Mexico, presumably in Los Angeles, but she has NOT returned to the rehab facility where she was seeking treatment for alcoholism. The treatment center did give Kim a specific date to return after the wedding and they do make patients abide by strict rules.

Now begs the question of whether or not they will let Kim return, which as we previously reported could potentially effect her plea deal.

You can watch the video below for info on Richards. Fast forward to the 24 minute mark.

Stay with us for all the latest!

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • DeeDee

    Kim, don’t read the comments. Just know that people are praying for you to get well. Keep fighting and you will get it. Don’t give up. And know that there are people genuinely rooting for you. Always a fan. Sending love

    • Lisa

      I understand your feelings and am also praying for Kim’s salvation but “keep fighting”? She isn’t fighting anything but help. She is doing nothing to help herself and viciously attacks anyone who gets in her way.

  • I hope everyone quits commenting at all so she will go away and take care of herself and her family. She has a lot of work to do.

  • Melodie

    I agree 3 D’s BUT i don’t have the sympathy you have for her. I have an alcoholic brother and I know what happens…. If she chooses NOT to get help which will bring out the underlying issues of her childhood that are haunting her, and also eventually wake up to the fact that she hurt her children and her family desperately.
    She is NEVER going to get better if she is in control of her treatment. If she has demands than don’t waste the money or the therapists time. She HAS to allow the professionals to do their job without her interfering.

    • Oh, I don’t have one little peep of sympathy for her, but I saw another girl posting on here get torn apart for going after Kim, and I am trying to be nice, that is all. Kim is just disgusting having nothing to do with her “illness” She does choose how mean she is whether or not she chooses the addiction. People keep saying we shouldn’t say what a crap mother she must be, and I read a huge page of it. I don’t want anyone to be offended, but on the other hand I really don’t like Kim. I really like Kyle tho. I hope we can see what it will be like W/O Kim. I really like how you call me 3 D’s.

  • Melodie

    Also I would CLink my glass to her not coming back to RHOBH. I don’t want to hear about another Kim sobriety story… It’s old news.

    • I like how you forgot to toast and came back to clink. Clink to a goodbye Kim song!

  • starr sabga

    Really, I don’t know what to think. Kim is very, very sick & cant seem to control herself anymore than a gambler or a smoker can. On the one hand, one feels disgusted at her weakness, her selfishness, always putting herself before her family. One tries to weigh it with the same weight as a terminally ill patient, doomed to die. But it’s not the same as her illness is self-inflicted & with help, can look forward to a full recovery. The choice is hers unlike the very sick unto death person. I rest my case.

    • I know she can’t control the addiction, but she does control all of the horrible things she says to everyone. I want her to just go away.

      • Fedupwithcrap

        I agree with you and I did get torn apart on her by a couple of people so much that I changed my name! She is foul to other cast mates and in particular to her sister, i’m no Kyle fan! The way she talked to her children on the Dr Phill interview, that doesn’t show a nice person to me!! She doesn’t want help with her addiction she has proved that time and time again. I don’t care any more if people disagree with me!!! Kim is all ME ME ME!!!

        • Really. I read another thread on here where a student of Sociology came on in the Taylor Armstrong page, (it took a long time to read) where a lady got ripped apart even though her kid had died. Everyone thought the student was the same person or something. Mainly the lady agreed with you and me about how sickening Kim and Brandi are and she just got into it. Like we used to say in the 60’s and 70’s, HEAVY, MAN.

          • Fedupwithcrap

            It’s a shame that as women we can’t just accept that we don’t all have the same point of view! It would be a boring world if we did. A healthy debate without abuse is so much better!! Also good fun! Most people that post on here are good, there are some really nice people just a few that are not nice!!

          • kt

            You are referring to the same person who called me a martyr, right?

            • Fedupwithcrap

              I have just read a bit more of that thread! It was awful! I just don’t understand why it got as nasty as it did!

              • kt

                Me either and was never my intent, but apparently people read what they want words to mean. At the same time, I’m not fooled I know what’s going on this website I hope the owner does as well!

                As an EMT and nurse I wish nothing but love, health, peace and happiness for all!!

                • Queenie

                  I feel the same way kt. The very first season of RHOB, I stated on another blog, that I felt Kim was “on something.” Boy did, one of her “fans” rip into me!! I try to keep my comments directed at these characters, who chose to expose their lives to us on National Television, instead of attacking someone for having a different opinion than I do. And I too, wish everyone out there (including the nuts on these shows–except maybe Tamra 😀 ) love, luck and happiness.

