Kim Richards Makes Lisa Rinna Walk-Off RHOBH Reunion Stage

Lisa Rinna had a rough season this year on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she had to face the ladies on part two of the reunion Tuesday night.

Lisa got so upset and one point while arguing with her nemesis Kim Richards, she told host Andy Cohen, “I’m going to walk away for a second because it just doesn’t feel quite right.” This happened right after Kim gave Lisa the bunny back she had given Kim as a gift when her grandson was born. Kim told Rinna she didn’t feel right giving her grandson the gift because of Lisa’s energy at the time she had given her the present.

“I brought the bunny because I never gave it to my grandson,” Richards explained. “It didn’t feel like it had good energy, sorry. So I think what I should do is give it to you and when you and I are in a better place, maybe you can give it back to me. Because right now I don’t feel like it was given to me with the right energy.”

“It’s just been sitting there and I couldn’t give it to my grandson,” Richards continued as Rinna teared up. “I’m all about energy and positive things. Maybe that can be given to somebody else and maybe you would mean it more and get better energy giving it to somebody else. You don’t have to cry over it.”

Rinna sat in tears before she exited the stage. “I don’t need to explain myself,” she finally said. “I don’t need to say a word. I get it. Loud and clear.”

Kim had just said how she and Lisa had moved on from their fight and how she doesn’t think Rinna would continue to disappoint her in the future, so some viewers were confused by her move.

“I think Lisa has a huge heart,” Richards explained. “You don’t always disappoint me. I don’t think she always will disappoint me. I think there’s big hopes for us.”

“We’ve made amends, and we have moved on,” Lisa agreed.

“I could have regifted it, but I felt like it was better to give it back to you,” Richards explained to Rinna. “I don’t really know what’s real and what’s not with you. I don’t. I don’t know if I am ready to be your friend.”

“Okay,” Rinna said in response, still crying. “I accept that and am okay with it. I’ve forgiven myself and I can move forward with that.”

Lisa explained how she thought the bunny was a bad idea, but Harry had suggested it as a peace offering. “Harry’s the one that said he thought this would be a really good idea to bring this bunny to Kim — that it would just be a really nice moment to have with you,” she said.

“Maybe it’s good that you feel bad for a minute. Because you hurt me,” she told Rinna. “It’s like lies, cries and denies. That’s what you did. To watch it was just unbelievable to me!”

“I’ve seen this side of her before when she’s like, ‘I’m sorry,’ and it would mean a lot to me if I knew she was sincere. Because I want that,” Richards added. “She does these things and then she plays the victim.”

After Rinna walked away, Eileen Davidson chased after her and Kyle tried to explain to Andy that her sister is very superstitious about things and that’s why she gave Rinna the bunny back.

“Listen, I need to talk to you about this,” Davidson told Rinna in her dressing room. “That was a calculated move with that bunny. You had a good heart and you were trying to end this sh*t. She’s just trying to demean you and hurt you.”

“You know what, she can’t demean me and hurt me because I have a beautiful life and I have a beautiful family. And that is her stuff. That is her stuff right there,” Rinna said. “That’s not good energy. And that’s not what you do. If you’re preaching that kind of thing? You just showed yourself. You just showed your true colors. Good for you. I hope you feel good about it.”

Kim, who was feeling good about what had happened, walked backstage to try and explain her superstitions.

“Can I talk to you?” Richards asked her.

“No!” Rinna replied.

Until part three! What did you think of this week’s episode?

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70 Replies to “Kim Richards Makes Lisa Rinna Walk-Off RHOBH Reunion Stage”

  1. Kim is damaged. Mean girl on top of it and talk about never taking responsibility for your actions! Bad combo. Thought Kyle was going to chew off her hand. None of them are blameless–some more manipulative, lots of amnesia, all very entitled, and on the show to bring on the drama. Kim is over the top for me. Last night was so mean spirited that it was hard to watch. Felt bad for Lisa R and Kim should take some manner lessons. Hope never to see Kim again. She can’t handle the attention. PK and Dorit need to go. Dorit is a phony and weak–deer in headlights and should be able to stand up for herself and PK is a pig. I applaud Erika for not taking his crap. Now, this is all reality TV and edited for impact. They sure got it last night.

      1. I loved watching Dorit give it back to Ericka. She just wasn’t tuff enough. P K never called Ericka a hore. She went on & on about PK and Forit talking all season about her. That was Rinna . Why is Kim on the reunion Again…..I’m glad she gave the bunny back to her she never should have excepted it.

