Kim Richards and Daughter Kimberly Open Up About How RHOBH Affected Them


Since the beginning, Kim Richards has had a rough experience on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She along with her sister Kyle tried their best to keep her alcoholism private but as time went on, the truth came out. Throughout her time on the show Kim has been in and out of rehab, arrested twice and has done several heart-wrenching interviews… but now she has changed things up a bit by joining a new reality show, The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition. 

She filmed the show with her youngest daughter Kimberly and throughout the season fans will be able to see them work on their relationship. During filming the mother-daughter duo spoke out about Kim’s experience on the show and how it affected her in a negative light.

“There’s been good moments, there’s been not so good moments,” she told Radar. “It’s been a roller coaster ride. Being a part of the Housewives has been an experience. It really hurt me because I was struggling with certain things. It is tough to watch me get beat up by some of the girls on the show.”

Kimberly also opened up about her own struggles with her mother on the show.

“Being on the show and hearing people talk bad about her, it’s affected her a lot,” she said. “So I feel like somebody needs to protect her.”

She continued, “I feel like I have to take care of her. She’s fragile physically and emotionally. And I think I’ve kind of taken over the role of like not the husband, but I’ve always felt like I have to be helping her, and it does overwhelm me.”

The Mother Daughter/Experiment: Celebrity Edition can be watched on Lifetime.

Photo Credit: Lifetime

  • Sally☕️

    No child should have to look after a parent! That’s really skewiff!!! Kim could have walked away from the show at any point but is now begging to get back on, where is her brain!

  • starr

    Really touching & sad. But that should never be Kimberly’s responsibility to take care of her mother. I can imagine, as a child, she would’ve been very affected by the way her mom was treated on RHOBH. I wonder if she took into account her mom’s dangerous behavior & weighed the pros & cons or was just blinded to her mom being attacked?!

  • I feel very bad for this girl but Kim’s statement about being beat up by the other housewives is once again indicative of how she is still delusional. Does she not watch herself being hateful to a lot of these women? It’s actually very sad that she is so coddled. That’s probably why she turns to the drink as she’s never asked to be held responsible so she doesn’t know how to take care of herself.

  • Dee

    I’d like to know which of them wanted to do this show. Was it Kim and her need for funds? Was it Kimberly thinking this show would actually work and get through to her mother or maybe just for fame? Who knows. But what I do know, thanks to Dr. Phil, is Kim doesn’t shy away from telling her own children to back off and storm away from any help they’ve tried to get her. This leads me to believe the two of them are on this show just for a paycheck. Which means Kim is not ready or willing to get her life together. And even if Kim got a good ole fashion ass whupping from former Bad Girl’s Club Natalie Nunn on this show, she’d use it as an excuse and not as an “aha” moment that she so badly needs.
    I still don’t understand why everyone around her is so afraid of her. Threats? Whatever. Am interested to see if her kids and family will ever try some tough love and walk away. Seems like they’ve tried everything else. Good luck Kimberly.

    • Queenie

      B I N G O !!!!

  • VaNonna

    Here’s a thought – stay the hell off the show! It apparently is ok though to air your dirty laundry about your relationship with your daughter for a paycheck. Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own actions!

  • Jessie

    It’s so annoying to hear people complain about how being on t.v. and in the media has ruined their lives. They chose to put themselves, and by default their families in the public eye, and continue to do so.