Kim Richards Loses Dog Bite Lawsuit – How Much Does She Have To Pay?


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has lost the court case from dog bite victim Kay Rozario. So how much will she have to pay? Find out here…

Rozario was mauled by Richards’ pit bull, Kingsley last year. She sued earlier this year, and according to court documents, she was just awarded a default judgment for general damages in the amount of $8,083.53.

Rozario had asked the judge to make a ruling on April 21st, when Richards failed to file any response to her complaint.

“No opposition was filed in connection with Plaintiff’s application,” the judge noted in court docs obtained by RadarOnline. “After considering the materials submitted and the case file, the Court hereby GRANTS Plaintiff’s Application.”

“The causes of action are primarily based on [Kim’s] representations that [her] dog was ‘sweet’ and ‘cuddly’ when in fact the dog had a propensity to bite people.”

Rozario was seeking more than $1 million in damages from Kim for the attack. The judge said, however that the final award was significantly lower due to the fact that the “only ascertainable amount Plaintiff submitted in her declaration was her medical bills which total $4083.50.”

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55 Replies to “Kim Richards Loses Dog Bite Lawsuit – How Much Does She Have To Pay?”

    1. Give me a break too many greedy people looking to sue! Good for a judge to see thru the bullshit /she got a bite didn’t lose an arm get with it!Wait til your sued!

  1. Wow–the Hikton Family has that much power? Seems judge/court corrupt. Should have been at lease $100,000.

      1. Understood. I agree. If she was truly mauled, she would have a lifetime of scarring and disfigurement physically and even mentally. She would have lost wages in addition to medical bills, etc. This is a joke. Someone must have power and influence there to squelch this lawsuit to this degree or maybe Rozario had a really bad lawyer as well. Still. Unreal.

  2. To be fair that seems in line with her injuries, like she released pictures of her wounds and they were not worth 1mil, could hardly call her mauled.

    This women just saw gold the moment that dog bit her, thought she could get money out of kim, who doesn’t seem to have money, and even trying to drag the production company into it.

    1. Not to sound like I don’t believe you feel her wounds did not warrant a million dollarsor anything, I agree with the amount being over the top, however, wounds are not always merely superficial bites. This elderly woman’s hands had teeth go right through them, and her forearm, and I believe her face, etc. and may have received tendon wounds or tendonitis, infections, as well as a lifetime of scarring, and the inability to work for some time. She had to receive antibiotics at the very least and probably physical therapy, and she is not young. Look at the pictures closely. I don’t know the full story, but when I had my leg in the mouth of a hungry Doberman who would not let go, I was scarred for life emotionally by it. I still have the physical scars, and I was a nine year old child at the time.
      This woman, most likely is no longer working for Kim…or maybe not working at all but clearly not able to work until her hands, etc. were healed, and how can that little amount of money pay for all of that…Medical bills maybe, but there is more to this than just medical bills. But then again, she may have been illegally into the country, so that may have played into their mind sets. I don’t know, but what I do feel is that had this happened in some other parts of the country, that dog would have been put down and not also allowed to bite repeatedly Kim’s niece, etc. Bravo films everything, and even they should have reported the dog if it attacked thei staff, or they witnessed repeated attacks.

      1. Addendum to response: Also, generally homeowner’s insurance comes into play when someone gets injured on your property, however, on that note, my own homeowners company would not is sure anyone with a Pitbull or Rottweiler or Chow Chow, and others on their more dangerous list. Other companies surcharge for certain breeds, and hers may have denied coverage or not, but she is by no means poor…maybe for Beverly Hills.

      2. I get what you mean. But If I remember this correctly this women was a neighbor, not an employee, it said she was a longtime friend at least (If I remember correctly)?

        I actually think it would be more serious if she were an employee cuz it would be a workplace incident.

        Also as far as I remember it was just bites on the arms and hand (Which is not to say that’s not awful, but not as bad as to the face)

        Given that the hospital bills were under 5K I can’t imagine they were too awful (again not to dismiss them, but just that they could have been worse)

        the part that really didn’t make sense about including the production company is that the women said in her lawsuit that she arrived to Kims house and found out she had a dog for the first time, yet included Evolution in the lawsuit for not showing the truth about the dog.
        She clearly doesn’t watch the show, if she didn’t know Kim had a dog, so how Evolution hid truth from her is a huge stretch, plus the footage that production put into the episode showed Kingsley as being aggressive.
        The women had no point in bringing Evolution into it, no grounds to stand on at all.

