Kim Richards Could Face Jail Time

Kim Richards could be facing jail-time if she doesn’t complete 450 hours of community labor by September, 7th, 2017.

Kim’s attorney appeared in court on behalf of her client Friday for a probation modification hearing. She stood before Commissioner Jane Godfrey who told her if the community labor hours weren’t completed at Midnight Mission by the specified date, Richards could receive jail time. She could, however, avoid a sentence based on good cause, meaning she wouldn’t have all the hours completed but she’d be almost done or proving she’s making an effort to finish them.

At the next hearing, which will take place on September 7th, Kim must show a “written progress report” from Midnight Mission outlining the hours she has completed by that date. Depending on the hours she has completed, Richards will either spend time in jail or the court will set a new completion date, E! News is reporting.

Kim was originally only supposed to do 30 days of community labor, but Friday’s hearing was held to modify the sentence, which resulted in a new ruling of 450 hours.

“Kim is up to date on all her requirements with the court and her probation was reinstated,” her lawyer told E!.

This sentence comes from her October 2015 arrest for her Target shoplifting after she plead no contest to one count of petty theft. She was originally charged for stealing upwards of $600 worth of items.

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11 Replies to “Kim Richards Could Face Jail Time”

  1. Kim, Please do your 450 hours of community service once & for all & get on with your life so you can enjoy your new grand-baby & your family. Rooting for you.

    1. I’m not interested in my taxes paying for that. Let her work off the community service and order her into a rehab program.

  2. This just pisses me off. This chick has had MORE Chances than any other. Why does the frickin LA courts give her all these passes. She needs to go to jail or forced into rehab. I don’t even think Kim is smart enough to know what a manipulator she is. She plays the dumb, I didn’t do it…. I plead no contest. Then instead of fulfilling her hours she plays the victim, “I just can’t possibly get all these hours done by September. Im on diving with the stars.
    Then when it comes down to the time for her to face the music they give her some crappy time served and throw a fine at her. This woman can manipulate like the best of them. It makes me sick that the rules are different if your on “Witch mountain you get a pass. I have no respect for the LAPD they show no respect for others but when the celebrities show their faces they get all the breaks,

  3. so 30 days @8 hrs a day is 240 hrs and they modified it to 450 hrs sounds like someone is not complying or thinks she can get out of it a la Paris Hilton style. You saw how that worked out for Paris, do your time Kim !!!!

  4. This is so Kim. I wish her well with her battle but I’m not sure she will make it. She doesn’t actually take any responsibility for her actions….at least I’ve yet to see it or hear it from her. And here is further evidence to that. Be humble and respectful and acknowledge your disease, Kim. It may actually be the power you need to get to the other side.

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