Kim Richards Moves Pit Bull Kingsley Out Of House And With A Trainer


After Kim Richards’ pit bull Kingsley attacked her niece Alexia, Kim has decided to remove her dog from her home.

“Kyle has told Kim the dog needs to be euthanized, and her family won’t go to her house until the dog is gone,” an insider tells RadarOnline of the rift the dog has caused in the family.

Kim “absolutely heartbroken” choosing between her loved ones and her beloved dog, who can be “very gentle and sweet, [but] can become very dangerous, quickly,” the insider notes.

“This is a very difficult decision and time for all of us,” Kim said of the incident, “but the safety of my family always comes first.”

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6 Replies to “Kim Richards Moves Pit Bull Kingsley Out Of House And With A Trainer”

  1. Its not the first time its attacked someone – it did the same thing to the trainer last season. Definitely needs to be put down.

  2. Moves the dog in with a trainer???? Are u fucking nuts or just plain — STUPID????? that dog needs to be put down, now!!! If any dog of mine, that already attacked one person, then attacks my niece for God sake, I would of broken his neck myself right then and there, don’t care how much I loved him,
    that’s flesh & blood, ur flesh & blood!!! God ur dumb!!!

    1. From what I have read, this dog has attacked 4 people NOT including the trainer. I love animals but would never have a pit bull although my sister has a friend who has one and she loves it. This dog was shown being TRAINED on this show so it is apparent to me that THIS dog CANNOT BE TRAINED and should never ever be around people in the future.

  3. The dog has a crazy streak, and you can’t train them out of that. And she’s not capable of controlling the dog. He’s the Alpha in the house, not her. Even after his last training she wasn’t listening to the trainer about establishing authority. He will never be a safe dog in her house. He needs to be put down.

  4. Kim is crazy. This just proves it. Apparently the dog comes first and Kim has a real mean stubborn streak. I wonder if the dog is her secret weapon she likes to use on people and blame it on the dog. Its so scary when irresponsable indifferent people want to keep a vicious animal and take little precautions. No wonder her marriages never worked out. Something is missing upstairs.

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