Kim Richards: Kyle And Brandi’s Fight Wasn’t About Me


Kim Richards is taking to her blog this week to share her thoughts on her sister Kyle’s fight with her friend Brandi Glanville. Kim says she was stuck between a rock and a hard place and believes the fight had absolutely nothing to do with her. Kim says Kyle and Brandi have had animosity for years and that’s what the fight was really about. Richards also warns people to not mistake her sadness for weakness and says that she is stronger than she’s ever been!

Kim writes, “Today’s episode started exactly where we left off, back at Eileen’s poker night. I remember just wanting to leave so badly that I just kept on walking and didn’t even see the physical altercation between Brandi and Kyle. I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I mean one is my sister and one is my friend. I wanted to make it right, so I tried to speak to Kyle, but there was so much chaos between her and Brandi. Then the other girls joined in and at that point, I was frustrated and honestly wasn’t feeling well. I just wanted everyone to let me go home! This drama may have been about me at first, but it definitely ended up being about those two and whatever residual animosity they had towards one another from the past.

On the following day, my pain got even worse, so I spent the whole day getting tests done at the doctor’s. Next evening, I was admitted to the hospital. In my last blog post, I mentioned that I had been struggling with bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks. Well, the doctor said I had a fractured rib, ruptured disc, and hiatal hernia, which was caused by the increased pressure from coughing. No wonder I was in so much pain before poker night! I was in the hospital for nine days. But I’m happy to announce that I’m currently healthy and well!

Even though my family and I are going through some tough times right now, I feel stronger than ever because I need to and want to be there for Monty, my daughters, and son. All you moms out there know, we don’t get days off! Although it seems like I have a lot going on, that’s exactly what I love about my life! Planning my daughter’s wedding is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done. I can’t believe my babies are all grown up, and I could not be more proud. Taking care of Monty has been bittersweet–it’s so painful to see my best friend slipping away, but at the same time, our relationship is stronger than ever. We’re treasuring every moment we have together. Don’t mistake my sadness for weakness. If I were not strong in my sobriety today, I could never do the things I’m doing. Thank you to those who have shared their kind words and support!
Speaking of family, my favorite part of the episode was seeing Yolanda with her son. Oh my goodness, I really related to them, because I’m going through the same thing with my son, Chad. Family dynamics change, and it does get lonely for both Chad and me now that our girls have left the nest. But this is also a special bonding time for us–yes, he’s totally going to have to hang out with his mom more, which both of us don’t seem to mind at all!”

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  • Yeah Kim- no accountability once again for the havoc you leave in the wake of your fall from sobriety. You can try and whitewash that whole episode away as you were sick with bronchitis, but it was 100% clear you were high and out control high from the start. And furthermore your selfish actions had EVERYTHING to do with the fight between Kyle and Brandi, because YOU feed off it and never once stick up for Kyle. In fact you feed into Brandi’s mutual dysfunction dependent-based friendship. She allows your dysfunction and you allow hers.

    • Sunny

      You beat me to it, lol. Ditto with all you said.

      • Tom

        Hello….They should rename the show CD PAW / Co- Dependent, Passive Aggressive Women.

  • Please kyle go to Al-anon to learn how to live with a loved one with the disease of alcoholism. You are making matters worse by acting the way you are with Kim. Your actions albeit you think is love is not. It is harming the person with the disease. In order to help someone with Alcoholism you first need to know about the disease.

  • Dalimili

    Shouldn’t your daughter be planning her own wedding?

    How many times were you married? Why do you drink so much? Have you visited a shrink? Did you try to deal with your inner issues other way than just via abuse of drugs and drinking?

    You fuck up your own life. Nobody else. Oh no, poor me, I have an addiction, and yes, I can use that addiction as an excuse for my whole life and my dealings with siblings or people around me. Poor is me, I am a drunkie… you know…

    Seriously Kyle is not really a sister I would like to have, but I get her why she is so over Kim. Kim is spoiled brat, unhappy with the fact that she never had any career except as a D-rated actress in 70s.

