Kim Richards is Going to be a Grandma


Former RHOBH star Kim Richards has some good news to share with fans! Her oldest daughter Brooke Wiederhorn is expecting a baby! Wiederhorn, 30, took to Instagram on Easter Sunday to share her happy announcement, posting a photo of a basket filled with blue toys.

“Happy Easter! Can’t wait to meet our baby BOY,” she captioned a photo.

Happy Easter🐰💐! Can’t wait to meet our baby BOY! 💙👶🏼🐣

A photo posted by @brookewiederhorn on

Richards seem to be doing well with her sobriety, as she just told People Magazine that she never intentionally did anything to hurt her children.

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14 Replies to “Kim Richards is Going to be a Grandma”

  1. There she is front & center high as a kite. Hey kamikaze how are the AA meetings & community service going, said no one because not happening & most likely won’t. I watched her again this past Friday on mother daughter experiment & she is a bitter, mean mother & friend. She gets turnt up on 5 ready to snap your head off & that includes her daughter Kimberly. Kamikaze shows no signs of a higher power or remorse for anythg she has done & apparently they are not allowed to bring it up on the show. It’s just referred to “other things going on @ home” but zero about addiction. I am really glad for brooke as I thk she does not rely on her mother but is actually removed from the drama of her mother.

    1. you are so RIGHT !! ITA no I shouldn’t knock Kim but if the shoes fits and all that

      she has taught her kids marry rich have babies so if he divorces you ,he will have to take care of you and the babies ,Kim learned from her drunk mom …. who Kim and Kyle had topick up from bars at bartime,if mommy didn’t have a man to take her home it is rumored Kim,Kyle walked in on mom and she had no inhibitions

  2. Congratulations to Brooke, really lovely news. I, not going to knock Kim because I have done enough of that in the past. So just congrats on the new baby!

      1. She thinks ONLY her feeling a are valid , and everybody else should just get over it .
        What happened to Ariana? Why is she suddenly such a power puss lol?

        1. Because they are the ones that bring the drama! ;). She needs them, otherwise it’s just slimy Jax and whiny Ariana

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