Kim Richards’ Ex-Husband Monty Brinson Has Terminal Cancer


Kim Richards seemed to be at the center of a lot of the drama in the preview for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Richards was even accused by her cast mates of relapsing… and a new report reveals what Kim has been secretly going through behind-the-scenes. An insider shares that Kim’s ex-husband Monty Brinson, the father to her adult daughter, Brooke, is in the final stages of cancer.

Brinson and Richards were married in 1985, had one child together, Brooke, and divorced just one year after being married. But the insider explains Monty and Kim have always remained very close since their divorce.

“But Monty and Kim have always remained close, years after their divorce,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “They had joint custody of their daughter, and co-parented very, very well together.”

“When Monty was diagnosed with cancer, it was a kick in the stomach to Kim. He has always been the constant in her life. They moved in together so Kim could take care of Monty during his illness,” the source revealed. “Sadly, Monty has been told the cancer is terminal. His voice is very raspy, and it’s extremely hard for him to talk.”

“Kim is taking all of this very, very hard, and she has indeed been self-medicating to deal with the stress of it,” the source claims. “Her medication has been prescribed by a doctor that is fully aware of Kim’s addiction issues. This is being very strictly monitored.”


The insider claims that Kim’s family, including sister, Kyle, “are all very concerned about her… They don’t want her to fall off the wagon,” the source added.

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14 Replies to “Kim Richards’ Ex-Husband Monty Brinson Has Terminal Cancer”

  1. You can’t be “self medicating” AND under dr supervision at the same time. The source is an idiot. It’s either one or the other. Source is failing at user lingo. As for Kim’s ex this is really sad. He looked vital and heathy when they moved brook to school. Very sad.

  2. Kyle needs Alanon where she can learn to back off and let Kim find her way; otherwise she’s driving her to drink. The three basic tenets of Alanon are: 1) You didn’t cause it; 2) you can’t change it (alcoholism); 3) you can’t cure it. So, let go and let God.

    1. ALANON is a joke. They all sit and whine but never come up with solutions or suggestions to help.
      Her family needs to find a ToughLove group. Now that is the real deal and they will get some help.

      1. SOME Alanon groups are like that. BUT NOT ALL. Over the years I have attended many Alanon meetings. It’s a matter of finding the right group, the tough-love meetings. Alanon, in principle, is a wonderful solution for the loved ones of alcoholics.

  3. Devastated for Kim and the family. I follow Kim on Twitter and Instagram and you can see the love these two have for each other. I’m sure Kim once said on WWHL (or something) that they were soul mates. I take my hat off to her for caring for him in his illness. I’m still secretly hoping this isn’t true and some horrible trash that Radar of Lies released.

    I have to say, Kim has had a tragic life in terms of family death. Her father passed away, her mother died of cancer while Kim was caring for her, her ex-fiance was murdered while she was on the phone to him (she had to identify the body too), and now this with Monty. It must be a lot to deal with. Love and light Kim. Take the positives from the show and your surroundings and you’ll pull through.

    Is there any chance of AllThingsRH getting an interview with her to check how she’s doing and see what she’s up to?

  4. It is add the cheese under attack for her emotional distrhave done it this year but you can only pray for people like and being a witness to that is not very easy on anyone let alone someone on a reality show and everything being out in the open maybe she shouldn’t have done it this year but you can only pray for people like that and what everybody else is doing like Lisa Renner the soul seem to be more fake and nosey then to be concerned watched it every episode and then at the reunion Lisa Rinna’s starts crying woohoo tears do any of these people have faith in the Lord do any of these people go to church that is the only way and the only key to keep them from going on prayers here and there you need to have God in your life and if you don’t teach that your children then it’s going to continue the vicious cycle and no one has the right to judge so they just need to just lay off .

  5. Now Kim is in trouble again. This time cops got her. You know what; I think God wants Kim and the devil doesn’t like that. So satan is really trying to screw things up for Kim. That’s ok….if God doesn’t want you, neither does the devil. Praying for Kim and all that God wants

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