Kim Richards Cared For Casey Johnson’s Daughter Ava


Kim Richards loves to talk about her four children; Brooke, Whitney, Chad and Kimberly, but according to a new allegation, Kim also had custody of another much younger child five years ago.

During the summer of 2009, Richards was given custody of her family friend Casey Johnson’s 3-year-old daughter, Ava-Monroe, when the troubled Johnson & Johnson heiress checked into rehab at Cliffside Malibu, a 2013 book alleges.

“Casey turned Ava over to Kathy [Richards’] sister Kim, who had her own long history of alcohol addiction,” Crazy Rich: Power, Scandal, and Tragedy Inside the Johnson & Johnson Dynasty author Jerry Oppenheimer claims in his tell-all book.

RadarOnline reports Johnson’s mother Sale Rashad approved of the arrangement, and Oppenheimer explains, because “Kim had been sober for ten years and at that point she was fine.”

The book claims that Kim was such a good mother figure to the little girl that Ava started calling her “mommy” which infuriated Johnson.

“Casey went ballistic and said to Kim, ‘Give me my kid back! What do you mean she’s calling you mommy, I’m her mommy!’” Oppenheimer, the author of the book, claims.

The book states Johnson had her friend, British socialite Jasmine Lennard, take Ava from Kim.

A few months later in January 2010, Johnson was discovered dead in her West Hollywood home. An autopsy later determined she passed away from natural causes and suffered diabetic ketoacidosis. She was only 30 years old.

In December of 2011, Kim relapsed and checked herself into rehab. She is now sober and will return to season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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11 Replies to “Kim Richards Cared For Casey Johnson’s Daughter Ava”

  1. At first I thought I will not touch this because I seemed to have upset some people BUT then I thought bugger off that’s what this is here for, so people can have there say…first of all who leaves there child with a known alcoholic and drug user, f@*@ing idiots that’s who, so don’t cry me a river when it doesn’t work out….of course Kim got that poor child to call her mother because she needs constant reassurance that she is worthwhile(knowing full well she isn’t) she can’t even train a bloody dog so what the F…oh and by the way that was her full story line last season that’s it boring!!!..oh and you can only blackmail somebody for sooo long Kim Richards, of course Andy doesn’t need another dead body on the show so he has kept you on good luck with that bullshit.

  2. I like Kim. I get that she’s kind of boring on the show but I feel bad for her. Child stars more often than not turn out as MESSED UP adults. I think Justin Timberlake is one of the only child stars I can think of that’s still “normal” or at least he hides it well. Anyways, I grew up with a parent as an alcoholic and I feel like Kim deserves credit for getting help for her problem. A lot of people DO NOT seek help!!! Just my opinion..

  3. Kim seems like such a cool person. It wasn’t so long ago that some actress was on wwhl saying kim helped her get a house when she was really broke and had kids to care for.

  4. I work with young children. I go in the home to provide therapy. Young children, often in DHS custody will call the foster mom, “mom” without someone teaching them. It just happens. Some times the children call me ‘Mom”. She probably heard kim’s children call her “Mom”, and just picked it up. My twin nephews called their sitter ”mom’, until they figered it out. My nephew said to the sitter, ” you’re really not my mom are you’? , and she said ” no, but you can call me mom if you want. When parents divorce, the kids may call both mom and foster mom, “mom”. It’s more common that one would think.

  5. I like Kim and I am glad to see positive comments about her. People like to claim her storyline is boring but just because her story/recovery doesn’t touch you doesn’t mean it doesn’t hit home with others.

    1. Ok I am going to jump in now and as you may have read other’s also agree she is boring and let’s face it there is no story line, and no some spoilt brats constant rehab what is it 5 to 6 times and I would imagine probably some of the best help a person can buy(due to her family) and then is just a nasty little bitch most of the time that expects everyone to feel sorry for her, well I don’t plain and simple…I think what upsets me the most is the emotional blackmail she uses on everyone like Ohhh you can’t talk to me like that because I am a drunk and drug user PISS OFF is my reaction and I don’t like her holding Andy Cohen to ransom “Oh if it wasn’t for the show well it saved my life” crap get off the show because I don’t feel sorry for you and I will not be emotionally blackmailed SHE IS A BORE!!

      1. Yes! Kim is boring as hell. This story is so random. Who cares who Casey Johnson pawned her kid on? I don’t get how she was even able to adopt a child. What a waste of a person she was.

        1. I agree. Kim’s nothing but a piss poor, broke mess now and is as desperate to stay on RHOBH as Tamra is to stay on RHOC (since it’s their only source of income). For Kim though, it must be worse as she squandered a fortune on drugs and wasted the time her kids were growing up, on being high and probably not even knowing who they were, half the time. As far as Casey goes, that was another waste. Maybe the tax laws in our country need to be reconfigured to give to those with less, more. Since so many of those greedy people who supposedly “have it all,” choose to squander it on drugs, booze and other self-destructive behavior.

    1. Yes sorry that would be me that cares, I am just tired of Kim being able to spit venom at everyone and not one of the cast members can say a thing back because she will cry and pull out the I nearly died card, I say who’s fault is that and she was wasted in Paris and Kim is taking up the space for someone fabulous to entertain me!!!

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