Kim Richards Loves Guy Glanville, Says Brandi Is Just Like Her Dad


Kim Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal that she has had the pleasure of meeting both of Brandi’s parents and she is a big fan of Guy Glanville! Kim says it was emotional for her to watch Brandi make peace with her father and says that Brandi and her dad are exactly alike.

Kim writes, “Watching Brandi struggle with her relationship with her Dad.. I have had the awesome pleasure of meeting Brandi’s parents, and I love them! They are amazing people! Brandi and her Daddy are just alike!

I was so happy to see Yolanda go with her to the book signing. The two of them were so cute on the ride there. Yolanda is one of my good friends as well, and I was glad to see her taking care of Brandi on this weekend. I knew her Dad would show up! I especially loved when they sang “Happy Birthday” and Guy was singing along! I AM A GUY FAN!

Her mommy always goes with the flow and is so SWEET. I just love her family! I was so happy it all worked out. I knew it would! The most touching moment was with Brandi and her Daddy on the rooftop. It definitely had me in tears!”

Photo Credit: Bravo