Kim Richards & Brandi Glanville’s Emotional Moment!

In this preview for an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, former enemies Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville have a heartfelt moment at a dinner party. Brandi and Kim start bonding over feeling lonely and Brandi says, “There are times when I will sit by myself and go into a deep dark hole and be alone in the dark because no one’s calling and saying: ‘Let’s do something.’ But it’s because everyone’s married with kids.” Brandi goes on to say, “I cry and I drink and I take [the antidepressant] Lexapro.”

Kim instantly replies, “I did the same thing and it was so lonely for me too.” Brandi goes on to apologize to Kim again for the Season 2 fight where she accused Kim of using Crystal Meth. “I call it like it is but I’m not judging you because I’ve been there… Brandi says, “I’ve been in the darkest of dark places and I’ve done some s*** that I had to really do some soul searching about…. I know I’ve apologized to you a few times. I have no filter and I do say things that I probably shouldn’t say.” Kim gets emotional when the two start to bond and relate to each other.

Watch the preview below!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


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  1. Exactly Adrianne STFU!!! Wow clearly Brandy is apologetic, Actions speak louder than Words and totally had Kims back. Cant wait to watch…

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