        1. This story line is really old . Please get rid of Kim . I think they will bring her back. She is very nasty but so is Rinna.

        1. Hi Opaleyz. I don’t live in Boston proper but in MA and I’m not going to disclose which of the 351 cities/towns, sorry. Have you always lived here? I was born/raised here in MA. It’s a good state. Glad you wrote me. Peace and love

    1. totally agree. Kim needs to do something with her life. She is too damaged! She still seems like she is on the bottle. Love Lisa R. She is honest and tells it how it is. Dorit and PK are so into themselves. If you’re going to have all these people raise your children ….. why have any? PK is the biggest predator ever! Kyle needs to get some balls. What a weak and sorry individual. I think Eden was such a bitch to go to Lisa V. and blab about what Lisa R. ‘s OPION was regarding Kim. UNREAL. Especially Lisa V….Good Grief, all she wants to do is bring everyone down. She is the Evil Queen!

  2. I don’t think there is much to say, except Kim is a very mean, damaged, awful person. I don’t ever want to see her on the show again. If she is, I’m out. I wanted to reach through the TV and slap PK. What a nasty awful person. He is threatened by Erika’s success as a major pop/dance star. How sad is that? Any way he can tear her down, and her career, that’s what he’s doing. Dorito is an idiot. I speak other languages, but my accent is Boston/New England. Get over yourself.
    I’m still in disbelief with the whole bunny thing. Rinna did that in good faith, Kim did it to be spiteful. I would love to see Rinna take it from Kim, swing it around and hit her with it, and then give it back to her. Ugh!
    Best of the night, get the fuck off the stage…love you Queen Erika!!! Peace and Love

    1. I was an Erica Girardi semi fan until the last DWTS. I thought she was more mature but her poor sportsmanship really disappointed me.

      1. Hi Aunt Bee, I did not see the end of DWTS, what was Erika’s reaction to losing? interested to know. Was hoping she would remain till the end though even though I’m no fan of hers.

    2. So far it has been a good reunion for Erika. She has stood her ground and gave as good as she got. Now if we could just get rid of once and for all Kim. And Dorit w/the Pillsbury Dough Boy and the the other sobriety queen. It will never happen I know. sigh

    3. I liked that Erika even told Andy to shut up! That was TV history. What PuKe said the next day wasn’t a “throw away comment.” It was disgusting, ” close your legs, darling, I don’t like the view, I didn’t mind the view” and now he’s crying that the other women are accusing of being the perv he is. As I have said so many times, he saw nothing but maybe a little skin. Certainly not her vag, it’s too well hidden even without panties. And Dorit’s public “gift” wasn’t in good fun or to lighten the situation. Saying “now that we’ve ALL seen your pretty little puss!” I would have slapped her across the face, no kidding. Erika certainly doesn’t need this job.
      Rinna is a nasty piece of work, but Kim will always, IMO, after Brandy, take the cake. I don’t care if she was boozing or using in the seasons she was so incredibly cruel. People who drink and drug believe that it gives them a pass because they often don’t “remember.” But the damage is done, the words are said. Nana, my Mom’s Mom used to say “Drunk men speak sober thoughts.” I will always wish health and happiness for her, just be happy and sober elsewhere. Lisa has been disappointing this season for me. I am still a fan, but she has gotten too involved. I loved it when Kyle told her to be quiet! That was a beautiful moment. She’ll get it for that from her detractors, but she can’t win. If she is with Lisa on everything, she’s kissing ass, if not, she isn’t as good a friend as Lisa is to her. Lisa has more to make up for when it comes to that friendship. She said some really demeaning lies about Kyle and Mauricio when she was friends with Yolanda and BG. Kyle never said belittling or derisive things about Lisa or Ken during the time they were at odds.

  3. I have no other remark outside of Lisa Rinna and that single tear being a “Lifetime Television for Women” thing of beauty. I was sitting at my husband’s piano and literally played “underscore” chords when it fell.

  4. Love you back, San Fran hottie…I hope you had a nice Easter. I love what you said and Moihere’s comment too, spot on. Kim looked like she was unstable again. Maybe it was because she knew she was going to be calculated and mean. I don’t want to start any rumors, but she looked high, out of sorts, whatever. I read that Eileen Davidson made People’s Magazine most beautiful people list. Yeah, she is. But, what, we’re not it…then it’s fake news!!

