Kim Richards Called to Court for Not Completing Community Service


Former RHOBH star Kim Richards was called into a courtroom last week because she has not completed her community labor for her public intoxication conviction. She was originally sentenced to 30 days of community labor for her arrest.

Richards’ excuse for not completing her community service was a foot injury, but then she stepped out onto a red carpet into heels. Prosecuters asked Kim if she is able to wear heels why she wasn’t completing her service? The judge agreed.

TMZ reports the judge has ordered Kim to come back to court June 1, and either prove she’s enrolled in a community labor program or submit a doctor’s note explaining why she can’t.

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11 Replies to “Kim Richards Called to Court for Not Completing Community Service”

  1. Any bets on which way it will go? Her foot injury is sooooo serious! Why can’t she sit and do community service if it’s so bad! Personally I would get her onto the streets cleaning and teach her some humility! I don’t think she has turned up to court once! The problem with Kim she has an over inflated opinion of herself! If this had happened to Kyle, I bet she would have completed the 300 hrs by now! Kathy, nah!

  2. Exactly Bonnie Sally! Xo How does a child actress who played a few roles a hundred years ago become so entitled ??? It’s mind boggling. DO THE TIME

    1. Miss M, I’m guessing a lot of her current problems, not the cause, aren’t helped by big sister Kathy who just seems to get her kids and her out of trouble time and time again! If they really loved her they would get her out serving the 300 hrs and are not helping her by keep making excuses! But what I want to know is why the courts allow her to never go to court for her appearances? That seems cuckoo in the court system! Excuses excuses! I guess it would only happen in L.A.!

  3. Take one guess, her Hilton sister will pay a quack to write a report to the judge, case closed. Then on to Dubai with stiletto’s on, no prob there. Anyone can see she is not a committed person & feels she’s above the law. Awful human being.

  4. Oh! I see, her and Yo have joined forces now that Kimmy has decided which of the 106 doctors to choose from for her letter to the court. Yo’s side of the deal was to provide the names and numbers of her 106 doctors and say Kimmy was ready to come back to work, and if Kimmy gets the job she will hold court for Queen Yolandia on the integrity tour! And don’t forget, Yolandia is at odds with her sister, making it a double reward for Kim, who always finds a way to be on any side that isn’t the side of her sister. This should be called “The Art of War.”

  5. Embarrassing loser. Come on. Especially someone who wants to be in the public eye. Get yourself together!! So unattractive. Never cared for her on the Real Housewives. Never.

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