        1. My error. I got totally mixed up. Kay Rozario was a family friend who visited Kim…in her bedroom from what I just read now. This attack happened before her niece was attacked. Kim reportedly did not offer to pay her medical bills.
          Kingsley has always been extremely protective of Kim. He must not have been socialized enough while she had him and saw everyone as a threat to Kim. It is a shame. I do believe dogs are trained to be attack dogs whether intentionally or by not knowing enough about handling them, and it is not every dog of certain breeds that turns out attacking innocent people for no reason. The Doberman that bit me as a child was owned by a relative (who admitted to not feeding it much..and only raw meat..) and later was given to my parents…and I grew up with the dog that attacked me…how could they do that…yes, unreal…but she turned out to be friendly, loving and a very different dog when we had her. We can’t choose our family however, a dog can be man’s best friend. ( I now am a proud owner of a Havanese puppy…he is napping at the moment.)

      1. Clearly it wasn’t something huge, the courts found it to be quite small.

        This women tried to hype it into something huge to get 1mill dollars, the press bought into it, clearly some fans bought into it, but the courts didn’t, and gave it the compensation it deserved.

    2. Of coarse sidewind, you must have mauling scars and of coarse this long time friend after years has decided to get bitten by an aggressive pit bull for the $$$. Next you will be saying all of the people that got attacked, including THE TRAINER, were poking sticks at the dog, all their fault.

  3. All I really want to know is WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DOG???? Does anyone really know ????? Also did the victim get $4000 or $8000 – both amounts are mentioned in the above report.

    1. @Bee I have the same thought in my head every time I read a story about Kim. I suspect that the dog was put down. This is just my theory, but remember at the reunion when Kim was SO vague about where Kingsley was, and how she said her dog is like her child, and just went on about that point? I just can’t imagine saying that to your sister, whose own child was hospitalized as a result of a bite from said dog. It seemed like she was trying to rub something in with Kyle. Like maybe Kyle (or the authorities) demanded that the dog be put down? When you report a dog bite, do the authorities have to get involved? And maybe that’s why Kim was so pissed that Kyle put it on Twitter, because it brought it into the light where action HAD to be taken? I don’t know. I have a feeling he’s not alive anymore though. Which is a shame. Dogs only learn what they’re taught is ok to do, with the proper training, environment (obvi NOT children) and discipline he would have been fine. She had no business owning this breed.

      1. I too have wondered what became of Kingsley. The poor animal was not born this way, but trained. There was a photo of him awhile back with Kim & his eyes looked so sad. I hope he was not put down, but given to a person who know how to tame him.

        1. It is a fact that pit-bulls are so inner bred that their brain continues to grow when their skull stops growing. So, he was likely born that way, a physical deformity that turns them into insane mad dogs. He needs to be put down, seriously, what if he kills someone next. That happens all of the time. I am not advocating any kind of cruelty for the dog, they give them a shot that puts them to sleep. Similar to the IV right before going under for surgery, I couldn’t think of a nicer way to go.

          1. It is NOT fact.

            That is 100% incorrect, you should do some research before saying something is fact.

            Completely, completely incorrect.

            Pitbulls aggression comes from how it is trained, nothing to do with a lie about their brains out growing their skulls. That is a silly urban legend.

            1. @sidewinder you’re absolutely correct. They perpetuated the same myth about german sheperds in the 70s, about dobermans in the 70s & 80s. Then the rottweiler in the 80s & 90s. We all now know that this is completely false, but the pitbull is the new “deadly breed that will turn on you”, so all the old myths have been transferred. I rescued a pit mix and a schnauzer mix. Both were mistreated. I have been bitten by my schnauzer countless times in his rehabilitation process. I have NEVER had anything but subservient love from the bully. My friends actually were active in rescuing one of Michael Vick’s pitbulls. It was fully rehabilitated and is now a loving family dog. They are ridiculously misunderstood.

              1. Yeah the misinformation about dogs is crazy, and drives me mad, the responsibility lies with the owner.

                I can understand being wary of a certain type of dog, that’s understandable, but blame should always go to the owner.
                Calling for Kingsely to be put down is unfair when he’s clearly not had a competent owner.

