Kim Richards Caught Shopping For Xanax In L.A. Smoke Shops


Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards was reportedly spotted going to Los Angeles smoke shops desperately looking for Xanax.

TMZ is reporting that Richards “went to a smoke shop in Sherman Oaks several times this week, asking for the Rx drug. People in the shop say employees were perplexed because drugs aren’t sold there, but Kim insisted a family member claimed she could score the drugs there.”

“Kim was turned away each of the 3 separate times she showed up. On one occasion, someone in the store watched her leave and then go inside another smoke shop nearby.”

Kim recently left a rehab facility for drug and alcohol abuse, but was claiming she needed the Xanax for a foot injury, which makes no sense because Xanax is prescribed for anxiety.


Photo Credit: Bravo/TMZ


27 Replies to “Kim Richards Caught Shopping For Xanax In L.A. Smoke Shops”

  1. Who knows what she was buying or trying to buy! I would like to see proof that is what she was trying to get! It is so easy to knock Kim now so I cant on this without proof! Now having said that it probably was true and her life now is really sad. Yesterday was her court case and of course she wasn’t there! She seems to think she has a sense of entitlement and doesn’t need to behave as ‘us commoners’ have to! (Sorry British terminology). I feel so sorry for her family, I know I have said that before!

  2. It’s a terrible thing to watch someone killing themselves . I wonder if she will ever wake up out of her alcohol, drug induced coma and realize this fact! Hope this is not true!

    1. Hi Sidewinder! Smoke shops specialize in products like vapor cigarettes (and the endless flavors that go along with them), hookah (and the assorted flavors of Tabacco that is sold to go with it), loose tobacco, cigars, rolling papers, clove cigarettes, flavored cigarettes, and other smoking apparatus ( lighters, ashtrays, pipes, cleaners) that pot smokers use but the smoke shop owners don’t express sell their products for that purpose.

  3. How hideous. How I wish she could get real help. Well she could in a minute but refuses. Sadly she is allowed to kill herself if she so chooses.

  4. It may be the medical marijuana shop? They have those in California. I don’t know,. She probably was hoping to run into a drug dealer there if this is true. It sounds so far fetched.

  5. Surprised she didn’t ask “her best friend” Brandi, the Xanax Queen, for a quick fix. But then again Brandi threw that “friendship” away as soon as it didn’t benefit her. (“Yo, you’re my real bestie. PLEASE shoot with me! “).

    Those two dirtbags don’t need a TV show in order to bring the drama. They are each a living, breathing drama-filled reality show… minus the paycheck.

  6. Off topic but why is Lisa rinna infecting rhoc next week? I don’t want to see her anywhere. I swore off rhobh bc of her why is she on my favorite franchise? Lisa rinna in all her judgement and psychoanalysis only wanted to be right. She only wanted to shame Kim. She better not have one comment about her. She doesn’t deserve to speak. Kim is heading for death & I don’t care wtf Lisa rinna thinks about any of it.

    1. Ps I really hope Kim finds her bottom & fast. It must be here somewhere. I hope she can hit that bottom & come back up where she belongs. Praying for her.

          1. Thank god! someone else thinks so! That woman is so starved for attention it makes my skin crawl. I looked at her Twitter earlier & she’s still talking about “what did Harry do” & offering her crackerjack advice to followers. She’s an acting school drop out (literally) & the definition of F list. I wouldn’t go to her for advice about a houseplant. She has no place speaking on the things she speaks on. Can not stand her.

            1. I think crackerjack is the wrong word. I mean she’s a crackpot. FOS. No dr Phil. Dr Phil wannabe. Insecure about her lack of education. Nutbag. Etc..

            2. I liked her at first I thought she was fun but that soon changed and she really is crackers! Her Twitter is mental she says things then deletes them!

          1. Ughhhh lives on the F list. I remember when rinna was on wwhl with a young actress. I forget her name but she was sweet & talented & genuine. Rinna was crawling out of her skin.

  7. The photo looks like it was taken on a cell phone, and it would probably be easy to figure out which store she was in if someone really investigated. This isn’t an “insider” it is TMZ. If it was really an outright lie, that would really be bad for them. And I know Xanax is used for the DT’s and to withdraw from certain narcotics. It makes the getting off way easier and she might be desperate. Or, I should say she has been desperate for a long time, but broke and desperate, now. When she had money it was easy to just call her connection, now with no one financing her habit she is doing what a lot of broke addicts do when they are coming down. It really is sad. I feel for her family.

  8. Unfortunately Kim is never going to reach sobriety until she admits she has a problem. She has been in denial in regards to her sobriety for so long she believes herself. I feel for her, but agree she seems to have a sense of entitlement and I’m not sure where that comes from. Her only “acting” work since a child is a reality show and Sharknado, hardly puts her in the realm of star.

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