Kim Richards’ Daughter Brooke Brinson Marries Fatburger Heir Thayer Wiederhorn

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards’ daughter Brooke Brinson got married on August 2nd, 2014 in Bel-Air, California. After several years of dating, Brooke and Thayer Wiederhorn got engaged on Christmas Day last year. Thayer is the son of Fatburger restaurateur Andy Wiederhorn and is heir to the family business.

Kim’s sisters Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards were in attendance with their families and Brooke’s father Monty Brinson walked her down the aisle.

The family shared some amazing photos of the big day on their social media, and thanks to RealityTea, we have a photo recap of the wedding.

Kim shared a photo of her helping Brooke get ready for the ceremony and wrote, “Some things will never change. I’ve been dressing this gorgeous little girl her whole life. But there is something different when you’re helping her into her wedding dress. Brooke, I love you with all my heart and soul.”

Check out the beautiful photos below! Click to enlarge. For information on Brooke’s 2nd wedding, keep reading.

 Click here to watch footage from the wedding and see more photos from Bravo.

As most of you know now, Brooke and Thayer Wiederhorn had two weddings. The first wedding took place at Kathy Hiltons Bel-Air home and was filmed for RHOBH so Brooke’s ailing father Monty Brinson could walk his daughter down the aisle. Although Brooke and Thayer were legally and officially married at this ceremony in August of 2014, they also had a destination wedding in Cabo in May of 2015.

Kim was released from rehab so she could attend the wedding alongside her estranged sister Kyle Richards. Kathy Hilton reportedly didn’t attend, but all of her children were there and shared photos on social media.

“It’s always been Brooke’s dream to get married in Cabo so this second wedding is really important to her,” a source told People magazine.

Check out photos from the Cabo wedding below.

Mr. & Mrs Wiederhorn 💍🎂👰 #wiederwedding

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Brooke, I love you, words can’t describe @brookewiederhorn

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I love them so much! ❤️❤️ #BrookeAndThayer #FirstDance #WiederWedding

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And my heart is melting! Too cute #wiederwedding

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#BridesMaids 💖

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We dem girlzz #WiederWedding

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  1. this explains why fatburger are always catering the richards sisters’ events, i guess! gotta get that promo time!

  2. Thayer has a twin who was dating Kyle’s daughter too…I wonder if they are still together and the next to wed….Kim married heirs too…

  3. I cannot stand Kim. Now she has to use her kids to keep her story line going. I’ll watch Lisa and Kyle….but that’s it.

  4. Yuk hate Kim she has no story line and honestly if they got rid of her last season I wouldn’t hate her as much it is because they keep putting her on TV and she is not interesting!!

  5. Love Kim. She’s so much fun on the show.

    These pictures are stunning. I love the one where Kim as the bottom of her dress, she followed with a sweet caption on Instagram. It looked like a beautiful intimate wedding, not some over the top circus.

  6. Nah I have to say it again hate Kim she needs to get off the show she hasn’t had a story line for last couple of years…Hate Kim!!!

  7. Ah, well, Big Kathy is shining down from heaven, she taught her daughters that their life choices were show biz or marrying up. Looks like the legacy continues…..

  8. I LOVE KIM TO DEATH. Quit hating!!!!! Wedding looks wonderful! Is that one guy posing with Kim her new bf? Hope so! I bet this will be the s5 finale tho they haven’t been filming for that long… Yet this would be the 3rd time a wedding is the BH finale so it makes since.

  9. Sorry can’t stop hating Kim, I don’t even blame Kim they keep putting her on TV she doesn’t have anything to watch and if I wanted to watch broke down people with no job, no life I can just stick my head over the neighbors fence instead of paying for cable TV…I want to see beautiful sexy people like the Vanderpumps after all it is Beverley Hills.

  10. Jealous fools! Kim and Kyle are both actually very famous child actors from a very well off family. Remember the saying, “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”

    1. Oh Yes that’s what it is I’m NOT an ALCOHOLIC with no life, no friends, no man, no job, oh and to top it off I’m not boring LMAO…got to love your commitment though!!!

      1. You seem jealous and obsessed. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t need to say it 3 times and keep checking the page for replies to disagree with. Bloooooooooop.

        1. Yeh it comes up on my email lmao, yes I’m jealous of an OLD HAS BEEN that is a BROKEN DOWN ALCOHOLIC and still believe she is a crack head !!! hahaha

  11. TOA, Katy and Austin, Being that I’m not 14 years old, I don’t subscribe to the whole “hating” thing. If you are referring to snark and criticism, then yes, it happens here. This is a blog about a show where people rip each other apart. What do you expect to happen on here? A Buddhist prayer? Idiots. And what are you, the message board police? Are we in trouble for “hating”? Buzz off and go be the wonderful, loving, delightful wonderful people you oh so obviously are, because you have been just a bunch of sweethearts on THESE boards, right? Rolling eyes. And no, I will not be back to read your moronic comments….stop “hating”. LOL.

        1. Hahaha I am sure this is all the same person….first of all Monica is entitled to there opinion as I am entitled to mine, not once have I said to anyone you should not like someone so I don’t feel like anyone should be telling me who I should like…And as I keep saying yes I am jealous of an OLD BROKEN DOWN ALCOHOLIC that has no life see I am agreeing with you so get over yourself!!

            1. Hahaha I’m call bullshit!!…and she is only still getting paycheck through the emotional blackmail to Andy that the show has saved her life she is pathetic uninteresting alcoholic oh did i forget crack head hahaha all the thing’s I aspire too.

  12. Uggg, it’s that lame idiot / drunken kim, can’t stand this vile (overly-aged) woman (must have been all the drugs and booze, she looks older than her sister kathy).
    I think kim / bravo hit new lows this season bringing in the dead man walking (ex-husband who is dying of cancer for a storyline), this is just shameful, in all the past seasons, we have never heard a peep about this guy, now all the sudden he’s dying, and he’s on the show. Bravo / andy—really low…………And for kim, this is just plain PATHETIC like her….

  13. Weiderhorn’s dad is a crook – look him up. Stole millions while they lived in Portland Oregon – ran out of town. Not surprised they show up here

  14. Listen I HIGHLY DOUBT ANYONE would be jealous of Kim Richards let alone any of the Richards/Hilton girls. Seriously I can think of several beauties with talent & these Richards/Hiltons are not it. Paris went into Dan Tana’s (West Hollywood) & all the guys said “she looks like a drag queen.” Seriously Paris is ALL smoke & mirrors like Kim Kardashian. Paris had fake boobs, hair, nails, big a** ugly feet stuffed into open toe shoes with her ugly fake nose to match her boring pea brain no personality. At least Nicky Hilton looks more like a girl. Seriously there are females that blow these bobble heads away.
    Oh & BTW… Kim Kardashian had a long oval face in first episodes of KUWK & I figured out she had that LONG chin shaved down & cheek bone implants so her face is more square. We all know Kim had 2 nose jobs, upper lip made bigger, fat graph into buttocks with Brazilian buttocks shaping plus breast implants. My BFF father is a plastic surgeon & we begged him to come clean with his highly trained eye he said DEFINITLEY I am CORRECT. So why is it anyone thinks Kim is beautiful when her entire face was redone is beyond me. Now Angelina Jolie had nothing done & blows Kim away plus she does give back from her heart. Stop worshipping h**kers such as Paris & Kim

    1. I agree, Paris looks like she’s accumulated a LOT of miles. She’s not as skinny and “cute,” as she was years ago.

    2. Sorry to burst your bubble but Angelina Jolie HAS had work done. She had her wide bulby nose fixed a while ago. There are before pics of her anywhere.

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