Kim Richards Confronts Lisa Rinna For Talking About Her Sobriety


On Monday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the ladies flew to Amsterdam so Yolanda Foster could share her roots with her cast mates. During the flight, Kim Richards confronted Lisa Rinna for talking about her sobriety to the other women.

Lisa Rinna continued to ask Kim if she was upset with her and Kim finally said, “You worry about your own family. Stop talking about me. I don’t drink. I don’t take drugs that I shouldn’t. End of story. Stop talking about me!”

Rinna says that she doesn’t understand where Kim’s anger is coming from.

“I have worked very hard for my sobriety to let somebody take it down and try to defame that,” Kim explains.

“I am not trying to take down your sobriety,” Rinna insists. “I was concerned about you.”

“And now I’m asking you to drop it,” Kim asserts.

In her interview Kim continues, “I don’t owe anybody an explanation. I’ve been around this block before. I don’t need to play games. I don’t need to lie to anybody. You’re as sick as your secrets, my friend.”

“My apologizes,” Lisa tells Kim. “I’m sorry. But what I saw in that car, was one time…”

In her interview, Lisa says, “I feel like a scolded child. I am coming from a good place! I am not a hurtful mean person. I don’t get mad at people, I don’t raise my voice. I’m nice!”

Watch the show highlight below.

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15 Replies to “Kim Richards Confronts Lisa Rinna For Talking About Her Sobriety”

  1. To quote Ken after the Puerto Rico incident:

    “Kim’s like a maniac; has she been drinking again?”

    I think her behaviour this episode should add further worry. Bravo needs to get rid of her. She brings nothing to the show and is a danger to herself.

  2. Wait, did Kim really say, “I don’t take drugs that I shouldn’t”? Didn’t she take Monty’s pain meds? I think she admitted that she had. That is a serious red flag.

  3. Kim is just plain out a spoilt, mean, unkind childish brat. Lisa R, it is clear, has been very concerned & rightly so after Kim’s scary, demented behavior in the limo on the way to their poker party where the dementation continued. I’m not a fan of Kyle, but Kim treats her horribly & if that’s sisterly love, she an keep it.

  4. I question Kim’s sobriety…. after all she did take a pain pill that didn’t belong to her. Her defensive behavior seems to point in the direction of relapse….

  5. Yup its your business all right. And yet you choose to be paid for it to be aired on tv. So what do you expect. You don’t like it. Quit the show, duh

  6. The more we see of Kim Richards, the less I like her. I have less sympathy for her and her addictions. She is a petulant, self absorbed mean girl who wants to visit her nasty slips from sobriety on the people around her then bully them into silence after she sobers up. Even if she were my sister I wouldn’t go along with her sick and abusive game plan- I’d tell her to either face up to the truth or stay the hell away from me.

  7. Lisa R’s hubby was an alcoholic (which I didn’t know til last night). So she knows how Kim’s acting has completely changed and all started when she was bat sh*t wasted at the poker party. Kim can complain all she wants. She brought all these concerns to the table when she was high in public. She wonders why ppl are questioning her sobriety? Wouldn’t anyone? She’s just mean, I’ve never liked Kim anyway. She has zero storyline and hasn’t for yrs.

  8. Brandi is enjoying her handiwork. Kim wouldn’t have acted like this without brandi pushing her to do so. Like Dakota Fanning said last night on WWHL get rid of Brandi and I add “get rid of Kim too”. Both women are trouble and so unlikeable.

  9. i sure hope after seeing the show with brandi and lisa at lunch she feels stupid for believing in that lying trouble making B*tch she thinks is her friend ! That who she needs to go after the 2 faced trouble maker ! i feel kim is sober and her point was valid however it was directed at the wrong person. she should be happy lisa r cared that much about her that she wanted to help her. 🙂 kim needs a psychiatrist to help her out and B*tch needs to go

  10. “I’ve been around this block before” is exactly the problem with Kim. She’s fallen off the wagon many times, and it’s human nature to watch her behavior and think this might just be happening again. Kim has no social skills. She’s basically a child. I think she was raised by a money and fame grubbing mother that put her daughter out to work as a small child to fulfill the mother’s ambitions, and it was done in lieu of a childhood. Kim watched her far less successful sisters reap the benefits of her work. I feel badly or her, but it doesn’t make her any more palatable.

    1. I don’t think that Kathy and Kyle “reaped the benefits” of Kim’s hard work beyond gaining some pretty nice shelter and maybe a little notoriety growing up. Kim was still The Star- they were only the sisters of The Star. The money Kim made was confiscated and controlled by Kim’s mother -NOT a much younger Kyle- who BTW- was married and out of the house by 18. That both Kathy and Kyle happened to marry extremely well off men is another thing, and that has nothing to do with Kim, who married, what? Three times? Were they well off? Anyway, I don’t believe Mauricio was all that rich when Kyle and he first got married, (unlike the Hiltons) but he worked very hard to become the super rich man he is today.

      1. Kim’s paycheck allowed the other two girls a Beverly Hills environment with loose ties to fame that allowed them to rub noses with guys that were wealthy. Their lives would not be where they are now or ever were if they’d grown up in Pacoima on a broke mom’s budget. And, not that it’s here nor there, but one of Kim’s husbands was extremely wealthy. Mauricio became successful through working for the Hilton’s. Kathy would not have rubbed elbows with the Hilton’s without Kim getting her there. And yet Kathy and Kyle both have treated Kim like the red headed stepchild.

  11. Bravo please get Kim off of the show. She is such a hypocrite to call out Kyle for not sticking up for her on the plane.. isn’t that what Kim did to Kyle in the first season when she was the witness to Kyle and Camille’s fight? Kim couldn’t remember that she met with her sister the day before the gay mixer, and not the day of? whoa.. her behavior in the limo on the way to Eileen’s party was so scary, poor Lisa R.. Kim has just kind of always come off gross in previous seasons.. going up to Lisa V. and coughing in her face, grabbing other people’s trash while in the limo with her boyfriend, she just comes off as such a mess. She was a big part of the ganging up on Lisa V. last season, “just answer the question”.. Lisa had answered the question, and Kim wasn’t there with Lisa and Brandi during the magazine incident. She is beyond angry, a total hypocrite, bitchy, looks a mess, she just needs to go.. People watch RHOBH for the glamour, and Kim and Brandi just don’t fit into the same category as the other ladies..

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