Kim Richards Reacts To Eden Sassoon, Lisa Rinna and RHOBH

During Tuesday nights episode the ladies of the RHOBH had quite a bit to say about Kim Richards. So Kim decided to respond to the ladies on Twitter as the episode was happening.

Kim starts by saying that she’s “had enough” of Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon.

Then, she couldn’t help but be entertained about how much her name was brought up.

Kim thought the conversation between her sister Kyle Richards and Eden Sassoon was a little too “nosey.”

Kim also mentioned how Eden has been a little too obsessed with her.

Not all of Kim’s tweets were negative though, as she had nothing but love for Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Vanderpump.

Kim continued as Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson were on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after the show aired.

Lisa Rinna was asked by Andy to comment about Kim’s tweets and her response was, “I wish her well.”

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6 Replies to “Kim Richards Reacts To Eden Sassoon, Lisa Rinna and RHOBH”

  1. Look at Lisa Rhinnas pill bag..really..she was worried about Kim’s sobriety? Honey you are so obviously bipolar and anorexic it screams at you! Eating disorder..crazy..eating disorder..crazy! Like a flashing traffic sign! Then Eden.. out to save the world? Is she looking for “purpose” in her life? Kim doesn’t need saving by either of you and you coming at her sideways all the time doesn’t help anyone! Go back to school and get certified as a counselor so you can help people! Maybe it makes YOU feel better but it does make you look Judgemental and nosey! Go find meaning elsewhere!

    1. Yep, Kim & Brandi called it that she was anorexic last year but no one believed them. I’m sure some of these pills are laxatives too. Rinna is this close to death.

  2. I wish Rinna would just shut her fat lipped mouth & stop saying she wishes Kim well, because she certainly does not. Sick pill popping loser. Her friend Eden is no better.

  3. problem as I see it….. Bravo is behind all these conversations. Back off Kim. Give her a break Bravo. She’s still in a delicate situation and needs support – not ridicule …

  4. Kim looks & sounds good. I’m happy for her & her family. LR & ED have no story lines; they are boring. Eden needs help. EG is a 1 trick pony.

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