Kim Richards Ignoring Sister Kyle During Family Crisis


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has had an intense week. It was reported one of her children checked into a psychiatric facility. While Kim has been at odds with sister Kyle Richards during this season of RHOBH, insiders reveal the tension is still thick between the sisters as Kim continues to ignore Kyle during her family crisis.

“Kyle has texted Kim to check in regarding the hospitalization, but she hasn’t received any response,” a source claims. “The sisters are further apart than ever even though Kim could use Kyle’s support. It’s just an incredibly sad situation because Kim has so much stress in her life including dealing with her beloved ex-husband, Monty’s terminal cancer.”

“Kim’s offspring is expected to remain in treatment and a patient at the hospital for the next two weeks. She has been visiting on a very routine basis, and is just heartbroken about the situation, but doesn’t want to discuss it with Kyle,” the insider tells RadarOnline.

Kim broke her silence on social media Sunday to wish her sister Kathy a Happy Birthday. “To my beautiful sister who is always there for me @KathyHilton. Wishing you the happiest birthday! I wish I could be there with you today.”

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31 Replies to “Kim Richards Ignoring Sister Kyle During Family Crisis”

  1. Why would she share any information with Kyle, Kyle would just use it later.

    If this story is true, the only way it could exist is if Lyle is telling people Kim hasn’t replied, which yet again would be Kyle making something all about her.
    Kim’s kid is in hospital and she’s complaining about not getting a response from Kim!
    If she were genuinely concerned she wouldn’t need a response.

  2. Kyle is a piece of work. She sits there actin as though she is the one in the wrong when she has no idea what is really happening. She has gotten sicker dealing with Kim and I have no sympathy for her. She does not listen so she deserves to be in this sick mire. Who knows? One day she may decide to go to Al-Anon and get a dose of reality. She is drifting along in a sick fog. Action not words are needed Kyle. Get some tools and be a sister to Kim.

  3. Both ladies are acting like brats. Yeah Kim–we all get the cryptic mesage when you post something about for the world to see how you believe Kathy has been ther for you–taking jabs that perhaps Kim feels kyle has done done nothing for her.

    Kyle–needs to stop making this about her.

    1. Kyle definitely needs to go to alanon. I understand why she’s so upset though. I read where she basically raised Kim’s kids, which explains why she says their kids are so close, like siblings. The kids are probably why she hasn’t cut Kim out. Kathy comes off as the saint bc the most she ever criticized Kim for was her outfit. Kathy has her own kids w/ drug probs. That whole family is one big mess! As much as I dislike Kyle, she’s the best one of that family. Get them all off the show!!

  4. The two of them need their heads banging together preferably off RHOBH permanently!! Take twinkle with them as well.

  5. Really, who cares if that nasty old drunk Kim isnt, ONCE AGAIN, being nice to Kyle? Thanks to RHOBH, most of the (rational) world knows the erratic, vicious and destructive addic behavior Kim has subjected her family to for decades. The real, headline breaking news, would be, “Kim Richards Realizes She’s Been Abusive! Apoligizes to Kyle!” And secondly, Kyle needs to learn to not be a professional victim.

  6. As usual, these two sick sisters are behaving like pouting brats. At a time like this, put aside self & support one another through this crisis, or any crisis that arises. You didn’t call me, I didn’t text you, Kathy is the best, you are rotten, you never side with me, etc, etc. No time for this nonsensical child’s play anymore. Grow up Kim & Kyle.

