Kim Richards Reportedly Refusing Treatment


As we previously reported, former RHOBH star Kim Richards spent 48 hours in a hospital earlier this month for mental health concerns. After allegedly fleeing the hospital, and refusing treatment, her condition only seems to be getting worse.

“Kim was advised that she needed to continue treatment, but ultimately decided not to stay, and left,” the source claimed. “Kim’s four children are absolutely heartsick about her tragic situation. She is spiraling out of control. She has said she doesn’t remember the events leading up to her shoplifting arrest!”

The insider claims that Richards’ family is pushing her to go back to rehab, but that she is refusing. “She is absolutely refusing. The family just doesn’t know what to do, and are afraid something horrible is going to happen to her.”

“The family believes that Kim has three options,” a source told RadarOnline after her most recent arrest. “1. She goes back to rehab. 2. She’s put on a 5150 hold. 3. She could end up hospitalized from alcohol poisoning or pill overdose.”

The source added, “Kim is a ticking time bomb, and her kids just hope she is in a safe place when she hits rock bottom, and will be able to recover from it.”

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  • Melodie

    Just stop it.. I can’t take listening to this anymore. Her family is sick because she is refusing to go back to treatment really???? Her kids are worried sick? Really? Here is the deal guys this is psychology 101….. every person in this frickin family has to give Kim a bottom line… that is it. If you don’t go I will not take your calls, I will not allow you into my house, I will refuse to allow Kim to take control of the situation. IF she goes to a residential Treatment center that is chosen by either Dr. Phil or one of the more capable therapists. It’s really simple guys. Maybe its time for the entire family (minus Kim) to take a 6 month trip. DOn’t be in contact with her don’t answer her calls. If she chooses to threaten to kill herself what happens after is of her own accord. She chose it.
    I Know the subject has gone around and around and around so many times that there is nothing left to say. She is crazy, she is delusional, she is an addict, she is an alcoholic… etc etc. etc. Done. We have heard the same thing on different sites multiple times on each one. Let kim do what kim wants to do and leave her alone. It’s nobody’s problem but hers.

    • Sally

      I agree with everything you have said but I feel so sorry for her kids. I just don’t want to keep reading about it!

  • Apple

    Unfortunately, this is how it goes with an addict…she holds all the cards and the family pays the price.

  • Judge Judy

    People misunderstand the concepts of tough love and enabling. When the family does not live with the alcoholic/addict, and does not support them financially or isn’t otherwise greatly intertwined in their daily life, they simply are not close enough to have much influence either way.

    Kim is an adult who lives alone and most likely has some kind of income of her own coming in. It won’t make a damn bit of difference in her choice for rehab or not if her family members speak to her on the phone or they don’t. They should do whatever works best for them, it makes little difference as far as Kim goes.

  • One Rotten Egg

    Next Storyline: ” Kim Richads DUI hit and run released on $500 bail. Sources say car malfunctioned”

  • Jody

    Rather than judging her, why don’t we pray for her. She’s seriously ill and certainly needs help.

    • Bon Vivant

      Well, if what I’ve seen online is any indication, most people in discussion forums are a lot more interested in watching a person fall than wishing the best for them or seeing them healthy and successful, so I think prayers in the digital climate we’re living in these days is likely a stretch. That said, I actually agree with you, and you can count me into your prayer chain; I don’t mind praying for someone who’s clearly going through it even if they’re a stranger.

    • Jody, I prayed for her until she showed what a truly vile person she is. Just because she has an illness, which she refuses to say she has relapsed into, doesn’t give her the right to bring her entire family down with her.

  • Lisa

    How dreadful. This is really looking grim. I think her family is trying very hard not to facilitate Kim’s behavior. I am sure she has made each of their otherwise respectable lives a living hell. I am not sure why they are to be blamed for Kim’s hideous behavior. This is a sad sad story.

    • Mozartist

      Yes, it is very sad reading about how Kim’s addiction and out-of-control-behavior is going from bad to worse.
      Before Kim’s free fall, when she was on RHOBH, I did believe Kim when she said passionately that she believed in her sobriety and was proud of it.
      Kim may have been deceiving us – and herself.

