Kim Richards Flees Rehab


Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has fled from another rehab center, after declaring she was cured of her addiction to booze and pills, a new report claims. Kim was making progress since being placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold earlier this month.

But Monday afternoon, “Kim decided to leave,” an insider revealed. “She just bolted. The staff has no clue where she went, and it was definitely against medical advice. Her family had just visited over the weekend!”

“Kim said she was cured, and felt good enough to go back to Los Angeles,” the source told RadarOnline. “This is the worst thing Kim could do at this point because she has a court appearance this week for being drunk in public at the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

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26 Replies to “Kim Richards Flees Rehab”

  1. OF course she is cured…. How many times is this now? She just has an amazing ability to spend three days in rehab and she’s all better. Boy this story just keeps getting better and better or maybe just same ole’ story. Kim go away… PLLLEAAASSSE!!!!!

  2. She should just end it all… seriously, there is no way a person can come out normal with all of what has happened in the last 4 months. So much more pain has been added to the suffering of her family, her children and ofcourse she must be in a personal hell…

    I don’t know… it seems like she should just move, like to China or somewhere and just stick there for a year or two. She needs a total body reset. And that is impossible in the surroundings where she is…

  3. Addiction is a disease and some people, once they get themselves thoroughly mired in it, are just not going to make it back. I don’t expect Kim to be with us much longer.

    1. This is very sad to hear. I hope that Kim’s family can do something, put her somewhere safe and where she is receiving daily help – where she is unable to leave on her own – short of running away again.
      I wish that such a thing were possible.
      I shudder to think where this is going to end…..

  4. I’m afraid Kim’s story will have a tragic ending. She has so many issues in addition to drug and alcohol addiction.

  5. hopefully she will spend a chunk of time behind bars for her felony theft – one way to detox…. then maybe – just maybe – there will be a happy ending….

  6. Notice how all these stories are coming from Never from any other source. So annoying… find another #real #housewife to talk about…

  7. I agree with the previous 4 comments , leave the woman alone! How about some humanity! She’s on her knees already, stop kicking her

  8. At this point the mean comments against Kim Richards is sad…this whole situation is sad…PERIOD. (And I’m NOT a Kim fan).

    1. It wasn’t said to be mean. It’s just been her pattern lately, whenever there was a court date, she’s in rehab and the cycle goes on…………………..

  9. I understand both sides of this…. the god bless her hope she gets help…… and the flip side…. she needs to get out, go away end it all. I think everyone is just tired of the roller coaster that kim is on. It’s like a broken record.
    Kim has a manic attack…. goes to rehab, checks herself out for weddings, or just because she is CURED.
    If everyone including myself would just STOP writing about her, talking about her, making excuses for her. She will fade into the sunset. I don’t want anything bad to happen to this woman BUT she is already gone… she can’t focus on anything, she is unable comprehend anything that is happening in her life, her children’s lives etc. So let’s all make a pact that nextime you see a Kim Richards post…. just don’t write anything if they don’t see any response then they will stop putting Kim stories out. At this point I think that everyone has had enough.

  10. Only God can give Kim the strength to do what is so desperately needed. Hoping she’ll turn to Him. Otherwise, she’s going to do herself in. I feel badly for her family.

  11. The minute she prays or even thinks about anyone but herself I will fall to my knees in gratitude for her family. For years Kyle has been bashed because of her mean bitch of a sister. She is well enough to give interviews when the social media gets to her, but knowing her kids are suffering does nothing. Yeah, yeah she has an illness. She needs to pick having an illness then. There is nothing to “out” if it is just an illness. She uses that as a club against anyone who doesn’t treat her like a baby.

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