Kim Richards Still Sober While Mourning the Death of Monty Brinson


It made news last week that Kim Richards’ ex husband and best friend Monty Brinson lost his battle to lung cancer. While this is a difficult time for family members and Kim herself, an insider spoke with People about how the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is coping with the loss.

“It’s Kim who is taking it the hardest, Monty knew what was happening. He was prepared,” a source told the site.

The funeral was just last Thursday and while the family is grieving, they are worried about Kim. “The wake was very sad and emotional. Everyone is just trying to be there for Kim and hope that she stays safe.”

Family, friends and fans come into question about the former child star’s sobriety. As Kim had a rough summer with two arrests the source shared that she is still sober.

“She is sober right now which is the best thing she can, If [Kim] didn’t have her kids, everyone is worried what would happen. She is incredibly fragile right now, and with her history, it’s a scary place for her to be.”

Another question raises about sister Kyle’s involvement with her sister’s loss, the source says,
“Kyle is supporting Kim throughout all of this. No matter how strained their relationship, Kim and Kyle are sisters and family is more important than anything. Nothing else matters when a tragedy like this happens.”

Our thoughts are with Kim and Monty’s families during this time.

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15 Replies to “Kim Richards Still Sober While Mourning the Death of Monty Brinson”

  1. I hope she stays sober, if she can’t do it for herself maybe she can do it for her kids and in Monty’s memory!

  2. Won’t believe Kim is sober. This lady claimed to be sober for years and had family, Bravo and friends covering or her.

  3. How is it that Kyle is supporting Kim if she did not show up to the memorial or funeral b/c she wasn’t invited? This family is a hot mess.

    1. Kyle isn’t the one who used those words. Things these women do not even say are constantly being attributed to them. Yes, they put their lives out there. They agreed to put their lives in front of the world. That doesn’t give the press the right to continuously misquote them and outright lie when they can’t find an “insider” or a “source close to the family” to misquote them, IMO. It becomes almost like a fact when it is said often and loud enough. The entire Monty story should have been left alone. Only interviews with the family and nothing else.

  4. Good luck to Kim hope she can move over these issues, anyone wishing her to fail or saying she already has, is a piece of s*it, go take care of your grandkids instead of ttrolling the internet #buhbye

  5. Someone stick her in a program asap. She is too newly sober to fully cope with Monty’s death. She couldn’t cope with the illness to begin with.

  6. I wish Kim the best in her sobriety. I really don’t want to be negative about this…. but since doesn’t feel the need to be in rehab for an extended stay…. I feel it’s only a matter of time – short time – before she blows again!! Certainly hope not.

  7. Honestly? He wasn’t going to make it. My brother died of the same thing. it’s a long, horrible death. The night he died, I had just finished reading this book called “Embraced By The Light” by Betty Eadie about dying and (you have to believe in the Bible, which I do, to embrace this) how when you see the light, you grab onto it, let go of the pain and go to Heaven. Anyway, I had just finished reading it and fell asleep and about 2:00 a.m. my husband wakes me up and says “your brother just died” and honestly? I was relieved that he had grabbed onto the light. He was in a coma for a week and it was just horrible and sad. So if Kim were going to relapse, now’s the time. I hope she has strong people around her since her being by herself never bodes well for her. In any case, this isn’t the time to be snarky about someone’s sobriety. He has a daughter who is also having to deal with this so I seriously wish them both well.

    1. Gigicat, I really am sorry about your brother! It’s tragic, I can’t believe how much your family has been through and still going through. Xo
      When my mother died, and although I have lost many to cancer she is the only one I sat with at the very end. You are right, my mother had bowel cancer, looked ravaged at the end but my brother and I saw her face change totally and a big smile and I don’t know if it was a light but everything seemed to lighten. She had lasted too long and suffered but at that moment, she was like the mother of our youth! She had never recovered from my father dying twenty years before, we just decided he was there for her. Sorry if this is weird to others but it’s just the light reminded me!

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