Kim Richards Missing In Mexico Following Relapse


As we previously reported, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has been missing since she melted down and relapsed at her daughter Brooke’s wedding in Mexico last weekend. Now, a family insider is dishing on the events that led up to Kim running away.

The insider confirmed that a sober coach did accompany Kim to Mexico, but that Richards was telling everyone the sober coach was her Pilates Instructor. The staffer did get frustrated and leave the country because of Kim’s behavior.

“The sober coach left after day three and was just fed up with Kim. I think the sober coach was just being a little dramatic,” the source claimed.

So what was really going on with Kim’s behavior at the wedding? The family source said Richards was definitely “out of it” and “in a bit of a fog” but claims that she was not openly drinking alcohol or belligerent.

“She was definitely on something all weekend,” the source told Page Six, “But she wasn’t openly drinking alcohol. Kim even came to a bar one night and everyone was drinking champagne and partying around her but she didn’t take one drink.”

The insider continued, “I saw her order a water from the bartender and she wasn’t drinking [alcohol] in front of us, but she was still not normal.”

The source said Kim sat next to her sister Kyle Richards during the ceremony on Satuday and added that Kim was “together the first half of the ceremony,” but didn’t comment on the rest of the evening.

“Kim gave a really sweet toast after Brooke‘s first dance,” the source said. “She was completely coherent and seemed totally genuine and normal. She told Thayer there is nothing that feels better as a mother than knowing Brooke is taken care of when she’s not around.”

Unfortunately, the “family source” had a lot to say about Kim’s mentally ill son Chad. “Chad was not totally with it,” the source claimed. “I think it was a double whammy for Brooke to see both her mom and brother like that.”

And when Thayer and Brooke hosted a farewell brunch on Sunday, Kim was missing.

“Brooke did not seem the least bit upset that her mom wasn’t there on Sunday since she all weekend was worried that Kim would do something embarrassing in front of everyone,” the source said. “In the end, there was more mention of Chad and his behavior. He was not in a good way and has been putting a lot of stress on the family. I think it’s been weighing on Kim.”

Another source says Kim’s family and friends are really worried about her. “She will not answer anyone’s calls and is missing in action. Everyone is really worried but no one knows where she is,” the insider says. “Friends have been frantically calling Kim since hearing she had fallen off the wagon. Everyone is very concerned about her.”

Kim’s sister Kyle Richards has also publicly confirmed that she has not spoken to her sister since the wedding.


According to a report from TMZ Live, the rehab facility where Kim was a patient after her arrest gave her a specific date to return after the wedding. As of May 27th, no one in Kim’s family had heard from her since the wedding.

As of My 28th, the family DID make contact with Kim. Richards is back from Mexico, presumably in Los Angeles, but she has NOT returned to the rehab facility. The treatment center makes its patients abide by strict rules and now it begs the question whether or not they will let Kim return.

You can watch the video below for info on Richards. Fast forward to the 24 minute mark.

Stay with us for the latest.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Kim has A lot to handle her son her ex husband her boyfriend died plus her own demons Kim I hope that you contact someone BRANDY Hope YOU FIND HER AND KEEP HER SAFE Kim needs FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yeah. Brandy should be first.

Lol…or maybe Lindsey Lohan.

The three stooges!

Brandi? Just what Kim needs, another demon.

Joann, Kim doesn’t deal with anything. She can’t even take care of herself.

If everything was just hunky dory why did she run away and why isn’t she answering her phone. I think there is more to the story than what we are hearing. I guess we can understand why Chad has had such a troubling past. He never had his mom to be there for him. She was more interested in the pills or the drinks.

Who ever this insider is must know the claims that Kim went postal on Brooke and her in-laws so how can they not realize that refusing to comment on the rest of the evening after specifically saying Kim was fine the “first half of the evening.” They also say Kim was “in a fog” and “a bit out of it” ALL weekend so which is it? Also, why do some insist on talking about Kim “relapsing.” She would have had to be sober to relapse and I don’t think Kim has EVER been sober. Her number one issue may not… Read more »

I’m not a Kim fan however we often forget because of her horrific behavior she also has a mental illness for which she takes an anti-psychotic. That being said she may not have been on a medication but have been OFF all meds. Or the docs may be changing up all of her meds. Or this story could be total Bull Hockey.

