Kim Richards’ Dog Trainer Reveals Kingsley Is Dangerous, Claims Kim Won’t Pay Him


RHOBH star Kim Richards can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the drama surrounding her pit bull Kingsley. After her dog attacked her niece Alexia, multiple people came forward claiming they were also attacked by Richards’ dog. Now, Kyle Schwab of Smashface Rescue took to Facebook and claimed that he tried to help Kim with Kingsley and she has gone M.I.A. and never paid him!

RealityTea reports that a commenter asked Schwab if he was able to help with Kingsley, he replied, “Kingsley never showed up the next Wed morning after I worked with him and made room. I believe I was his only hope. Even though he tried to kill me. I thought he was workable and was going to do a joint custody thing where he was with me during filming for the safety of the staff and crew. And or I would maintain him on set (off camera) during filming days.”

Kyle makes it clear that Kingsley is one of the most dangerous dogs he’s ever worked with.

“I will tell you he is the most dangerous dog I have worked with in terms of his level of aggression,” Schwab wrote. “I’ve trained more dangerous dogs like Neos and Corsos. But I have never experienced such a willingness and drive towards humans as Kingsley. One trainer was attacked, one was unable to enter the house, one FaceTimed Kim and was unwilling to enter the house.”

“I walked in and worked with him and Kim for four hours,” he continued. “I’ll be seeing them in court after the new year for non payment.”

“He has been removed from the house and according to Kim herself,” Kyle continues. “The trainers at the boarding/training facility where he’s at are unable to approach him. After that. Radio silence. They will not return my calls, texts, or emails. They have now registered the dog in someone else’s name thinking the bite history won’t follow him.”

“He a dangerous dog in the hands of the wrong people and I will get paid for my work,” the trainer says. “I have all the documentation, pictures, texts, and videos. Interesting that coming to the end of the year my only two outstanding invoices are celebrities. Or in this case. A wanna be. Can you say entitled?”

“Kim is not emotionally or physically capable of handling this dog,” he concludes. “It will strike again. It’s not if. It’s when. Unless they just keep it in the $6,000 cage Bravo built in her backyard. I’m not going to put my life in danger and not get paid. It’s principle. Not the money. Where there’s risk. There’s reward. Until you deal with entitled celebrities.”

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16 Replies to “Kim Richards’ Dog Trainer Reveals Kingsley Is Dangerous, Claims Kim Won’t Pay Him”

  1. I m not defending Kim here, because obviously Kingsley has a biting problem, and Kim can’t/won’t control him, but this Schwab guy seems just a tad bit over dramatic- like he’s playing it up for the publicity. Anyway, I sincerely hope Kingsley was neutered, properly trained and placed with someone who could handle him properly.

    1. I might agree if he had gone to the press or otherwise tried to go public – these were comments on his personal page made in passing in a discussion of irresponsible pit bull owners. He never announced that he was training the dog when he was on-set, and didn’t try to promote his training services using the Bravo connection.

  2. This guy seems like a douche bag. That being said, Kim should pay him and tell him to stop talking about it to anyone who’ll listen. And the dog needs to go. I don’t know where, but why keep an animal that could kill ur children or ur sister’s children? I don’t get this.

  3. The problem isn’t the dog. The problem is that he’s been allowed to behave any way he wants to behave. He hasn’t been trained. He deserves a chance with an owner who is experienced with the breed and who is willing to put in the time to train him. That person is NOT Kim.

    1. Right. And that person is NOT that lousy trainer, either. Kingsley had his number from jump. The first time I saw him on the show was the episode where Kingsley IMMEDIATELY attacked him when he walked in. And his response was priceless (arms flailing about hilariously), but not correct. Allowing Kim to greet him so excitedly when he came back from boot camp was a BIG no-no. I don’t believe that Kingsley was just great when he was there, either. I think the guy is lying through his teeth.

      The only ones who should be euthanized here are Kim and that freakin’ sorry excuse for a Pibble trainer. Assholes.

  4. Kim is totally clueless…as always! Why would she even get a breed that needs supervision and cannot be let out around others? She’s not the type of person to be that responsible. She needs a pet rock or something easy!

  5. Knew that guy was a phoney when he took Kingsley the first time. Cesar Milan is the man…A guest appearance would make a great storyline. Maybe Kingsley can take “daddy’s” place? RIP Daddy.

  6. Years of alcoholism have clearly resulted in this brain-dead bimbo losing all sense. An inexperienced person with no real time to train a dog should not just go out and buy a pitbull. They require a lot of attention and work. If they have to put Kingsley down at some stage, you could pretty much say Kim killed him.

  7. I’ve had big breeds all my life and never an issue until now. My current dog is neutered, went through same training as other dogs plus a private trainer however is still super fearful/reactive with strangers. He did get sick as a puppy as I swear the fever fried his brains a little. he is slow to learn. With his “inner circle” he is relaxed and loving. A big furbaby. He does not transition well at all. He is fine with the cats and we can take his food away with no reaction, etc.. If you are sitting on the couch when he comes in – he is fine. Walk through the front door he’s like an 5 bell alarm. This means – he wears a muzzle in public. His walks are at night,etc. He is not allowed in parts of the house when people visit. Now we have made progress however he will never be the dog we can take to the kids games.

    Why the story… the difference between our dog and Kingsley is – we recognize that due to his reactive nature – we need to take extra measures to give him the best quality life possible. If we fail – someone could be harmed and/or he could be put down. Neither option is acceptable. Kim is not the person to handle a reactive dog as she herself is reactive

    Sadly, this means I can not be on RHOBH.

    1. Suzy, I can relate. We had a dog that the vet said had “Spaniel Rage.” In our case it wasn’t situational so we could never anticipate the problem and steer clear of those situations. She would be laying around and just jump up and start growling, and then go for a bite. She bit me (and only me) twice before I did have to put her down. But not before trying professional training and all the advice my vet could give. I’ve had dogs all my life (I have two right now) but you can never expose others to that kind of danger.

  8. Poor, drunkard Kim. You’re a drunk, not NEARLY as attractive as ANY other housewife in ANY city. Her hairline recedes with each episode. She tries to keep up, but, yeah, her appearance belies her keeping up.

  9. Kingsley obviously has issues. It was easy to see when he was shown previously on air. What confused me more about this article is when I tried to find credible references regarding Kyle Schwabe. After watching his own promo video on YouTube I was disgusted with his behavior with dogs. leaping over a fence into a yard, grandstanding how aggression is a non issue for him. He claims to me a “public figure,” and anyone that objects to him he maligns on facebook. Obviously, he is someone who is trying to become famous. His rescue, Smashface Rescue is not a rescue at all; it is a business. I checked and it is not a registered 501c (non-profit). If Kim or production hired this guy they should have vetted him first. There are plenty of bonafide trainers and that aside, with Kingsley’s known issues, he should be accessed for any neurologic issues before any attempt to “train” him is attempted.

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