  5. April 30th, baby, I’m on an airplane and off to Europe. Just need to get the unpigmented hair pigmented, mani and pedi and I’ll be good to go. Oh, I guess pack too. I have my little 3oz. bottles ready. That’s a pain for 3 weeks. We’re taking the remainder of my father-in-law’s ashes too. He was a repeller during WW2 in the Italian Army and he was stationed in the Alps. We’re going to scatter him all over the Alps. Thanks for thinking of it/me. Pinch, pinch…still seems like a dream.

    1. Oh, that sounds so lovely. Your Father-in-Law would be proud. Whenever I travelled, I started packing early. My suitcase open on my cedar chest, and as I thought of what I needed in it went. Mine were all before 9-11 though. I know you will have the time of your life! I am so happy for you, and a little jealous, I can not tell a lie!

  6. The products there are fantastic. I’ll be buying make-up in Italy and their facial supplies, unbelievable. Everything is natural. The last time I was in Rome, a make-up artist came up to me and said she liked how I applied my eye make-up and if I would be willing to let her show me other tips. My poor husband, he hung around and her and I were laughing and playing with make-up. I looked 10 years younger when she was done. All she did was lighten up my colors and changed a bit of the application. Oh, not the hair. I need to have my hair done by my miracle worker. But, good idea. I had hair products taken from me in Sicily. I cursed that poor guy. I will buy some of those products there too. Elixirs too. Say you have dry skin, they mix this, that, and you have something to use. Amazing. Now I want a spa day…wish you could hang with me for that…

  7. Before we start saying how mean Kim is, can we PLEASE remember that she did a mean thing to someone who said on national television that she was not sober and was close to death without any evidence. That can seriously impact her life, including pending legal actions and potential acting jobs. Giving the bunny back was bitchy, but it was NOWHERE on the scale of what Rinna did to Kim.

      1. Two wrongs do not make a right, but given what Rinna did to her, I have ZERO sympathy for her and her crocodile tears. Courtney Love was on the verge of being a major movie star and had several award nominations, but couldn’t get a part because studios could not convince insurers that she was sober. You do not go on national television and accuse someone with a drinking problem of not being sober when you have no evidence or even any knowledge of the situation, especially not when it could impact her livelihood. That was pure maliciousness and frankly Kim could have done worse…Rinna had it coming. I have big problems with Kim in the past, but she seems to really have her act together. She looks like a different person. Rinna’s actions were vile.

        1. This is not about how aweful Rinna is, we all know it. This is about Kim rising above , and not being cruel and petty . Kim performed a stunt , that all that was and none of it was genuine .
          Kim accused Kyle of horrible things on national tv , yet she’s here and people are trying to forgive her

          1. I don’t know why a lot of people are stating how mean Rhinna is. I think she is a very genuine person. She is one of the few gals that is REAL, Does she put her foot in her mouth at times? Yes! But so do all the other ladies. I really enjoy Rhinna, Davidson and Erika. They are three women who are very real and down-to-earth ladies! They are not afraid to say it how it really is. Lisa V. is the one I would be afraid of. Good Grief! She lies ALL THE TIME!

        2. Kim damaged herself by being on RHOBH. There is no way in hell that anyone will hire Kim after what they have seen and she did that herself!!

    1. Good morning, Christopher.
      What I don’t understand is that Kim R heard about it, they discussed it, they were working toward resolution, and then Kim backflips and makes it mean and vile about of all things a gift for her grandson? It’s so vile, IMO.
      You intimated that Rinna pulls something new every year.
      Are you also concerned that Rinna is accusing Dorit and her husband of having illegal drugs in their home with small children present?
      Personally, I don’t think anyone believes a word that Rinna says, and Kim has been showing herself in a good positive light this season, I think she is trying to secure a spot back on this shitstorm of a show, which worries me. Just my opinion.
      You have a lot of compassion for her, which is kind. ❤️

      1. Thank you. I agree she should not be on the show. It does not seem to be a healthy situation for her. She doesn’t deal well with conflict. But I do think she seems very healthy and happy now, and what Rinna did to her earlier in the season was just evil. I used to not like Kim at all when she was on the show because her behavior was terrible. But I will always root for an addict to heal.

        1. Hi Christopher,
          I’m seriously hoping Kim can withstand the inevitable backlash that will come from this bunny situation, because as Rain stated, Lisa Rinna is going to use this for sympathy.
          Andy has no limits, and if he thinks this nonsense will improve ratings, she’ll be back in a heartbeat.
          I just think Kim and Kyle have problems besides Kim’s addictions, and last night was an eye opener for me.
          I wish Kim well in her recovery, and like you hope we don’t see her on BH.

