Kim Richards Disgusted By Lisa Vanderpump, Says She’s Seen This Catty Behavior For Years


Kim Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kim is happy to report she has built a friendship with Brandi Glanville and that her relationship with Kyle is better than ever. Kim also slams Lisa Vanderpump for her comments about Mauricio’s cheating in front of Kyle’s daughter Portia. Kim says she was disgusted, but this is behavior she’s seen in Lisa for years.

Kim writes, “As a single mother having to get back on my feet after a divorce, I understand a lot of what Brandi has been (and is going) through! Seeing her achieve financial independence, and find a new home that she and her boys can find happiness in, makes me sooo happy for them!! And YES, I love her! She has a special place in my heart. We’ve come A LONG WAY!

As for my sis, she has her new store, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her! We’ve both come so far, and our relationship continues to grow in a stronger, more positive way! We really enjoy spending time together. I love my sister and today we have no problems! I hope it stays that way! As for the new girls, Joyce and Carlton, I like them both! Joyce is fun, bubbly, and has TONS of energy! Very sweet! Carlton is very different in a good way! She’s spiritual, kind, and she speaks her mind! They both do, for that matter — haha!

As for Lisa and Ken, well, you just have to watch and read my blogs!

I was so excited watching my sister prepare for the 100 year. Too bad not everybody felt that way! When I saw and heard what Lisa said about Kyle and Maurice in front on my niece Portia, I was disgusted, but not surprised!! This is behavior I have seen for years!! But she is showing her colors more and more!! If I were Kyle, I personally wouldn’t have her in my home again!!!

The party was beautiful! Filled with a lot of different people I hadn’t met, and this was the first time I met Joyce, Michael, and Carlton! I thought Lisa’s decision to have Scheana there, was SO inappropriate. Considering the situation, this has been a very sensitive subject for Brandi!”

Photo Credit: Bravo