Kim Richards And Brandi Glanville Best Friends, They Celebrate Kim’s Birthday


A surprising friendship has sparked between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards. Glanville treated Kim Richards to a birthday dinner, which Kim happily announced on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, referring to Brandi has her BFF. “My birthday dinner with my BFF @brandiglanville & our handsome date Alec!” Kim wrote. “SOOO much FUN!! As ALWAYS!! peace out!! <3 U B!!!”


Does Kim and Brandi’s friendship surprise you?

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  • This will only last until Kim falls off the wagon!

  • Aunt Bee

    Looney toons hang together.

  • Lola

    I always felt the friendship between Brandi and Lisa was forced and they were just using each other and would eventually implode. I hope this friendship is real. I like Kim. She has real struggles and is not phoney.

  • Fahlina_G

    An addict andd a drunk. Now why does this feel wrong?

  • June Vandyke

    I have noticed that in all the Housewives, the friends of this month seems to be worst of enemies next month and the most intense enemies this month are friends next month. This happens in ALL the Housewives!

  • It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or an ignorant nudist who prances in front of her male children to understand Brandi leaches onto anyone who is down at the moment or feels sorry for the bitch!! When Lisa had enough of Brandi, Bramdi quickly turned to Kim who had one foot in the asylum. Brandi will suck Kim dry until she has no use for her like she’s did Liza V. I hurt for Kim bcuz she won’t no what hit her. Enough about those girls. Kyle’s Mom made a horrible death bed plea to Kyle to always care for Kim. Not knowing how hard it would be on Kyle to keep that promise. Kyle, you have a beautiful family who are missing your support and love. Kim takes up all your time. U don’t want to take away from your handsome husband who needs your love or your 4 gorgeous daughters who still need your motherly love. I had a toxic relationship with my daughter I had to say goodbye to bcuz I was ruining the rest of my families lives. I haven’t seen her in 14 years although we talk a couple times a year. It’s very sad but it saved my relationship with the rest of my family. PLZ give this a lot of thought. If you have any questions PLZ reply to this. I really want to help you. I know this was posted on Kim Richards site but I’m hoping it will open her eyes as well. That fight you had with Brandi on poker night showed the entire audience what a stupid person Brandi is now!!! We can talk about that in private if you reply. I had 30 years of dealing with this and I wish I could share my story with you…Gentle hugs, Cathy. You can find me on facebook under Cathy Mortensen Andruss. PLZ reply