Kim Richards’ Friends Want Her To Seek Help For Her Mental Health


According to a new report, Kim Richards’ RHOBH cast mates are concerned for her mental health. A source claims Lisa Rinna has even become “scared” of Richards because of her erratic behavior.

Kim has been dealing with a lot in her personal life, including the terminal illness of her ex-husband, Monty Brinson, her adult child’s ongoing psychiatric issues and the attacks by her pit bull Kingsley.

“Kim’s friends really want her to see a mental health professional,” an insider claims. “There is only so much a person can deal with. And when looking at Kim’s history with alcohol, it just makes sense to get additional resources on board.”

“The concern is that it’s just too much for Kim to handle on her own,” the source said. “The fact that Kim is currently estranged from her sister, Kyle, certainly isn’t helping.”

So why is Lisa Rinna frightened?

“After Kim went so far as to hint that Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin had cheated on her, Lisa fears her outbursts will only get worse,” the source tells RadarOnline. “At a dinner in Amsterdam, Kim pushed Lisa so far over the edge she ended up shattering a wine glass in frustration.”

As for Kim’s future… “No one can force her to get help,” the source said, “but it’s not a good sign that she isn’t accepting it at this point.”

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29 Replies to “Kim Richards’ Friends Want Her To Seek Help For Her Mental Health”

  1. She looks so old in this picture. Her hair is a mess and her skin looks like it belongs on someone who is ten years older.

  2. It’s almost as if she’s taking on Montys’ cancer, Kim looks like her skin & hair is dried up/dying.

  3. Last season She called Ken an old man but She looks older than him… He should be having the last laugh.

  4. I mean this news may have been said directly by Lisa R.

    Kim pushed her into smashing a wine glass? Lisa could have acted like a normal person who wasn’t trying to hide something by smashing a glass.
    And Kim has had Kyle before and it’s lead to nothing but relapses, this is the first time without Kyle maybe that will be a good thing.

  5. Can’t blame Kyle for Kim relapsing this season on ”pills” … it is her choice. The fault goes to Kim and only Kim.

    1. The fact that it reads just like the first season goes to show the lack of growth in sobriety of Kim. To say on the air that it was not a relapse because she took Monty’s pain med because she had pain is ludicrous. Kim doesn’t have sobriety or recovery, never did.

  6. just need to point out that Kim’s BS story about the pain pill….the last thing a person with respiratory complications should ever be givin is an opiate depressant because of the risk they could stop breathing. It is As thin a veil as the phony Drs Apointment episode where the housewives Dr. plastic surgen husband launches into an obviously scripted response that Kim’s wack behavior is do to drug interactions….please.
    Enough of the spin. She fell off the wagon, period. An addict is well aware of what meds do! She needs to be confronted on the facts.

    Read more at:

    1. In the episode you are referring to, she divulged she was taking Trazadone. As someone who has been on Trazadone before, it did the same thing to me as it did to Kim in making my eyes close almost completely and making me seem loopy and I don’t drink a sip of alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you that she has obviously fallen off the wagon in some regard, but drug interactions can do this to you.

    2. AND *IF* she really had all those respiratory complaints–would she be smoking a cigar? Plus, no coughing at all, with all of the yelling back and forth. What. A. LIAR.

  7. Instead of lashing out, Kim should be accepting support from family and friends. And if she doesn’t have a program, she’s fighting an uphill battle.

  8. I think as viewers, we all could tke a break of Kim, and maybe she can too and get the help that she needs.

  9. Kim’s time to exit the show has come. She should be focusing on her son and her own well being. She looked horrible at the reunion just an evil look in her eyes.

  10. Kim sit there & said lisa r reacted so bad as to smashing the wine glass because kim hit a nerve, well what the hell kind of nerve has everybody else hit about her relapsing, if she really didnt. I hate the way kim thinks she is so superior to all of the women, the way she cuts them off when they bring up something she doesnt want to talk about. Kim has all of the signs of some form of mental illness, and has been self medicating, & probably has been for years. Kim makes up her own rules, and because she IS SO ANGRY about any & everything, then comes the rage. Any NORMAL person would not react like kim does in public unless there is MENTAL ILLNESS. There are so many statistics about SO MANY addicts/alcoholics who have mental illness, and becausenthey arent under a dr care, they self medicate. Kim was USING being sick, so she took 1 of montys pills. If she was as sick as she said she was, why the HELL would she even go to the party?? That just goes to show how far she will go to do her drugs. What about the time she spent in the hospital?does anybody not realize she was getting narcotics while in the hosp. An addict for as many years as kim has gone before rehab worked (????) She knew everyway possible to manipulate this whole situation. Some addicts are even addicted to the lifestyle. Too much crap about kim going on, & because she is so MEAN, ANGRY, & RAGE, MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE STANDARDS do not want to cause a scene, but the addict doesnt care what kind of scene, as long as they CAN USE

    1. ITA. I don’t blame Lisa R. for getting that angry. Remember how Kim treated her on the plane. And then at dinner! Kim had no sympathy when Lisa was talking about her sister dying. Then, Kim lights into Eileen. I think there was a build up before her blow up. I don’t blame Lisa one bit. I think she should have put Kim in her place from day one.