    She should just accept herself and her life as it is.

  • starr sabga

    I feel very sad about Monty–sad to see a loved one slowly fading. But Kim-but Kim-but Kim what is one to think??? ‘Woe is me’ is not cutting it anymore. When Brandi first came on, the very 1st we saw of her, her gutter trashy ways showed face. You were attacked by her & who might I ask was at your side? Not Brandi honey, Not Brandi.

    • Frances

      You said exactly what I was thinking! Bravo!!!!

  • rene

    I read the book House of Hilton. Their monster of a mother manipulated all 3 girls against each other their entire lives. Kyle and Kim will never have a healthy relationship with their long history and the fact that Kim is an addict. I don’t believe that Kim is “taking care of Monty.” I do believe her feelings for him are real but the caretaker part I don’t believe. Maybe cooking and fluffying pillows and taking him to appointments but the real care taking is most likely done by other family members and professionals. In the wedding episode I thought that Kim was getting her make-up done with Monty’s wife???
    Kim is very jealous of Kyle’s life. Kyle is still married and most likely pretty happy in her marriage and she just keeps getting richer and richer. While Kim is single and lonely and having to rely on others for help financially. Kim chooses the worst people to enable her like that creepy last boyfriend no one liked and now Brandi.
    Next week when Kim brings Brandi to Kyle’s event…..that was so planned by those two nuttiers. They know how to push Kyle’s buttons and unfortunately Kyle gives them what they want…… a melt down on tv for the world to see. Kim knows exactly was she is doing to hurt Kyle and Brandi is her mouthpiece.
    I wish Bravo would get rid of Kim and Brandi. But then if Kyle stayed on the show, Kim would blame Kyle for getting fired.

    • RiaJoe

      Your comment about the Show being rid of Kim and Brandi…Kyle made a deal if they don’t keep Kim on the show she walks so because of Kyle is the only reason her boring sister is still on. As for Brandi, she is disgusting, she knows exactly what she is saying, however, none of it is funny, and all.thos wives are enablers to Brandi. She needs to go.

  • jennyd

    Kim it absolutely was about u and about Brandi being ur drunken body guard. If Kim was just saying goodbye to everyone and not causing trouble, then why did she tell Kyle “thanks a lot for doing that to me” instead of a sweet bye like u say? Also, Kim took more than 1 pain pill, probably 2 or 3. And didn’t look like u had a broken rib when u were dancing around and screaming every time u won a hand of poker. Bottom line is it was all urs and Brandi’s fault…all of it.

  • cin

    Dear Kim – I admire you for your journey on sobriety.. keep up the fight. I also loved seeing you on my favorite show ”Revenge”. It was a treat. On another note… it was obvious you were high on something the night of the poker game. It was BrandiTwinkle and you that caused the fight involving Kyle – no one else was to blame. You are trying to be sober but yet you claim a sloppy foul drunk is your friend. The best thing you could do for yourself is dump the foul drunk and stay close to your family.

  • Aunt Bee

    As the sister of two alcoholics I under stand Kyle completely. She and her family – especially Mauricio – have been there for YEARS putting up with the same BS. The only one to help Kim is Kim herself when and if she hits rock bottom. Maybe the impending death of her BF will do it but probably not. There were times in my life when I didn’t think I could take it any longer with my brothers (like B Slamville claims Kyle has done) but they were/are still my brothers and you just can’t give up. I honestly think Kim has a low IQ or the booze and drugs have addled her brain. She needs to get out of the public eye and into a very strict rehab – calling Dr Phil he likes to help people.

    • cin

      well said Aunt Bee… My Dad, brother and sister – alcoholics and/or substance abuse.

    • Wise words Aunt Bee.

    • My only addendum would be that there comes a time that when a alcoholic or addict comes to the point- and it happens all the time- that it is going to bring you it pro your family down, you have to let them go and choose yourself. You have no obligation to sacrifice your well being to go down with a person who will not make the choice to heal themselves. Especially when you have your own children and family to care for. Kyle’s main priorities and obligations are to HER children and husband not her 50+ year old sister who she has helped numerous times before. Period. And Kyle should not made to feel guilty for making that decision.

