Kim Richards Pleads No Contest To Resisting Arrest


Kim Richards formally pled no contest to resisting arrest Monday morning after her April arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel for being drunk in public and trespassing, RadarOnline reports.

As part of her sweetheart plea deal, Richards must attend 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, stay away from the hotel, and do 30 hours of community labor. She will also remain on probation for 36 months.

Kim’s community labor assignment is still pending because she failed to show proof of a foot injury she claims would prevent her from doing manual labor. A progress report is scheduled for December 14, 2015, and the community service will be addressed then.

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Kim Richards Pleads No Contest To Resisting Arrest”

    1. Of course it’s tragic, no one is saying anything else! I still don’t understand how she is allowed to get away with not turning up at the court for her case. They tried to show a picture of a foot in a cast, anyone can do that! At least the judge wouldn’t accept it. She has got away lightly not going to jail any ‘normal’ person would have been locked up! I don’t happen to think jail is the right place for Km, I think she should be in hospital but she has to do her community hours and her AA classes. I wonder how many she will turn up for!

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