  11. Queenie, I agree, also all the black caked on makeup around her eyes didn’t help her. Girl needs to use a good moisturizer and lay off the sun. Less is best.

  12. I wonder if she’s bi polar. She reminds me of my sister who is, the highs, the lows, and the accusations that aren’t true but Kim really believes they are.

  13. Kim has a lot of really serious mental health issues that she needs to seek help for, also she has to be in some sort of AA/NA meetings.. she needs help, it’s so obvious. The fact that the high pitch screechy Brandi says she’s fine..I have an issue with. Kim has the mental capacity of a child..she lies, she manipulates, she flips things around.. she is downright nasty and hiding something no one is that defensive if they are really taking care of themselves and doing the right thing. It’s truly sad to watch her spiral downhill and act so delusional about her situation…

    1. Anyone in agreement both Kim and Brandi show most of the signs of being a sociopath? If you dont know the signs, read up….they both are disordered.

      1. I so agree with you, mommameya. They both have definite signs of sociopathic behavior. They are dangers to society.

    2. She has all the behaviors of a full blown addict. She is trying to do sobriety on her own terms. (Taking Montys pill)
      That was a relapse, she was an addict illegally using someone elses drugs for their pleasure. She never looked in pain at the poker game so I highly doubt that story. She suffers the “poor me” syndrome! Kyle needs to back off, Kathy will get tired of her using soon and realize she needs more intensive help. I do fear for the safety of Kim and others, because her outbursts are getting more and more vicious.

  14. She needs to go home and get attacked by her dog. One of the worst excuses for a mother I have ever seen. I truly despise this woman.

  15. First thing is to get her away form that low life…Brandi.
    Kim is either mentally ill, or she has just burned to many brain cells drinking. I think that Kim is still drinking on the down low.
    Sometimes when she is talking she has a slight slur to her words. She does not always speak clearly.
    If I were Kyle after these reunion shows, sister or no sister I would have to think long and hard about even speaking to Kim again for a long, long time. Let her hit total rock bottom with Brandi by her side. Only then will she see what is what.
    She acts like a mean drunk. Kim is just mean and nasty!!
    I don’t know if her actions are real, or just for the show.
    In TV today you never know what is real or put on(fake).
    I know when Kyle and Kim were at Kyle’s house having dinner she was talking to Kim in a strong and to the point manner.
    None of this boo hoo crying crap. There was not a tear in sight.
    Her voice was even different, not all soft spoken and whiny.
    So again, let’s hope we are not being dupped for TV.

  16. Whoever posted this story on this website as Kim’s friends worry she needs help for her mental issues is just a bunch of BS. After this reunion and there’s still one more to go the only person showing erratic mean and hostel behavior is Lisa Rinna, Kyle and Lisa V. I think Lisa R is a crazy nut with several personalities maybe she needs it. She came on this show making Kim’s private business her own. Not only is it none of her business the nut chose to put it on air, her very first season. She didn’t know Kim from Eve. Kyle with her new addition to her little circle allowed Lisa R at every turn which was every time she opened her mouth be allowed to talk about her sister and did absolutely nothing to stop it. Look back on season 2 and you will see how Kyle knows her sister is on something not allow anyone to talk about her and her issues. Now that she wasn’t drinking she allows them to talk about Kim as much as they want. Of course the reason she does this is because she’s jealous that her sister has a relationship with Brandi, the main reason she hates Brandi is because Brandi knows exactly the person Kyle is. Before Kim said anything to Lisa R in Amsterram Kyle could have spoken up and agreed with her sister that the pill she took at the game night was the first time in 3 years she’s seemed off. Kim told the truth about having taken a pill. It wasn’t BS as she was taken to the hospital. Had she of done that maybe Kim wouldn’t have gotten so upset and said what she did and we wouldn’t have seen Lisa R get crazy. Lisa R has a problem as will be seen next week she threatened Kim 3 times in one week via text and Kim didn’t texted her back but Lisa R continued to tested her. Lisa V and Kyle are using themselves so that they can double team brandi and Kim. I’m not really even a fan of Brandi’s or Kim’s, but I’m far from stupid and I see what’s going on.

  17. kimbo is a mean drunk and a viciously mean sober. And for someone who says they don’t hold a grudge, she sure is vindictive—when she attacks someone, usually she is not even coherant. She does need medication and therapy for her mental and psychological illness. She appears to be a 50 plus year old woman with a 3 year old brain…..

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