  • lb40

    Did Kim watch the show? She is a train wreck.

  • Jessie

    Kim is delusional.

  • zoeysmom

    Kim thinks everyone is as oblivious as she is-she is standing right next to Brandi watching while she grabs her sister’s wrists. What exactly did Kim think the argument was over the appetizers or poker game? Talk about out of it. Please Kim stop speaking of how strong you are in your sobriety-you just aren’t.

  • southern gal

    What about Kim’s behavior in the ride to Eileens. Look how she acted to Lisa R. She also said ugly things to Vince. When she is on something she is vile and mean. That is the first sign she is not sober. I dont blame Kyle one bit, Brandi is a nut and someone should come across the table and beat her a– for her. S he is such trash, not even in the same league as the others.Can’t wait until she starts something with Yolanda. It is coming.

  • CandiWix

    That fight was 100% caused by Brandi. She decided to get between sisters, which is a HUGE no no. Sisters are friends for life, and no one is allowed to try and get between them. My sister’s best friend tried to get between us, and it has caused problems with my sister and I. To be honest, I hate the bitch, but I know my sister likes her so I just bite my tongue. It still hurts that my sister let her come between us at all, and Brandi needs to STEP OFF. This is family and you don’t get involved in family stuff.

  • medicated fan

    I remember Kim saying during the first or second season that she never watches the show. She didn’t say why. I’m assuming that it is because it should mortify her.

  • imaroyce

    there is no choice to made when it comes to your sister and your ‘friend’ ! FAMILY COMES ABOVE ALL !

  • imaroyce

    did anybody else crack up when after all of that kim (spaced out as all get out) says to brandi – wheres my pizza? wow ! poor kyle.

  • Chantel Telly

    Ur so full of s#@t Kim…u know Damn well u were aware of the fight, u loved it…and u side with an IDIOT like brandy? Didn’t they teach u in rehab not to hang around other addicts? Brandy is a raging alcoholic & drug addict, and u choose her as ur bff? Then u have the nerve to say “do I go with my sister or do I stay with u (brandy), I just love u both so much”, ur pathetic, my mother is dying and I take care if her 24/7, and I am a recovering drug addict, I don’t go around using that as an excuse, get a freaken grip, and grow up, u don’t have it that bad, get over yourself and open ur eyes…I think there is not only something mentally wrong with brandy but you as well, with the kingsly thing and everything other stupid s@#t u over react about, go back to rehab and get a psychiatrist…

    • jennyd

      Exactly, I am in recovery also. 3 yrs off pain medication and the way Kim keeps saying she’s sober and doing great….. it’s honestly insulting to ppl in recovery. She has so many red flags that she can’t be working a program anymore, so stop lying Kim. In recovery u accept responsibility, definitely don’t hang with other ppl drinking or using, and if u do relapse u step up and admit it & get bk on the program. U do not blame everyone else and play the victim.

  • RHOBHLover

    If Kim could just make the effort to go and grow a brain cell, life would be so much easier for the rest of us…

  • Sorry kim..sweeyheart your brain is pickled.too late now and god luck keeping up with the lies and excuses

  • Im not going to bother correcting the spelling errors, its legible enough.darn phone

  • DebBrenn

    What is it with these Housewives? Chad is 25 years old, live at home, and she thinks he should hang out with her to soothe her empty nest syndrome? Her empty nest is long overdue.

  • VaNonna

    Kim just like Brandi take no accountability. The fight is over her at least on Kyle’s part. Kyle had no issues with Brandi last year when she was making up the lies about the magazines. I do believe Kyle loves Kim and is worried about her. Brandi on the other hand is evil, nothing caring about her. The only reason she’s looking out for Kim is she is trying to divide Kim and Kyle especially when Kim is vulnerable. She is truly a toxic person and brings down the show. It makes sense why Eddie left her. I feel sorry for her children.