Kim Richards Breaks Her Silence After Ex-Husband’s Passing


RHOBH star Kim Richards is breaking her silence after the passing of her ex-husband Monty Brinson. Richards took to Instagram to pay tribute to her husband, writing a touching message.

“Yesterday I said goodbye to best the friend I’ve ever had in my life.. Monty was an amazing person with an amazing soul … We shared over 30 years of Love & Happiness and brought a beautiful daughter into world. I am so grateful for all that we shared. I know we will be together again one day I love you Monty my angel in heaven .. and I know that we be together again one day. I will carry you in my heart always my love…until then, may you rest in peace.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kim and her family.

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14 Replies to “Kim Richards Breaks Her Silence After Ex-Husband’s Passing”

  1. I pray Monty’s love for Kim and his memory will inspire her to stay strong and sober. I pray Monty’s passing will bring healing to this family.

  2. Terribly, terribly sad. For whatever Kim’s faults and for however she and Monty originally parted, she clearly loved that man to the moon. Bless them during this time of grieving.

    1. they were pushed to be stars by Mommy Dearest education not important they probably didn’t go to school,she never had prom,senior skip day like other kids
      her mother was a gold digger who went from man to man as long as they bought her drinks at the Beverly Hill hotel bar
      Kim would drive at 2 and 3 am at age 12,13 to pick up drunk mommy so the girl had no life Mommy messed her girls up and trained her girls to marry rich men and they all do so Mommy could of made those girls watch and were told some strange things to train them
      so their Mom could of been hearing all the gossip at the high end Beverly Hills bars and sending her girls out to hit the streets

      1. Eggsactly Myst7 – House of Hilton is one the more disturbing books I’ve read about stagemothers. It wasn’t past her Mum (term loosely used) to tell her to sleep w industry exects to get roles. I just read on AGC Blind that Kim tried to OD w a bottle of his pills 🙁

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