                  • Fedupwithcrap

                    Same happened to me here, I said something about Kim being a mean nasty drunk and oh boy! Quite a few people just jumped on me. Said I was evil for saying it!!! All I did was state the truth. We all don’t think I the same way as I said earlier. Sad if we did but why attack each other. I was shocked because I was attacked by people that have been ‘commenting’ for a very long time. This is why I changed my name but not my opinions!! I agree about Tamra! Lol

                    • Fedupwithcrap

                      That was to KT

                • Fedupwithcrap

                  Keep up the good work! You do a fantastic job, I don’t think you said anything bad, I think it was two or three other people that could just not let it go!

                  • Fedupwithcrap

                    My comments are ending up in the wrong place! That was to KT was above this weird!!!

              • I never get to know the inside scoop. I would make an awful spy.

  • starr sabga

    Kim is wrong & strong. She is destructive & has destroyed herself & her family. That sort of selfish, mean, despicable behavior that hurts everyone around her is unacceptable. Only she can help herself. What a waste of a human. Wonder where miss Brandi bff is right now.

    • Karen’

      ITA starr. She’s been given way too many chances to have any sympathy for. My sympathy is solely reserved for her children.

  • Lisa

    Cancer patients are sick. Kim is evil. Kim makes evil choices. Selfish choices. Kim feeds her demons. My heart breaks for her kids and family. I really fear this wont end well for her.

  • Lisa

    It appears Kim is out of a job as well because as I recall Bravo made it clear it was rehab or the highway. I hope they stand by that. Maybe Kim hasn’t hit bottom yet? I do pray she chooses life over this slow motion suicide.

  • I have heard the adage “hit bottom” most of my life and I just, in all thoughtfullness, don’t see it as real. Not a poke at anyone saying that because it is an accepted way of looking at addiction. I think people get help or get off the drugs just whenever they are sick of themselves. She does feed her demons, I haven’t heard it put quite that perfectly ever. I agree with another post I read last week that if Kim would have just admitted she relapsed and accepted Lisa’s apology none of the Amsterdam stuff would have happened. But that doesn’t mean the stuff about her sister and the dog wouldn’t have. She just spreads evil and foul around.
    She is never going to outrun this thing about the wedding. It was bad enough after the reunion. Before it seemed she was trying to just outrun herself by staying high and it just can’t be done.

  • Melodie

    Lisa Im not so sure of her being out of a job…. somehow I think Bravo is going to try to bring her back with hopes she will cause the same issues she did last YEAR….”I DIDN’T DO IT” ” I DIDN’T DRINK” “Your husband is cheating on you (take the focus off of me)” ‘She sounds like my daughter when she was 8 “stop talking about me” “stop looking at me” Blah blah blah…….. She is a child in a woman’s body. As far as Im concerned when whatever happened to her as a child at that moment she stopped maturing and stayed there emotionally. Listen to what she says… it’s exactly what my granddaughter says when she is mad.
    Everyone is sick of the Kim drunk, sobriety story. If you take her off the tube and tell her she will not be invited back until she has been sober for 2 years then maybe she would hand her sobriety over to a professional who can help her. If she makes all the choices and to how it’s going to be then just forget it.

    • I read somewhere that she wasn’t invited back at all, but I don’t remember where or if it was a rumor, but for some reason I believed it at the time. Maybe because I want it to be true. I think Bravo sees that story is old and just to real even for real housewives.
      Melodie, which Lisa were you talking about? I hope both of them come back and we never really know ’till the trailers come out.

      • Melodie

        Sorry 3 D for not being clear I wasn’t talking about Lisa R or LVP I was just actually responding to Lisa who posted the message that Kim was out of a job. I just thought what does Kim actually do to make money. I know everyone has been saying she collects alimony and child support but I don’t believe that. All her kids are over 19 (unless still in school) so she would not qualify for CHild support any longer. Alimony is for 1/2 the amount of time your married and she hasn’t had any long term marriages. If she gets something like Family support the divorce decree might stipulate a longer period of time but none of her ex’s are money guys are they? SO she maybe does a few things like shows up to Disney events to sign a few autographs for a career she had 35 40 years ago. I cannot imagine with all the money that Kyle and Kathy make through their husbands and their own businesses that they are going to let Kim live in a 2 bedroom apartment which is exactly what she needs something that is not going to put her in financial trouble. It doesn’t matter what we say she is never going to have to fend for herself someone is always going to pull her out of the gutter.

