Kim Richards: “It’s All Lisa’s Fault”


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards let her feelings out on Twitter about her co-star Lisa Vanderpump, and it started when a viewer warned Kim about becoming friends with Brandi Glanville. “Look what she did to Lisa,” a viewer warned Richards about being friendly with Brandi, and Kim was there to defend Brandi and blame Lisa when she replied, “What did Brandi do to her? I KNOW!! Brandi says stupid things things!! But … I PROMISE U!! EVERYTHING LISA DOES IS FOR A REASON!! …..NEVER JUST BECAUSE SHE LOVES ❤U”

Kim continued, “I knowwww! But LOOK!! What Lisa had done to ALL OF USS!!? My sister.. Brandi? Adrienne? Cedric? Camille? Me?” When viewers started asking what exactly Lisa did to all of those people Kim named, Kim insisted, “IT’S ALL LISA’S FAULT!”

Lisa was privy to Kim’s tweeting. She took to her own Twitter to acknowledge Kim’s words and thank her fans for defending her. “Ok good morning saw all the hateful tweets from somebody, thanks tweeties for the support,” Lisa wrote. “Remember most importantly today.. I have a dream..”


Photo Credit: Bravo