          1. I wish Kim well too but this is the end of Kim. She crucified herself . It was a stunt and wasn’t even genuine .
            Adios Kim

        2. Oh gimme a break ! If she insists on being on the show, this is bound to happen. Let’s stop pretending that Kim doesn’t know what the show is about.

        3. Do you mean by Rhinna stating her opinon to Edan? Edan was the one who did it to Kim by going off to Lisa V and blabbing.!! Edan should of kept it quiet!!! And then Lisa V going to Kyle. So, really it was Edan and Lisa V that hurt Kim.

          1. That is insane. Saying that someone is not sober and is near death is not an opinion. It is a statement of fact. And in this case, a lie. Rinna is responsible for that.

      2. Good post Sunshine. Maybe it wasnt a complete resolution on Rinna & Kim’s part though, too much had been sunk in water for Kim. Rinna was wrong on every level with everyone she bad mouthed as she is known to be the Queen of deflection & always passing the buck. She is a very sick woman in the head & has been getting away with her murderous tongue for way too long in the name of speaking her so called truth, which is the unkindest kind of truth there is, it is the kind that is meant to inflict pain & cause damage. What Kim did was not the time nor place to do, but as far as Kim felt, it was justified. Now, Kim looks just as bad & Rinna looks like the poor sweet victim which she is not by any means.

      3. Why in the world would everyone ( at a dinner party) just get up and leave? That is so bizarre to me!?!? Did you see the look on Dorit’s face when asked about the drugs. She knew what was going on! Not saying she was involved, but it looked like she was keeping her real knowledge very hush hush. BTW… with so many nannies taking care of her kids… Dorit can do whatever she wants and the kids would not be affected.

    2. That was only Lisa R. sharing her opinion and she was correct. She was explaining how it used to be and I believe Lisa R. knows a lot more than we do an / or see on the show.

      ??? Just my thoughts
      Besides, Kim is damaging herself by being on RHOBH

  8. Totally on point, Rain.
    Poor Eden sat there with her crystals in total shock.
    Kim needs to remove herself permanently from this show.

    1. yes Kim needs to stay away – it is a terrible environment for someone in recovery. Shame on BRAVO for allowing her there and capitalizing on this misfortune.

  9. I think they are both bimbos and Kim needs to stay off this show. I think Rinna is a fairly good actress but I wish she would go away and take Dorit and Eden with her. I have said this before – in my 70+ years I have never seen women act like the RH women act toward their “friends”.

    1. One thing that bugs the s**t out of me is that Kim won’t admit what she said about Harry in Holland at the table. She didn’t just “ask if we can talk about him.” She implied all kinds of dishonorable things, “everyone will know” with that evil look, “Let’s talk about the husband, everyone will know what you’ve been hiding.” I can’t stand Rinna, but her and Kim are equally evil. Kim is nastier to those she claims to love than anyone I have ever seen in my 63 years.
      I loved it when Erika just played with her nails and looked completely relaxed and dismissive of PuKe when he entered the reunion. Eden is not made for this show at all. She needs to be somewhere else. Those hugs don’t bring the person being mauled closer to her, either. I would take her arms away fro me and make the sign of the cross.

      1. Love your post ❤️❤️❤️❤️
        I feel Kim shot herself on the foot here. Most people , including me , were saying how wonderful she looked this season and how it seems she was getting her life back together . Then she comes and does this calculated ‘stunt’ and throws all that good feeling towards her out the window ….
        and you’re right , she DID insinuate Harry was up to no good.
        I’ve said before that it’s so sad that people hate Rinna so much that they would forgive anyone else just to stick it to Rinna .
        Kim was not only wrong , but quite atrocious

  10. Not on Rinna’s side–at all. Eileen can be as she enables Rinna’s bad behaviour. Case in point, Rinna was hurt–she has somehow forgotten convenintely all the pain she has caused to so many past & present. Her attitude in the back room just showed how low her character is by once again puffing up herself & not even trying to grasp the whole picture of the how & why Kim did what she did. That’s Rinna’s problem, no one else’s. She should think before she talks. Once the words are out, they cannot be retracted & she’s done that over & over & over. Eileen covers her crap with honey all the time, wrong kind of friendship.
    I understand where Kim is coming from, but I would’ve just thrown it out. I would never even re-gift it as I would be very wary of passing off bad karma to anyone else’s child. What I dont want for mine, I wont want for any one’s child either. I believe Kim wanted to pain Rinna as she was painted by Rinna. Personally, that was like “tit for tat” & just made Kim look as bad as Rinna does.
    I’m not a fan of Kim’s, but I understand her point of view. Just wrong place, wrong time. This should’ve been done privately.