                  1. And, due to my sister’s RESPONSIBL and extensive experience in the world of dog breeding and the Pit Bull breeding in particular, she is quite familiar with the campaign to obliterate this breed from the face of Earth. PETA and many other people have decided that this breed must be extinguished – killed off and they propagate BS ” studies” with non-scientific findings to cite their line of crap to try and kill off a breed of animals. Where as most animal rights group try and protect animals we gave these animals -not their owners on kill lists. And people like you and Kim Richards helping that meme along.

                    1. @Karen, I knew I liked you!! The only reason I would EVER advocate stopping the reproduction of a breed is not because of the breed, but because of the “kind” of people who gravitate toward it. Pittys are potentially powerful and people abuse them, make money off of them and leave them to die in agony. I would rather see them not bred than see these monsters abuse these beautiful creatures. They’re so gentle and loving…and SILLY! The only time I ever had a pitty turn on me was, well, this morning when he stole the freaking blankets. The CARNAGE!!! 😉 Also, I will also say, adopt adopt adopt rather than breed! There are wonderful loving doggies that would be grateful to have a home and a human. We don’t need to make more. As Bob Barker says “Spay and neuter your pets”! **Steps off of soap box and falls like Vicki at the L’Tipp meeting at her house**

                    2. I was really hoping some of you would have read my explanation for what I said about pit-bulls. For one thing I only said that in connection with the aggressive nature of some pit bulls, and I had read that stuff on actual documents. I said it was awful for the dog, which is why when that is the case they should be put down. But, I never think of dogs as people because that would mean they reason like people and they don’t. They act like animals and they react like animals because they are an animal. It’s unfair to expect anything else from them, it’s bad enough so many people selfishly keep pets without any regard for the fact that they are animals, and to put Kingsly in a situation where he could hurt someone way worse is just wrong. I hope that at least one person who responded to my post about the deformed brain thing would let me know that they accept my apologies.
                      If those who read all of my posts about the dog don’t see how against animal cruelty I am then you didn’t actually read it.

                  2. I sighted my source below. My intention was only to explain what I truly believed to be one of the causes of such aggression and that it is painful for the animal and inhumane to keep a dog alive for your own emotional needs when there is some deformity that not only makes the dog dangerous, but hurts the dog. Anyone who hurts any living creature deserves a special place in hell and I am not one of them.

              1. People do do that, Monica which is why the study I read was conducted in the first place. My post explaining is “awaiting moderation” right now at 3:10 on Sunday. I am explaining because it makes it sound like I am anything animal lover I am. In my facebook it shows my wildlife habitat, although I don’t update FB, but I think the photos are still there. Those and the ones with all of the dogs, including pitts in my family. People do disgusting things to helpless animals, there is something seriously disturbed when anyone hurts a living creature. Posts about the housewives, well, this topic has more to do with my actual beliefs about life than those do for some reason.

            2. I had a friend in the business who showed me the actual reports of necropsies done on a group of pit bulls. Breeding for characteristics doesn’t only affect the dog for one generation! Why would anyone choose a particular breed at all if that were true about the environment in every case. This is why actual physicists and other experts in other fields of science debate and argue. They all have factual reports that they can produce, and the other theory at the time has reports or information that negates the opposing view. I don’t know any other way to find a fact than to read a document with the seal of the vet. doing the necropsy and all of it’s accompanying information about where the dogs were bred, the history of each dog, meaning reports of the owners, vet reports on the condition of the animal during puppyhood, when they became aggressive and the behavior the dog exhibited during that time.
              I was in no way trying to make fact out of fiction or repeat a myth. It is unfortunate that what I saw and believed to be true might not be. The friend who had the papers had a pit bull that I loved and my daughter had two, we had heard another news report of a local pit bull mauling a woman in a park and that is why he remembered the documents. It isn’t as though he had spread any kind of story all over, I knew him for quite awhile before the topic came up. He looked and looked and found the papers in his garage along with other animal education info. and we read them. He moved away 7 years ago so I have no chance of investigating.
              I had forgotten about that until I started reading the posts about Kim’s dog. I love animals and would never advocate any type of cruelty and I strongly believe many people don’t take care of their animals properly and it certainly can make them mean. I have a neighbor who kept his pit bull inside his small house or had him chained up on a 3 foot chain, and that is just wrong. I still do not believe that only environment is the deciding factor in any animals character, and I never said that it wouldn’t or doesn’t create traits in those dogs who are mistreated or trained for attack.
              I am sorry if it sounded as though I was trying to obliterate any kind of animal, and if you read the rest of my post I only said that it is awful for the animal himself to have that physical deformity and after 3 or 5 attacks he should be put down. I never said all pit bulls should be. Just now with Kingsly’s history, what if he kills someone.
              Please accept my apology for anything that sounded like misrepresentation of any kind. I have a wildlife habitat in my actual yard and have a friend who has dedicated her life to the humane treatment of all animals. I can not even look at the photos she posts because it is so disturbing and just, well I can’t think of a bad enough word for those who mistreat animals.

