Kim Richards’ Drinking Reportedly A Constant Behind-The-Scenes Issue


According to a new report, sources reveal that Kim Richards’ sobriety was a constant issue behind-the-scenes this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Veteran cast members Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster knew better than to confront Kim about her sobriety and ignored the issue, while Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna didn’t know any better.

Production sources tell TMZ that Kim hid her drinking and never did it where her cast mates could see her, but that it was obvious. For example, she would disappear during filming, then emerge obviously impaired.

Other sources connected to Richards say Kim believes this is the best season she’s ever had at being able to hide her drinking.

The real catalyst for Kim’s relapse? Her dog Kingsley. Kim’s pit bull was a threat to the Bravo crew so he had to be in a cage during filming. Production also sent a dog trainer to Kim’s home to work with Kingsley. When the trainer arrived Kim was allegedly “such a mess” he had to actually put her to bed.

As for Kim’s daughter Brooke’s upcoming wedding? Kim’s daughter is going ahead with her plans to walk down the aisle again Richards is determined to attend even after her high-profile arrest on April 16th, RadarOnline reports.

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26 Replies to “Kim Richards’ Drinking Reportedly A Constant Behind-The-Scenes Issue”

  1. Kim was pretty awful on the show. Very boring, with no story line.
    It’s sad that she got f’d up and arrested, but that was just a matter of time. She should not be on this show.

  2. I read this almost exact same article on another post…loved “allthingsrh”, but the recent blog postings are almost identical to other articles I read when I google the subject….

    1. Oops…sorry Nicki…duh! Guess you’re doing the same thing to consolidate articles onto one blog so people like me don’t have to search out and Google all over the place….I want to be on your writing staff!

  3. If it was obvious to everyone where the hell is Bravo/Andy’s responsibility in this. This should have been addressed as soon as it was suspected and Bravo should have acted in Kim’s best interest and got her help or insisted she get help or release her from her contract. This whole affair is so disgusting and Bravo should be ashamed.

  4. Kinda don’t believe this.

    Kim seemed more in control on camera than in previous seasons, with the obvious exceptions (poker night etc)

    She could have been drinking off camera, but she clearly wasn’t showing up late for shoots like she was before, there was no “where’s kim” stuff and they would have shown that since the story this season was all about kim.

    I also don’t think Kyle, Lisa R. Or Eileen would have kept quiet about it. She relapsed during filming but I wouldn’t say she fell off the wagon till the show was wrapped, maybe around the time she stopped writing the blogs?

    1. Actually I read that they were all aware of it. The production crew knew when the dog trainer was called to the house by Bravo they had to put Kim to bed she was so messed up. Yes, Kyle would keep quiet about it….it’s her sister. And Yo and Lisa def would they went through this with her before and it was a crap shoot. In fact I also read that (as supposedly they always do) the production staff met with Lisa R and Eileen and “suggested story” for them was to expose Kim leaving Kyle out of it. They have all known but there is nothing anyone can do unless Kim wants to help herself. This whole thing is all kinds of sad.

      1. Kyle didn’t keep quiet before, why start now?

        Also you can’t believe every story, some are true, some are completely made up.

        Kim just didn’t seem drunk to me this season, we’ve seen her drunk and she was nothing like what she was.
        I’ve just been rewatching the show with a friend, just moved onto season 3 and the difference in Kim between season 2 and season 5 is huge, so I dont believe she was drunk on camera except the times it was very clear.
        People don’t seem to grasp Kim is just mean, she doesn’t have to be drunk to be mean.
        She could have been drunk around filming, that I’d believe, but she seemed sober most of the time on camera.

        1. Kim was always mean, true. But when I watch all seasons in order, I can really see the nuances and hear things I might have missed before. It notches up when she is under the influence, and Brandy said at her lunch with Lisa R. that what we saw was a small part of the problem. Kim keeps looking for a way to be hi without anyone knowing. But, it makes her even more hateful than usual so she can’t hide it. when she took the pain pill she did it to get hi. She didn’t “accidentally” take something because she had had bronchitis and been in and out of the doctor. If anyone believes that then they have never been in a close relationship with a drunk or addict. She is a hateful person who appreciates exactly nothing in life and the pills or whatever just makes it more pronounced.

