Kim Richards Progressing With Court Mandated Community Service

In March, we reported that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards could face jail time if she failed to complete 450 hours of community service by September 7th. Richards’ attorney was told by Commissioner Jane Godfrey that if Richards’ hours weren’t completed at Midnight Mission by September 7th, 2017 she could face jail time.

Godfrey also said that Richards could avoid a sentence based on good cause, which means she wouldn’t have all 450 hours completed but she’d be almost done or prove that she’s making an effort to complete her community service hours.

Richards’ attorney appeared in court on Friday for her client’s progress report stemming from Richards’ 2015 Beverly Hills Hotel arrest. Richards’ attorney confirmed that her client has completed 180 hours of the court ordered total of 450 hours of community service. Proof of service, a written letter from the place in which Richards has been doing community service stating the progress so far, was also given to the court justice, E! News is reporting.

A new date for another progress report was set for December 19th, 2017. At this hearing Richards must have proof that the remaining 270 hours of community service have been completed. She’ll need to bring another letter as proof of service that the hours are complete.

Kim seems to be in a great place these days and we couldn’t be happier for her. She recently said, “My recovery has been amazing and I love how I feel. This has been a huge part of it and has helped me a lot. The Sanctuary keeps me grounded and keeps me at peace and it’s healthy for me. It’s been amazing for me and me coming here has really been a major part of keeping me sober.”

Way to go, Kim!

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6 Replies to “Kim Richards Progressing With Court Mandated Community Service”

  1. I hope she does well with her recovery – she is such a different person – As with most addicts. Wishes of peace for her and her family.

  2. 450 hours of Community Service issued in 2015?
    Kim has only Completed, 180 hours thus far?
    It isn’t as if she had a ” Fulltime Job” or had Young Children at home to attend to.
    Dear Gawd! The Very First Thing any Attorney would require their Client to do was to complete their Community Service A.S.A.P.
    I do Volunteer Work almost as of it is a Second Profession and I have a full time Profession..
    I make the time to give my time to causes which need attention.
    Any Doctrine from any Recovery Program, strongly suggest or highly, for anyone in any form of recovery to;
    ” Be Of Service” to others.
    Not only is being of service to other human beings, (in general as a practice of being Human, whether you are in Recovery or not) is considered a productive tool in deflecting from an addict’s own ego (i.e., the joy of helping others instead of focusing upon their own issues )
    This I assume, was designed to maintain sobriety and to give back to others.
    My Nephew went though Narcanon. My Brother & Sister-in-Law, were at their wits end. He lived with our Family ( Now, Clean & Sober 11 years, Now a Social Worker)
    There are Countless Non Profit Organizations which would love to, have a Helping Hand..
    I am sorry, 180 hours of 450 hours, over 2 years is not only blatantly disrespectfully to the Justice System, (especially since Kim was given leniency.)
    This also, this demonstrates to those who have lived through this (with a Family Member, Friend, Significant Other, infinitum.) that Nd. Richards is not taking her Sobriety Program nor her life, seriously.
    Anyone one else who had Committed the Crimes (in which Richards had) and had neglected to fulfil the conditions of their probation, ( My Nephew did his in Advance, was in Therapy with a Board Certified Chemical Dependency Psychiatrist, attended Group Therapy, went from Voluntary Rehab into a Halfway House or Sober Living Facility in advance, etc.) would be fined and would be facing jail time.

  3. My brother is a hopeless alchoholic and has been medically dried out twice. I have lost all hope for him and am sick and tired of reading about Kim richards. Leave her alone and when she has been clean and sober for at least a year bring her back.

    1. Hello Bonnie!
      I thought the same Thing!
      Kim has Until Dec 19, 2017 to
      Complete 270 hours at the Mission.

      She might as well pull up a cot, put on her lunch lady cap and hang out for 25 days…

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