  11. I am SO disappointed with this whole season…last night was so incredibly over reacting and over acting!! By all of them…
    Kyle needs to keep her hands out of her mouth, she’s not a toddler.
    Dorit was sshh’d by her husband – who should not have even been on the couch and yet he’s placed directly across from Erika.
    LVP hardly said 10 words – and when she did it was excuses for her puppet, I mean, friends behavior.
    Eden is outta her league.
    Eilleen needs to be a real friend and tell her when to keep their lips closed.
    Erika no one called you that name – that I remember?!
    Rinna is an evil person – out and out evil – who also lines herself perfectly in the dressing room for the cameras…watch the clip.
    Kim is trying too hard to get back the diamond.

    Someone put the bunny out of it’s evil karma/misery, give it to LVP dog shelter and let them rip it to shreds. The poor bunny was used as a pawn first from Rinna, 2nd Andy and upon instructions Kim. And let me get this straight as they were walking to their seats – Kim hid the bunny up her dress? Please…so one minute Kim is saying we can trying being friends to Bunnygate? Does Bravo really think we are this dumb?

  12. The whole scene was so dramatic, Rinna isn’t the best actress. We all now that the Rinna from last year would have grabbed the bunny, screamed “f*ck it” and would have thrown the bunny over her head behind the couch. And would have laughed hysterically like she does. But nope, not this time, this time she wanted to play victim. But I mean, bad acting job…

  13. Stfu already Kim!! The good news is she sealed her fate with this ‘stunt’ . This is the end of Kim

    Go be well Kim ! Adios

    1. I so hope you are right, Rain. This woman cannot seem to help herself. For her to try to mend fences with Rinna after knowing everything she said, then turn around and pull this stunt was disgusting.
      For her well being, I hope we never see her on BH again. She’s got problems, and much more to live for than being on television.

  14. Good morning Rain!! I finally got around to finishing this reunion. I have to say I was bored af. and THEN!!! I was super disappointed in Kim. Deep down, I think I understand Kim’s message but to wait however many months to do all this on camera is just BS. That was so icky of Kim and a lot of my “respect” (for lack of a better word) for her has gone out the window. The best part of the whole reunion was LVP asking Kim to bring her back a cup of tea while Kim was trying to talk to Rinna!!!!

  15. Kim has always been mean and nasty. I feel that is her personality. This was a stupid silly mean stunt with the Bunny – made no sense. As for Lisa R. – her emotions seemed fake to me in regards to the bunny – I don’t think she cared one way or the other. I think she’s off her rocker.

    1. Ditto. I agree with both analyses. Kim might look better, & be sober, but she has always been the nastiest piece of wrk on BH. The things she said to her sister, and making BG her best friend after Brandy said she hated Kyle, thought Kyle was evil, wanted to kick her teeth down her throat, pushed her down the steps at Poker night… goes on & on, and Kyle takes s**t for remaining friends with Rinna? I can’t stand Rinna myself, but I don’t know her, so everyone has the right to befriend whoever they choose. I personally wouldn’t think of Brandy as a friend, after all the crap she caused in Holland, and everywhere else she went. Throwing wine in Eileen’s face, how demeaning. I can’t think of one kind thing she has ever done. She is finally disappearing from the spotlight, as I knew she would once she couldn’t tie her wagon to HW anymore. I really hope the wonderful gift of having a Grandson shows Kim how to become a good person. It can be done, but with her it might be a long, long struggle. Kyle is the most forgiving person I have seen on HW shows, that’s for sure. It’s unbelievable what Kim has said and done to her and her family with no regret.

    2. I disagree re Rinna emotional reaction to the bunny incident. I felt that for once her reaction was sincere and deeply felt. she was hurt and humiliated. as much as I dislike Rinna I actually felt bad for her.

  16. I am not a fan of Rinna but I felt bad for her when Kim returned the gift. she could have done that off camera or better yet just regifted it. if Kim is such a strong believer of bad energy then stay off this show…for good. Kyle nervous reaction over Kims action made it harder to watch. it’s brutal having to worry constantly what will come out of ur sisters mouth at all times. I’m glad Erika ripped into PK. he would never stand for others implying his wife is sleazy so why didn’t he take into account how Tom would take it. he’s lucky Tom didn’t come to reunion. I was happy when they aired Dorit speaking with no accent. BUSTED!!

  17. Hey Sunshine, hope your day is good too! Something definitely inappropriate went on, for sure, when everyone left the table. You can tell by the look on Dorit’s face whenever anyone asks her about it. Ha

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