Kim Richards: Ken’s Words Don’t Affect Me


Kim Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kim dishes on what a great place she is in and talks about apologizing to Ken for what she said in Puerto Rico. While Kim understands Ken didn’t accept her apology, she doesn’t appreciate him mocking her sobriety.

Kim writes, “All day I have pondered over this blog. Just watching the trailer for tonight’s episode I realized all that we have been through this year. So many wonderful things that you have shared with us! The laughter, the fun, and even the tears. So many touching moments, and, yes, also our mistakes and our pain.

For myself, I can tell you it has been a great year. I have grown so much and learned a lot! I want to thank you all for sharing this year with me and my growth. I’ve had so many changes this year and I am still adjusting, but overall life is really beautiful and I am truly grateful for it.

As far as the the Final Episode: The 100 Year Anniversary! It seemed like people were having fun. At the same time it also seemed like everyone was trying to discuss their issues at hand. However, it just didn’t seem like anything got resolved. I apologized to Ken and Lisa for Puerto Rico but they dismissed me, as usual.

Hearing Ken say I am strange and from another planet definitely hurts my feelings. I have worked very hard to overcome many things in my life. Today I am just a happy, grateful, person and I have fun every day. I feel sad that he has to put me down for who I am, but it truly does not affect me. The most important thing is that I love me and my children love me, and in the end that’s all that really matters.”

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6 Replies to “Kim Richards: Ken’s Words Don’t Affect Me”

  1. Kim I am so proud of you this season. You were funny, light-hearted and a joy to watch. Good for you for standing up to Ken! He acted like a jerk and I am glad to see someone called him out on it. Also nice of you to apologize. I hate how “above” everyone they act. Piss on Lisa and Ken and their huge egos.

  2. Kim, you’re my favorite. You’re funny and you are, without a doubt, the most authentic person on the show.

    I think you understand the point of an apology. Asking for forgiveness is for us, and for our own healing–our own Karma. Just because you’ve offered an apology doesn’t mean the other person will accept it, but you have no control over that. You do what’s right and don’t worry about the rest. Ken either will or won’t accept your apology, but that’s his burden to bear, not yours.

    Stay strong, Kim.

  3. Disagree with Ninnie. Kim you over reacted to Ken and Lisa not attending your party. They RSVPd and sent a gift. What more do you want? They did what anyone with manners would do. You missed many things over the years and never apologized. Just let this drop. I don’t blame Ken in the least for reacting to you the way he did. A person can only take so much. I am happy that you are now sober and enjoying life but you abused people for years with your addiction so just shut up and act your age. These are busy people with 3 restaurants to run while all you have to do is be a housewife and train your dog. Get over yourself and grow up.

  4. I agree with Aunt Bee – (except that she HIRED someone to train her dog). She may be sober – but acts crazier than she ever did before.

  5. I totally understand Kens reluctance to being warm and cozy. But he did say a very polite “thank you” and then walk away. What were you expecting, for him to fall over you? Very possibly he is still hurt and stinging from what was said. Or, and I think this is the reason, he is just tired of being put into these situations. He didn’t sign up for show, Lisa did, however, the legal trouble he has endured because of the wives lies and innuendoes are hard to just “kiss and make up”. They have worked very hard for what they have and now he is also being insulted and talked about as well as his wife. I am sorry for your addiction but very glad for your recovery and as a recovering addict myself, I know that it is a true and very hard won accomplishment. I wish you a lifetime of sober days. Give Ken the benefit of the doubt. He has endured much.

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