Isn’t the drug cartels hitting that part of Mexico these days? I read an article the other day that “vacation spots” in Mexico are not excluded from kidnappings, human trafficking and random crime…I hope Kim is ok.

Yes my sister in law is from Mexico and she says to stay out of there not safe for anyone especially Americans! I was thinking of Cancun vacation she said those places are no longer safe zones.

Sherry I hate to comment but your sister in law is not correct. I frequent Cabo and Cancun and both are safe for tourists. Im actually considering becoming a duel citizen spend 6 months here and 6 months there because I love the country so much. No hesitation at all. ANY area you pick has a so called BAD AREA… Hell about 3 miles away from my home there is a place called the canal with hispanics, persions, vietnamese, and stuff happens there. We just know the area is not a good place to go at night. Same with these… Read more »

I think anywhere a woman goes alone with or without expensive jewelry and just looking vulnerable is not safe. You could be walking the streets of Upper Manhattan or the streets of the ghetto, and find yourself in trouble. I want to go to Mexico too. Who said they want to go? Me too, can I come?

I love it there too. I wish I had the nerve to move there. True, women who are alone, are a target everywhere. And you can’t be too careful. As far as Kim goes, I think she’s very selfish and her kids are probably used to it. But, I thought she was with Kimberly, anyway. Didn’t they just tweet out a pic yesterday? Maybe she intends to stay at the swanky hotel down there, that the Weiderhorns (her new family) put her up in for the wedding? Just like one of her sisters put her up in the Beverly Hills… Read more »

And everyone keeps saying that her illness does not affect her children. That is so scary for her family all the time. She has, according to her, been on anti-depressants and the anti-psychotics for years. I really feel for her family.

3 D’s let’s make a date…. we can be on the beaches of Cabo in 12 hours. I also agree this illness of kim’s is affecting her children terribly. DId you see her kids on the Dr. Phil show they were pleading with her to go. Then you hear kim telling them to shut up. As I said before….. Everyone needs to leave Kim alone and in a very short time she will hit the bottom. And at that time and ONLY that time will she hand her care over to Dr. Phil or whomever and do her treatment for… Read more »
Can we really? Because I haven’t been out of here for a few years! She really should be ashamed and she just never stops. The most shocking was when the test from after the arrest came out and all that really weird stuff was in her. I thought people with money took the good stuff. I mean did you see that spa treatment center? I want to go there too! But she has to make a scene at her own daughter’s wedding and then not inform anyone when she leaves! what is wrong with people? She could be in that… Read more »
Bottom line this family is just sick. The entire group needs family therapy and it would be good if it were in house and automatic 30 day stay. Or more. Money doesn’t make you happy looks what it has done to these creatures. Paris how old was she when she went to prison? Nicky I guess seems to be the most sane but if you name your kid Bronx Mougley you should be on medication (or was that the simpson sister) I can’t keep track of all the creeps. Connie is a psychopath and his brain has been permanently damaged… Read more »
I just realized that the time stamp on here is wrong. It is 10:55 here right now. I would really like to see Kyle back without Kim. How can she defend her, after the awful things she has said to her. I think Kyle is the sane one in the 3 girls, and her kids are just lovely, beautiful girls, I do think that. I have always liked her tho. I am just plain sick of Kim. I feel like she has had so much love from her family, I mean it. How does she(KIm) expect anyone to always be… Read more »


(I think the time is wrong because the blog is from the eastern time, 3hrs ahead, maybe?) As far as Kyle, I think she has tried and tried to do right by Kim. And I personally don’t think Kim’s childhood was all that bad. There’s a LOT of us out here, who had it much worse and we didn’t get the money, luxurious lifestyle, adoration and pampering, that she was showered with. Her problem is she was given way too much and never learned to appreciate it. I know there was a rumor going around about her possibly being sexually… Read more »
Oh, Queenie, I can’t believe I didn’t even think of that! Sometimes I do wonder about my connection to reality. I saw that there is a book about the Richards kids. Some say it explains a lot so I am going to search and at least see a peek you know how the booksellers let a customer read some online? But I am tired of going around and around with KIm. It is not that interesting and so totally not what housewives was supposed to be about. Just go away Kim. I want to see fun stuff, far out and… Read more »

I agree. I have said before I don’t want to feel drained after watching a TV show!!!

