Kim Richards Photographed Filming RHOBH

1108-kim-richards-rhobh-filming-park-pcn-4According to TMZ, Kim Richards was photographed filming at Beverly Hills Park with Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville. The friends got together and I can only imagine what their conversations were, and it will be certainly be interesting to see what they have to say.

She looks great to us, what do you guys think? Comment Below

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. As much as I like seeing Brandi back on the show, it’s not worth dragging out a Kim storyline, hopefully they are discussing Yolanda!

    What will be really interesting to see is when these scenes actually air, the articles were saying they brought back Kim and Brandi cuz the season was boring, Kim and Brandi only seemed to film at the end so it will be interesting to see if they do some editing magic and these scenes appear earlier in the season in an attempt to interject drama leading up to the finale party.

    I do like the idea of Kyle reading these articles and fuming, remember a few weeks ago when her and her husband said the rumors Brandi was brought back for filming was bullshit, lol.

    1. Yes, I remember that is what Mauricio said…Bullshit. Well, it looks like he was wrong. Bring on the drama. Yolanda is still friendly with Brandi and Kim it seems. I guess Bravo knew it was too boring otherwise? We shall see….

  2. Brandi is wearing ‘it’s not fun being sober’ t shirt!! What a real friend you are Brandi!! Nothing attention seeking about that t shirt at all !

    1. lol, you’re probably one of the ones who defended Rinna and her husband for wearing a nazi tee shirt. You suck. This is one of her lines from the show and tee shirt in her e-store. Get over it she’s back bitches

      1. I was waiting for your response Brandi/Jake :). I never heard or defended Rinna t shirt and not even aware of that story, so don’t put words in my mouth. Great t shirt for ANY other occasion, except when you’re with an alcaholic friend in recovery. So YOU suck!

      2. Aw man, you can’t just saw you’re probably one of the ones to defend Lisa R, that was some lazy defending. It was a shit move, she did it for product placement, just own it, people that think their favorite characters are 100% perfect are exhausting.

        1. Thank you for backing me Sidewinder! Again I never commented or knew about the Rinna story at all, and I think Brandi t shirt is cute , just NOT in this particular occasion 🙂

        1. Don’t think so.

          Kim and Brandi filmed separately, Brandi at Yolandas house and Kim at the finale part. Don’t think Brandi was at the Finale party.
          Kim, Brandi and Yolanda were spotted filming the other day (after the finale party), I’m guessing they are shooting additional footage to slot in before the finale party, which the shows usually do when they need additional footage.

          Looks like we’ll be seeing them both at least twice, one separately and once all 3 together and/or anything else not reported/any more additional stuff they film.

  3. Not the best decision to wear the tshirt.

    Though I want it now (I have checked her store and can’t find it), which I guess is the point of wearing it on the show and you only have a handful of appearances and have to sell your shit.
    It’s not like Kim is gonna read it and start drinking, so it wasn’t the most tactful move, but hardly catastrophic. Kim shouldn’t be back on the show in general, I find it very hard to believe she is and very irresponsible on Bravos part.

        1. Oh! I didn’t on that one just Gia on jimbo thread. It was deleted and I had a lovely email back. You know me on kids on the blog!!

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