            3. They have been breeding dogs in Germany to smell explosives. They are small, I forget what they are called, but I saw it on NOVA on PBS channel. Then they are born, each new litter, with better scent awareness. I thought that was so interesting.

          2. You do not know what you are talking about Marian. My sister, is a respected and highly lauded International Dog Judge and Breeder of numerous Chamionship Pit Bull terriers. She has been both a Judge and Breeder for over two decades. Never -ever- have any of her dogs bitten anyone. Because she snd her husband know how to raise and train their pets. The problem and issue with pets like Kingsley and all aggressive and violent dogs are the OWNERS. PERIOD. They either do not train their pets properly or they train their pets TO behave aggressively. Secondly, if any creatures brain continued to grow within a confined space it would not cause selective behaviors like your brain dead theory concludes. It would cause debilitating pain and suffering, seizures, paralysis and inevitable death. Pit Bulls would be dropping like flies all over the place.

            1. Please read my reply above or below after it is posted a because it is awaiting moderation by the blog I guess. I love animals, have since I can remember and I never said one thing that shows anything but compassion for that dog. It is a horrible thing for the dog which is one of the reasons I said I thought he should be put down.

            2. You know Karen my post tells how I learned about that and my intentions were to defend the dog’s aggressive way and other dogs too . so screw your fu—– brain dead theory because I saw the reports about 11 years ago. I hadn’t even thought of it until I heard one more report about a pit bull attacking a person. If the dogs aren’t put down and they kill someone, or attack again their fate may be far worse than a shot of sodium pentothol.

          3. That is incorrect Marion, I’m so happy to report—Animal Lover here. These dogs are not born vicious, but some are trained to be. Actually, they are a very protective & were originally bred to be pets to kids because of their protective nature. Any dog will attack when threatened & by all rights. So many wrong myths out there, don’t believe all you hear as gospel.

            1. You know everyone just jumped on my comment about dogs. Said site your source. I did and if I had the actual papers I read they could still be proven as false, but that was a genuine medical condition I thought those dogs had. I never said one thing mean or unloving of animals. I honestly thought that was why so many of them were aggressive and thought what a horrible thing for the greedy breeders to do. But every person that just choked to say site your source will not even accept my apology.
              I didn’t go around telling people – who to tell – until this blog, first interactive blog I have ever been on. I was explaining what I thought was the reason. So, nobody really wanted there to be a genuine reason, didn’t want me to be someone who loves animals, who is a member of the local humane society. We petitioned to make ours a no kill shelter. So much better for every one of you who jumped on that if I was some horrible person trying to rid the Earth of a breed of dogs. Ridiculous.

      2. I have worked as an ER nurse, and dog bites are always reportable. If a patient comes in with a dogbite, the police are always called.

    2. Aunt Bee, I think she REQUESTED the $4K, and was AWARDED the $8K. I also think the dog is back in her home. He should be put down, but this court judgement was civil not criminal, and I’ll bet that judge isn’t able to order the dog put down.

  4. I really don’t like myself when I think about the pain I want inflicted on this woman.and im sick as shit of seeing stories day after day about her

  5. Can I just say, whomever is creating the captions and selecting the photos for the Kim articles is HILARIOUS! Her expression is always as if it’s an over acted, drunken reaction to the caption. Cracks me up every time. Nice job, All Things RH!

  6. Give me a break too many greedy people looking to sue! Good for a judge to see thru the bullshit /she got a bite didn’t lose an arm get with it!Wait til your sued!

  7. Give me a break too many greedy people looking to sue! Good for a judge to see thru the bullshit /she got a bite didn’t lose an arm get with it!Wait til your sued!The dog is feeling the pain of its owner and her stress/I have and,save Pit Bulls /amazing dogs any dog and breed,can bite if not taken care of properly!

  8. I hope Kim does pay the lady. As I understand, the woman has medical bills, that Kim hasn’t paid yet. She should have paid the medical bills in the first place. Does Kim think she has any responsibilies.

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