Drained is the perfect word for it. Rung out about a child star. If she could only realize how many people really do wish her well, especially her sisters. What could they possibly do? Anything they say gets them more bad press, and when they don’t talk, then they don’t love her? What is that all about? Glad I am not “famous” so glad.

Of course she goes missing. What good would it do for her to just tell everyone she was going home so they wouldn’t worry. Then her name wouldn’t be in the paper.

She loves all the attention, that’s for sure.

This is so much more fun than the Bravo site.

Feel Sorry For Kim She Really Needs Help Her Ex Husband & Son Are Not Well Ever
It’s To Much For Her , One Day Something Might Happen To Her & No One Will Be There For Her, Her Children Need To Help Her & Be There For Her It’s Seal Their Mother

For those who think Kim SHOULD be ashamed, I would guess she already is. But that won’t get her back to sober. I saw the video of the toast kim gave, Brooke wasn’t wearing a wedding dress. I believe the toast referred to in the article is from the Rehearsal Dinner. Everyone thought it was sweet, I thought it sounded manipulative and needy. What kind of sober coach can’t stand the heat? And the sober coach going on the trip was all over the press. I can’t imagine anyone who was making a good faith effort in rehab lying about… Read more »
What is a spliff? I am not being bitchy, it is a drug word I think that I have not heard of? Nobody really knows the myriad of drugs Kim takes all the time and what she gets her hands on that make her hostile. There are lots of good meds that help with both addict for pills and alcohol. This time I really wonder if she just does this stuff because everyone is not being what she thinks is “nice” because they are freaked out ALL the time about her. So, she says to herself “SELF, WE MIGHT AS… Read more »

The sober coach sounds really unprofessional. Like it’s not like Kim is a special case of very hard to handle, she seems to be very in line with alcoholic behavior.

It’s still Kims fault, but that certainly wouldn’t be a good endorsement for that rehab facility or that sober coach.

She should be forced to pay for the rehab she already did since she’s basically been wasting everyone’s time.
She really really shouldn’t be back on the show, it’s clear she’s not taking it seriously and is in no position to be on tv.

A different show, maybe. Not a fun positive show, that is for sure.

No I think off tv completly, her situation is too serious to play out on TV.

Also don’t think the show is a fun positive show, it’s a fun high drama show

Fun high drama I do like, but not this stuff. Even the comments get hurtful, but when someone said it right that Kim does hurtful things so the comments are hurtful. Enough already.

Hard to comment funny or silly sayings like I usually do…this is just sad.

tragic… feel bad for Kim and everyone in her family….


This whole thing is so sad & bad. I truly hope all these stories are bogus. It’s too much

I think these stories about Kim are actually made up bull.

Really? I think there would be a lot of immediate denials from the family if that was the case. If they are made up by someone else, but made up by Kim, now that’s a different story!

I agree this whole thing is looking like some dramatic set up….. Kim is going to rise from Mexico completely sober with Jesus all around her. How does a woman with 4 children just disappear from a hotel/wedding and not let her kids know she is ok. I know a ton of hole in the wall bars down there where Kim could be sitting with Jose having a grand old time!!’

Set up by Kim? That is what I really do think. Hole in the wall where no one cares you are a “housewife” Drink yourself into the alley for all they care.

I am very concerned for Kim. It sounds as though she has given up. I have said this here before that people who have a mental illness often turn to alcohol and drugs to self medicate. Of course it makes it worse and if she has taken any other drug or alcohol while taking her psych meds she can get even more wasted and could die. I am of the thought that Kim may not want to live and I’m afraid that we will see either a overdose or suicide. Also mental illness is very often inherited as is the… Read more »

But it is their fault when they act like a maniac and accuse friends and her sister of the most bad things. I agree she is in a downward spiral, but I do believe she slyly comes up with a lot more than just this one little missing thing. I feel sorry for her kids so much. I never knew Chad had any mental health stuff until after the DR. Phil interview, then the blogs and papers went crazy over it. I think I will bury my head in the sand about it and hope she is off the show.