  5. She fell off the wagon A LONG TIME AGO. Kim is a master deceiver, she gets better and better every TIME until she stops giving a shit and gets caught. Kim better get help, its time to be honest with everyone. You can run but you can’t hide all of the time.

    1. Exactly what the production crew is saying. She was never sober but just got better at handling it. ALSO this isn’t just drinking iMO. I think there are some pills being popped here as well. I have dealt with addicts up close and personal and it is SHOCKING how good they get at lying, manipulating, covering and hiding. I think at first Brandi was ok with it and things got way out of control and she didn’t know what to do. Kim is a train wreck gone off the rails and if she doesn’t get help she is going to go past the point where help is needed.

      1. You took the words right out of my mouth, Fossie, regarding Kim’s probably not ONLY just about drinking–in MY opinion, as her weight has not been affected. I also think that of all the women put together, Kim looks the oldest, by far. In the recent pic of her 1st outing after the arrest, she looks closer to 60 than 50. Granted, it didn’t help to fry her skin in the hot sun all day for years, but combined with boozing and smoking, it has really taken a toll on her looks.

  6. Wait!!!!! Now her excuse is the DOG! What about her yesterday excuse that she watched the reunion and was so distraught that she had to drink! I’ll be looking forward to her tomorrow excuse.. Wow first it was her childhood then it’s her house then its ….. Wow!!!

  7. Well, it could be true. Shen ad varying degrees of “being present” and being that really crazy and vicious Kim throughout the season. She was just all over the map- very inconsistent. She could have just tried- and the key word here Is tried to just maintain a certain level of intoxication- a little buzz- but being a alcoholic, that is a impossibility, and soon she lost control.

  8. This is what I have been saying. There were lots of indications before this. Oh and the catalyst is: SHE IS A DRUNK.

  9. All you have to do is look at her past and present behavior. Since she’s been sober she’s been more quiet doing the zen thing, like wanting to go to that retreat place I think in Ojai, just wanting to stay focused on her sobriety . This season her behavior has been off the chain, more reminiscent of time before she got sober. Her random acts of meanness and outbursts I think were a way of keeping everybody away so they didn’t find out her secret. Totally calling BS on her ‘reunion made me drink’ excuse!

  10. If you look at the footage from poker night, when Kyle goes to the restroom & then Kim follows, you can clearly see Brandi look at the camera & move her hand over her neck (like cut it off now). She tried to cover it up, but she was clearly trying to get Bravo cameras to stop.

  11. Knew it. All that fake concern from Andy and Bravo, when they knew all along that Kim was hitting the sauce. Rumors of sobriety clauses, and firing her AFTER the arrest — its all BS. Its proof that they couldn’t care less about the life of a Housewife, only about what ratings she’s good for. This network is run by monsters.

  12. I agree with all the comments. But how pathetic to go on TV & lie & accuse the truth seekers of lying, though I know thats what a addict does. Lie, deny & blame you. Really I watched these shows for entertainment & I learned many things, but I don’t want to see real drama like this. If shes not fired Im so done with these housewives. Andy none of us want to see families ripped apart like this. Same with RHNJ. Grow up Andy. We want a fun escape.

  13. Everyone needs to stop blaming Kyle and focus on the one who is totally and completely responsible for this whole thing… KIM… she needs to admit she is a pure unadulterated alcoholic. Kim grabbed Brandi and hung on to her calling her a best friend because brandi would tell her what she wanted to hear and I totally believe that Brandi and Kim were drinking together. Why else would Brandi agree that an intervention was needed. I hope to hell that BRAVO is taking a good look at what is going on with this woman. Stop the crap about the contract that she has to stay sober that is just stupid. Tell her she is fired….. when and if she can remain sober for 5 years MAYBE…….. MAYBE….. she can come back. It will take that long for her to prove her sobriety. No daily pee tests, no random testing NOTHING…. SHE HAS TO PROVE HERSELF that she can be sober. I don’t want to watch anymore shows with Kim attacking people because she lies and and can’t control her alcohol. Stop it now Bravo stop it. She is sick!!!!! is she had cancer you would tell her to stop filming so she would live the rest of her life in peace. this is just as important. Get her off the tv.

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