        • Thanks, Melodie. I have to ask other posters, (that’s not right) posters is a big picture of the Beatles I had when I was 14, why aren’t we called bloggers? I read somewhere we shouldn’t call ourselves bloggers, but anyway that is one reason I like to talk here because I learn all kinds of interesting things. It’s fun to say later things like “when we went to Cabo” so others will wonder. Not a creepy stalker thing just a fun thing. Actually I would embarrass you on a beach because I can’t wear a regular suit anymore. Well, I could, but then I would be one of those women who doesn’t know when to start covering up that I try not to gawk at. But I love beaches and have not been to Mexico. I hear it is just beautiful and traveling really opened up my life when I found I could afford it.
          When I saw the first season I got the immediate feeling that Kyle helped Kim with more than finding the house. And the argument! That said a lot. There is so much more than addiction going on with Kim. When I mentioned work to do for her I meant work to make her kids feel like they matter somewhere on the spectrum of her mind. They deserve to be able to live their own lives. I don’t think no matter what anyone ever did or does will ever help Kim be well, do you? It seems like there should be hope but she keeps destroying any glimmer of hope for her kids especially.

          • Melodie

            Your so right…. my issue was when I was watching the Dr. Phil show. AS Kim was getting backed against the wall about treatment and questions about how she was hurting her family…. she pulled the “Oh my anxiety” crap
            then when she ran back to her room her kids on her tail they all still had their microphones on and you heard her talking back to her kids with anger… “Im not going” Im not going” And chad of all her kids was the one saying you still drink, you still smoke pot, your still taking pills. Chad is the kid that was sent to the institution for help with his depression. He has hopefully seen that treatment can help and he was hoping his mom would say yes. My issue was how Kim spoke to them yelling under her breath to shut up and stop talking. Im not sure if they kids are scared of her or maybe they think that she will cut them off financially I don’t know. Brooke is married now… she has Kimberly, and Chad and WHitney with three different men and as far as I know Monty is the only one who is unable to help his kid but she just married Fatburger guy so they will not need to worry about money. The Davis kids I assume still see their dad and the Jackson kid not sure.
            My point as I run on is that the kids tried to get their mom help but I don’t know if any of those kids are able to walk away from her and say… I won’t be in your life until your well or at least sober for a year. They seem a bit skiddish about just telling her off and walking away. Kim is a mess and she is never going to get sober… she has to hand herself over to treatment with NO DEMANDS…. She does it just like all the others. SOmeone needs to submit her to Intervention. THat show has helped sooooo many men and women and children with addition. She would never do it but it’s just a thought. Can they get a judge to say she is unable to make decisions for herself? Oh well I think we have beat this one to death. Take care 3 D’s I too have a huge problem with wandering on the beach without a coverup… the body at 55 doesn’t look like it did when I was 25. Not sure why maybe the 5 kids, the up and down weight gain, I don’t know maybe too many Mojitos oh well at least I came by it honestly. Take care

            • I can not help myself from making this one comment. The person who can be saved is her Son. I don’t think she has any money but maybe she is the middleman to Kathy’s money, I don’t know. They just love her like all kids, like even abused kids still love the abuser kind of thing. I wanted to quit commenting and told myself to quit, but you make so many good points. Since everyone in the world knew she took the pill I will never figure out why she didn’t just say thanks for caring to Lisa and ask her not to bring it up. She can’t seem to stop attacking the people who have her best interest at heart. But A WEDDING!!! Daughter’s WEDDING. She will never live that down. See you on the beach even tho we are both over 50.

    • Lisa

      I thought Bravo gave her an ultimatum, 2 months in rehab or else? Maybe I am wrong but thought that at the time.

  • The only way she is not going to be back on RHBH will be if she refuses or cannot film herself. Bravo has no moral boundaries anymore as they’ve proven the only way they will not film you is if you are boring for ratings.

  • Beth

    Kim has to want help and quit imagining she can handle her addiction(s) herself. She must admit she has a problem first but she keeps denial close to her. Such a shame for an older woman. Feel sorry for her but more sorry for her family

  • VaNonna

    Perhaps if Kim is kick off of RHOBH that will give here a wake up call. It certainly hasn’t been her children’s pleas.

    • Karen’

      I think you’re right VaNonna- at this point Bravo would only be contributing to her addiction. It would be a grave sin.

  • southern gal

    The first step is you want to quit and obviously she doesn’t. I don’t buy all this bull about her kids and protecting them, she is the worse one by treating like she does. She may care but not enough to do this for them, for most people that is reason enough,but some not so much. I am sure her family has helped out financially many times (Kyle admitted this) and maybe they are just worn out. She uses people and can control her attitude but does not even try.She is a mean and vindictive drunk. I don’t what the answer is, tough love etc. but I’m sure her family is at the end of their rope with her.