  7. In regards to Kim, I’m getting really frustrated with these commenters on here who side with Kyle and trash Brandi to bits because they simply don’t understand what being an alcoholic in recovery means. Please go watch intervention to educate yourselves. You are allowed to slip up and still be in recovery, as long as your INTENT is to remain sober. So people, taking pills once in a blue moon is NOT considered a failure in her path to sobriety.
    I think in a way Kim is like lots of child stars. You’re forced to work and be professional when as a child you should be having fun and not worrying about “adult stuff” so once they reach adulthood they are stunted because they never got to be a child; therefore losing that childish behaviour and blossoming into a mature person. I think this in combination with Kim’s addiction issue does make her someone I personally would treat very gingerly. If you know someone is like that and you can’t treat them gingerly as they need, you should not involve yourself in that person’s life. Unless Kim were to go through extensive therapy she will never change her ways, because she is older as well.
    Now let me clarify that Kim is in no way a saint or do I condone some of her nasty behaviour this season, but I think everyone is way too hard on her and they don’t put her issues in context to understand why she behaves the way she does.
    Regardless of that, if I were Kim I wouldn’t dream of involving Kyle with anything involving my children, especially one with issues. She had no qualms revealing Kim’s alcoholism on tv and every season she doesn’t use her words correctly and ends up implying Kim has totally fallen off the wagon. What’s to say that she wouldn’t talk about her nephew’s psychiatric issues? Honestly if I were an alcoholic and a family member called me out on national tv I would have a hard time looking them in the face without scowling, because who are you to expose my issues?! I think the fact that Kim still talks to Kyle after that is gracious of her!

    1. @ anonymous–I’ve been on this site a while now and read these comments over and over…I have NEVER seen anyone comment about what a failure Kim is because she slipped. The issue is the fact that Kim claims how she has been sober 3 years straight. that is a lie. She slipped or isn’t sober. Only failure she is involved with is not telling the truth.

      Wouldn’t be deal and totally her business it it weren’t for the fact that she is the one being paid to be on tv and voice she is sober 3 years straight–seems like a lie that’s all.

      1. A lot of people on here keep going on about how Kim counts herself as 3 years sober as incorrect.

        There is a difference between a slip and a relapse, if she slips takes something and gives it back up immediately, that is not a relapse.
        Kim is clearly counting 3 years since she relapsed. We can all very clearly see how different Kims slip ups are this season to previous seasons. Kim used to spend every episode off her face. We’ve seen little slips now, and a majority of the time a sober Kim.

        If she were denying a slip up happened it would be one thing, but she acknowledges her slip, she just doesn’t count it as a relapse.

    2. Bravo Anonymous. And One Rotten Egg, altho I disagree its nice to see someone maturely voice their opinion.
      Its disheartening to see just how many people (not just on here) say the most disgusting things about Kim. Its pretty clear most people have zero experience with addiction or base all their opinions off a sole experience with an addict (which is unfortunate bc everyones different). And lets be honest, most of it is because Kims “BFF” is Brandi. If LVP was the one in her corner Kim would be the fan favorite.
      Nobody can say Kim has relapsed unless they were there. No one knows the circumstances revolving around poker night. When you are an addict but dont have a problem with alcohol, having a glass of wine isnt considered relapsing. So why is it the other way around? Had Kim joined the ladies at the pot shop I guarantee it wouldnt have been called a relapse.
      Kims “weird” behavior is often cited as the reason a relapse is evident yet every person whose had a longtime relationship with Kim has repeatedly said that shes eccentric & has a unique personality. Teenage interviews with Kim show little difference in her personality. Its too bad that someone who doesnt act “the norm” is labeled weird & drunk & high bc they act themselves.
      I realize not everyone has this approach & respect those who dislike Kim for a valid reason that isnt centered around malicious attacks. I also realize they open themselves up for this kind of speculation by joining reality tv but I dont think that gives people a license to act so cruelly.
      As far as Kyle its a joke the fan love shes getting considering its mostly bc of her reinstated bff status with LVP. Seasons 3 & 4 she was attacked for everything shes getting love & sympathy for now.

      1. @afton–thanks. However, just pointing out Kim HERSELF revealed on TV that she told Kyle she took Monty’s pain meds. That is called a slip–period. Drugs weren’t her’s. An addict is an addict. She also stated while on the Paris trip she “mixed her meds”…so how does an adult mix meds if they were prescribed to her to begin with? Lastly, anyone can get prescribed meds and still abuse them–addicts do this all the time.

        1. As someone who works in Medicine…adults of all ages, sober/not sober etc…mix their medicine all the time! Has nothing to do being an addict or not!!!

