Kim Richards Missing In Mexico Following Relapse


As we previously reported, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has been missing since she melted down and relapsed at her daughter Brooke’s wedding in Mexico last weekend. Now, a family insider is dishing on the events that led up to Kim running away.

The insider confirmed that a sober coach did accompany Kim to Mexico, but that Richards was telling everyone the sober coach was her Pilates Instructor. The staffer did get frustrated and leave the country because of Kim’s behavior.

“The sober coach left after day three and was just fed up with Kim. I think the sober coach was just being a little dramatic,” the source claimed.

So what was really going on with Kim’s behavior at the wedding? The family source said Richards was definitely “out of it” and “in a bit of a fog” but claims that she was not openly drinking alcohol or belligerent.

“She was definitely on something all weekend,” the source told Page Six, “But she wasn’t openly drinking alcohol. Kim even came to a bar one night and everyone was drinking champagne and partying around her but she didn’t take one drink.”

The insider continued, “I saw her order a water from the bartender and she wasn’t drinking [alcohol] in front of us, but she was still not normal.”

The source said Kim sat next to her sister Kyle Richards during the ceremony on Satuday and added that Kim was “together the first half of the ceremony,” but didn’t comment on the rest of the evening.

“Kim gave a really sweet toast after Brooke‘s first dance,” the source said. “She was completely coherent and seemed totally genuine and normal. She told Thayer there is nothing that feels better as a mother than knowing Brooke is taken care of when she’s not around.”

Unfortunately, the “family source” had a lot to say about Kim’s mentally ill son Chad. “Chad was not totally with it,” the source claimed. “I think it was a double whammy for Brooke to see both her mom and brother like that.”

And when Thayer and Brooke hosted a farewell brunch on Sunday, Kim was missing.

“Brooke did not seem the least bit upset that her mom wasn’t there on Sunday since she all weekend was worried that Kim would do something embarrassing in front of everyone,” the source said. “In the end, there was more mention of Chad and his behavior. He was not in a good way and has been putting a lot of stress on the family. I think it’s been weighing on Kim.”

Another source says Kim’s family and friends are really worried about her. “She will not answer anyone’s calls and is missing in action. Everyone is really worried but no one knows where she is,” the insider says. “Friends have been frantically calling Kim since hearing she had fallen off the wagon. Everyone is very concerned about her.”

Kim’s sister Kyle Richards has also publicly confirmed that she has not spoken to her sister since the wedding.


According to a report from TMZ Live, the rehab facility where Kim was a patient after her arrest gave her a specific date to return after the wedding. As of May 27th, no one in Kim’s family had heard from her since the wedding.

As of My 28th, the family DID make contact with Kim. Richards is back from Mexico, presumably in Los Angeles, but she has NOT returned to the rehab facility. The treatment center makes its patients abide by strict rules and now it begs the question whether or not they will let Kim return.

You can watch the video below for info on Richards. Fast forward to the 24 minute mark.

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