Kim Richards Has Been Sober For Over 30 Days


Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has been sober for over 30 days and her ex-husband Monty Brinson took to social media to share that he is standing by Kim and is very proud of her.

“Kim checked into voluntary because she wanted to help herself, no intervention or told her too. I’m proud of her because she’s 38 days sober,” Brinson wrote on his Instagram. “Since everything happen she has been offered multiple things. It’s not a comeback she been a actress since she was 4.”

“Regarding the housewives she looked at as just a job [sic],” he wrote. “everyone else was just looking for fortune and fame.”

He added, “I keep going but I’m tired and ill let Kim explain herself- one day all the truth will come out.”

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21 Replies to “Kim Richards Has Been Sober For Over 30 Days”

  1. no intervention?? checked in herself??? wtf? also 38 days sober vs 7340 days drunk…. what an achievement

      1. Sure, I am clueless LOL… is that something special, should we be applauding? Wow, good for her, she managed to not have a drink for 38 days, and the child murderer who is in prison managed to not strangle a 5 year old for last 2489 days… progress

  2. Didn’t we all see the truth already come out? Kim lied for several years how she had been sober the whole time. I’m glad if she really is sober 30+ days. However, didn’t think she wanted this badly enough.

  3. On a positive note, it is one day at a time. 38 days becomes 39 and with willpower and motivation, it can be a positive outcome. The past is the past, and hopefully now Kim will really realize how much better her life will be when the crutch is gone forever. No one can do it for her. She has to want this. There is no good reason to not be sober. I would love to see a happy outcome for her and no more family feuds bringing up any form of addiction.

  4. Sandra the disease of alcoholism has nothing to do with willpower. Please understand the disease before making inaccurate comments

    1. You may remain anonymous. Any addiction has to be stopped with motivation and willpower. If I don’t understand the “disease” then why don’t you educate us all. Oh, don’t say she is doomed because she has the “disease”. It is an addiction, and you may use any other name you want. Using the “disease” as a crutch is why some, like you perhaps, may say no one can kick any addiction from smoking cigarettes to drugs, etc. Taking it one day at a time is how you can overcome any addiction. If that doesn’t take willpower, then sue me! She may substitute drugs for alcohol and try to dull the senses, but whatever, she has to overcome the addiction. She also requires therapy long term. I am a medical professional, and my opinions are based on facts, not just hearsay. I am also entitled to say what I think based on the facts as I see them. I am trying to motivate her if she ever reads all this persecution, rather than throwing in the towel because she was struck by the “disease.” That is a coward’s way out. Oh, and obesity is now a disease. You have to curb eating which van also be an addiction. I don’t happen to love how she behaved either. I was not her fan, however, as a medical professional, I like to see people help themselves to get well and overcome their addictions. You are just an anonymous person who came her to make some excuse for your own addictions perhaps. I don’t actually give a damn.

  5. I’m sorry, but I find it really hard to believe a word Monty says. Anyone who would give a “sober” individual “a pill” for pain doesn’t exactly seem like the right person for them to be around. But either way, if Kim is sober good for her. I hope she actually takes the time to work on herself and not her “not comeback.”

    1. He didn’t give her the pill she took the pill! When he was first asked he said he didn’t know anything about it! Then obviously Kim got him to take that story down and he said he did! He takes the hit for her time and time again!!

  6. She went to rehab or she would not stand a chance to get her cased dismissed or at least reduced. She went willingly is unlikely

  7. One day the truth will come out, says Monty. What truth? Kim’s? nothing will be truth there. Only time will tell if she is sober or remains sober. She did not do anything for her recovery by herself, she was literally tied & shoved through the rehab facility. Monty is loyal to Kim & will always be that way, but, like Kim, he denies.

  8. Voluntarily? Now THAT’S funny…. Now that she has kicked booze maybe she can work on her nasty disposition. (This isn’t hating, its true. She needs to shape up.)

  9. I agree with everyone. I tried very hard to like Kim, over the years. What kept coming out though, was her nasty, entitled, ungrateful, lying, sketchy behavior. Time and again. Just because she sacrificed her childhood, for the betterment of her family, is no reason to think that *everyone* now owes her something. PLENTY of us had to grow up too soon and we didn’t get to live in mansions, ride horses, wear elegant expensive clothing, own a Porsche at 18yrs old or have half of the privileges that came with her “stardom.”

    1. Queenie, once again, you have echoed my feelings exactly! I tried and tried to like her, but just couldn’t. Wish her the best and hope that she can work on her nasty attitude in addition to staying sober. Maybe once she really is sober, and doesn’t have to lie about it, her attitude will change. Just glad I don’t have to watch it anymore.

  10. I really believe Kim should go off the radar….. Kim should wait about 330 more days before talking about her sobriety. ….low profile time….

  11. As anyone can see from the above comments, nobody likes Kim! Please, don’t put her back on the show. Just take her off this blog, as well. Nobody cares about Kim.

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