    3. Are you saying that if Kyle hadn’t mentioned that Kim had an alcohol/drug problem on TV we wouldn’t realize it? …..(on a reality show where they all, including Kim, agreed to expose themselves because they love attention) Because she doesn’t act normal.
      Kim can slip up over and over but do you realize how hard that is on her family members? They are human and if you were in their shoes I think you’d get pretty weary of it after so many years. Kim is close to 50 now so they’ve had to “support” her for a heck of a long time and it doesn’t look like there is any end in sight. She just seems to think she’s entitled to endless support no matter what.

  8. I do not like Kyle and never have. I do, however, see how she gets hurt by all of this. I read that she practically raised Kim’s kids, which explains why she’s always saying how close their kids are, like siblings, and why she continued to stick by Kim’s drunken a$$. She has been the one to deal w/ Kim’s drunken mess, all while Kathy maintains her saintly reputation. The only thing Kathy criticized Kim for is her choice of clothing. Kathy has her own problems that she refuses to acknowledge as the mother of her own intoxicated son and sex tape daughter. Mother of the year, I tell ya! While I’d like them all to get off my screen (and take the Kartrashians with them), I have to admit Kyle is the best one of the bunch.

  9. Kim is needs to figure out her own mess. Kyle needs to stop taking to her period! She has a husband and kids if her own! Kim can get all that great advice from Brandi. Kim is pissed because she is a quack and did fall off the wagon and is scared of losing her kids!

  10. Kyle needs to walk away from her toxic sister. She can send her love and wishes to her nephew and nieces personally or thru Kathy. Kim is being a real idiot ! I’m sure her bestie brandi is right there for her ! my heart breaks for Kyle as I have been where she is and you truly do just have to let go and hope one day they return to you. never lose touch with the children always let them know you love them and her. outside of that pray and stay away from her. dont text dont call. she may learn one day

  11. It amuses me that people have an opinion without any knowledge of addiction. It is not a slip in recovery if one takes something when it is not willful . In other words if Kim was to take a drink on purpose she would have relapsed and her recovery would begin again when she put the drink down. Taking a pill for relief and finding it affected you adversely is not a slip as it was not willful. having said that Kim needs to get back to meetings and implement the steps into her recovery. Kyle needs to go to Al-Anon to learn about the disease and how to react to the alcoholic and love the addict in spite of her addiction. All I see is 2 sick puppies who need the steps of a program to give themselves and us some peace

    1. @joy–gonna disagree with you opinion about what constitutes a slip. How arrogant to think the commenters don’t know what they re talking about. Kim WILLFULLY took someone else’s drugs–period. They weren’t prescribed to her. She wasn’t under medical provider’s care to comply–“go ahead, Kim, it’s ok to take someone else’s meds for YOUR pain”…how’s THAT for knowledge!?

    2. I
      Kim willfully took another persons meds for pain. It was NOT an accident. Stop making excuses for these people. Its time to take responsibility for their actions,words, behavior. Yes there are 12 step programs for just about everything these days. I’d say Lisa R and the other soap star are in recovery by some of the things they say. Recovery is as journey, NOT a destination

    3. She took that pill to get hi. No one in recovery ever takes a narcotic accidentally. If she didn’t get so weird on drugs and drink no one would have ever known and then she would have finally found a way to get hi and hide it. She’s thinking, why oh why can’t I find something that doesn’t make me weird? . Not, I relapsed and now I am going to a meeting. Please. She is an alcoholic by the AMA’s description, but really she is just a foul, vile, base, hateful, cruel person. Her and BG are perfect for each other and anyone else that thinks she just needs “Help”

  12. Kim should stay away from her vile sister Kyle as much as possible. Kim needs positive people around her. Kyle should stop being the vile human being that she is and acknowledge her sister’s feelings: it’s not about her right not. It’s about Kim & her family. Vile Kyle should stop selling stories about Kim and her problems. Period

  13. @One Rotten Egg. Looks like Kyle is not the only rotten egg is this mess. You also need education on the disease of Alcoholism. Ty for the added amusement

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