      Since then, people connected with the show have said that during all that time, Kim was never sober or drug-free.
      It’s hard to believe that Kim would just let herself self-destruct.
      I sure hope that she goes back to rehab – for a long time.
      After all, Kim’s life is worth saving…..

  • DebBrenn

    I think on top of it all she now has brain damage, and it has gone too far for her to turn it around. She won’t willingly go to rehab and stay there, a 5150 only works for a few days, and hospital treatment for alcohol poisoning or overdose is short term, too (either way you look at it). I’m afraid Egg’s guess is the most likely outcome: She’s going to wrap herself around a tree, and hopefully doesn’t take some innocent with her.

  • gigi

    Tired of her childish antics. Stop reporting on her. This isn’t her family’s fault, or her kids fault. She’s an adult. She’s messed up and until she wants to get help, nothing and nobody is going to change her mind. But she LOVES being in the spotlight, so take that away.

  • I am curious if anyone thinks she drives while she is under the influence? Since it looks like she is under the influence most of the time I would say there is a slim to none chance she ever does anything while NOT under it. So, when she commits manslaughter or just fucks up someones life for a couple years with an accident, will we be praying or raking her over the coals like Theresa. Just because she hasn’t been convicted like Tre doesn’t mean she hasn’t committed the crime. So, only when we are caught is when the prayers stop? She for sure drove the night of the BH Hotel arrest, so if it was only that one time, hahaha, she is a criminal. It is also a federal offense to take someone else Rx drugs, but we should pray for her and string up Theresa. I know, I know, Tre KNEW what she was doing. Ok, lets pretend Kim doesn’t and hasn’t known what she was doing fucking up her kids, not a bunch of strangers in a financial crime. Lets pretend she doesn’t become practically evil when confronted with her activities. But “it’s an ILLNESS”! The dichotomy of it all is interesting to say the least. Even then she has selfishly decided being hi is more important than her family for how many years? And there has been “help” available to her always. God, she could have had the life. I think about the parents whose child has some rare illness just destroying that child’s childhood, who don’t have enough money to find out what is really wrong, much less get treatment for it. Then, here’s Kim, a selfish bitch who has had luxury treatment in her path for 30 years and thrown it in the face of her Sisters, who have loved her, and every other person who “has prayed for her” She makes me sick. And before everyone jumps on me for why do I comment if I don’t care, I never said I don’t care, and she pisses me off and I like to tell her so. Maybe if she sees the way we see her she will “get help”

    • myst7

      I agree with you ,people like this piss me off also … what happens to her has been her own doing .

    • Sally

      Well said! Everything I think!

    • Lisa

      Yes 3D I do think she drives under the influence. Unless she has a 24/7 chauffeur!

      • Lisa

        I also agree with everything else you said!

    • RealSandra

      I also fear that we will see some innocents injured, maimed for life or killed as a result of her driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. She would probably walk away unharmed as many do…or not. Kim is used to having her way, no matter how badly she acts. It is a miracle her children survived their childhood with her as their mother, given her lack of sobriety and self-centered behavior. I feel sorry for her children, and her family and friends who tried to help her. Clearly she doesn’t think her own life is worth giving a damn about so that her children can remember their mom as someone who cared enough to actually be sober and stay that way, so that they can then see her as a good mother who mothers and doesn’t need mothering…And maybe one day they can see her as a good grandmother who is safe enough to be around their children if she lives long enough to see them.
      Sadly, no one can force her into treatment. The 48 hour hold is just that. If she doesn’t show signs of harming herself to a great degree such as suicidal behavior or threatening to harm others, she is released and the cycle continues.
      Kim has to wake up and stop making excuses. Face the facts and go into treatment now, not later, Kim….if you see this. There are those of us who believe in and want happy endings!

  • Cin

    Kim is an addict. She is a drunk. It’s very sad when this happens in a family. Maybe her family enables her but look at the ones whose families turned their backs completely… they live under a bridge. If you turn your back completely then you are throwing them out for society to take care of – not good. A hefty jail stay just might be the answer. (Robert Downey Jr comes to mind)