Kim Richards’ Loved Ones Knew She Was Lying About Her Sobriety


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards spent most of this season defending her sobriety to her co-stars and to viewers and after her very public relapse that included being arrested at The Beverly Hills Hotel, an insider claims Kim’s family believes she has been hiding the truth.

“A lot of people think that she lied,” a well-connected insider says “She swore up and down that she was sober and blamed medications for her erratic behavior.”

“Although she is going to say [the arrest] was an isolated incident that occurred because of the stress of her dying ex-husband and daughter’s upcoming wedding, no one is going to buy her bull**it anymore,” the insider tells RadarOnline.

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19 Replies to “Kim Richards’ Loved Ones Knew She Was Lying About Her Sobriety”

  1. Her loved ones weren’t the only ones who knew Kim was lying about her sobriety, through a stained glass it was clearly visible to all.

    1. I so agree with you (One Rotten Egg) about kyle knowing a lot but kept family loyality… Kim is dillusional to think her sister does not have her back, when we can see, season after seasn that kyle has.. jeez

    2. Kyle was the one who outed her as an alcoholic in the first place, I’d Kyle had something she’d have gotten it printed on t-shirts.
      Kyle is not loyal, we’ve seen her out her sister and betray Lisa V.

      1. Kyle is an attention whore, and I am not a fan, but she can’t win in this situation. If she stays quiet, she is enabling Kim’s behavior. If she talks about it, she is attacked for not being loyal. WTF is she supposed to do, let her sister drink herself to death?!

        1. ChristopherM- that is exactly how I feel about Kyle! I’m not a big fan at all- she’s a wishy- washy cry baby who is not loyal to anyone but her own fame, but she is in between a rock and a hard place in this situation.

        2. I kinda agree but Kyle was already being accused of that all season, Kim was already in that place with her.

          Kyle didn’t know if Kim had a sponsor, or if Kim went to meetings. I don’t think Kyle would say that on camera if the problem was a constant one.

          I just think it started and escalated from poker night, I just find it hard to believe she was drunk a majority of the time since she’s an absolutle mess.
          People keep giving her far too much credit saying she’s an expert lair and deceptive – she’s terrible at it

      2. I am sorry but I think Kyle is very loyal. Kim has done nothing but push her buttons all season long. Kyle asked her several times if she wanted/or when she was willing to have an HONEST conversation. Kim did nothing but deflect and accuse all season. It was obvious she was on drugs/or drinking/or both. There are skeletons here between these three sisters that go back to childhood. They have manifested themselves into something else but the core problems were never talked about and dealt with. This is way to sad for reality tv.

        1. Kyle is not loyal at all.

          She was the one that got her sister a job on an international television show, she then outed her as an alcoholic before the first season ended.
          We’ve seen her fight back and forth with every other person on the show.

          I dont remember her asking for an honest conversation till the end.
          And her attempts at conversation included trying to drag her into the bathroom to talk to her on camera (that feeding her excuse is BS, we saw her do it earlier in the night and she was trying to get her into the bathroom no where near food)
          And the other attempt involved inviting Kim to her mansion in the desert which she knows is a sore spot for Kim.

          Both of these people need to be off the show, Kyle is good TV but her family issues have been going on too long now, and they are too serious, plus even if they dropped Kim that storyline will be looming over Kyle, like she can’t just disappear next season if Kyle is on the show.

    1. Yup. Kathy knew. Remember–the Richard Sisters are experts at cover-ups. Remember Kathy’s daughter, Paris–how she got bailed out with a good PR firm to help her with the Drug Exposure she encountered?

  2. What about her supportive sister Kathy? She knew too, but I guess they want to keep it hidden when it was obvious to all and the pain it was causing her children.

    1. Sure. And I bet Lisa Rinna poured 20 vodkas down her throat in a hotel until she kicked a cop too. #delusional

      1. Hey, rh_dude, I see why you say sidewind is delusional. He actually doesn’t see what really happened, like saying no food in the bathroom. He wants to hate Kyle because of jealousy and no proof anyone gives will stop that.

  3. She has to go! The show was interesting then bam!! All about Kim and Brandi and their BS!! I’d like to see more of their good lives! Not the antics of boring ass wanna bees!

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