Kim Richards: Brandi And I Always Have Fun


Kim Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to discuss helping Brandi Glanville stalk her ex-boyfriend, JR. Kim explains why she thought their mission would be a good way to help Brandi move on and discusses how far her relationship with Yolanda Foster has come.

Kim writes, “I must say, I really enjoyed watching this week’s episode. I feel like it really showed who I am, and you also get a glimpse of my friendship with Brandi! We always seem to have fun. Going over to Brandi’s to help her move was not the norm. She had to hire Meathead Movers and then we couldn’t just let them do their job. We had to sit and check them out while they did their job. Yes, it was funny, but as a mother of a son who is 23, it felt a little awkward while Jake Ryan, 23, was lifting up his shirt to show his body. I love Brandi so much, and I just want her to be happy. I watched this on-and-off relationship with J.R. for the past few years. I think he’s a nice person, but they are not right for each other. I want more for my friend! She needs to find someone she can commit to and someone that will commit to her! This needs to stop!

I decided to take matters in my own hands and help her get over him. Yes, I decided to take her on a stalking mission! We had to go undercover! We had so much fun. Just getting ready was fun. I was and wasn’t too surprised to hear Jake Ryan had spent the night! Oh my! Even more apparent that it’s time Brandi to find The Real Deal! I’m on a mission. So off we go to seek out J.R. and the other woman. I thought if Brandi could just see J.R. with this other woman she would realize once and for all he is playing both sides! Having his cake and eating it, too. Then she can move on, stop being hurt, and stop wasting time. So there we were in Beverly Hills in the bushes! Running down the street looking for hiding spots. We finally found him…alone! I guess my idea didn’t really work. But the way I look at it is if we feel the need to stalk, it’s the wrong guy! And she knows it! But we did have fun. And laughed a lot. So thanks J.R.! I love my Brandi and will do anything for her.

Another person I just love is Yolanda. From the first time I met her we clicked. I saw something in her that is genuine, real, and kind. We had a small bump in the road, but that is behind us! We have been going through some of the same things lately with both our girls leaving for college. Yolanda and I have a few things in common: our love for our children and our love of horses. She always puts her kids first, as I do. She’s an amazing mother! It was so nice to be able to go out and ride with a girlfriend, and especially one that can really ride! It was so nice to catch up about our lives and our children. I truly love Yolanda and the friendship we have! I really admire the person she is and enjoy our girl time together.

I hope you enjoyed watching this episode as much as I did! Our friendships are real and watching it…well, it took me back to those days and put the biggest smile on my face!”

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22 Replies to “Kim Richards: Brandi And I Always Have Fun”

  1. That whole spying on J.R. scene was SO obviously fake and contrived- not to mention boring- it should have ended up on the cutting room floor. The only good thing I can say about that entire scene is that Kim is a much better actress than Brandi. Hey Bravo- you need to dig a little deeper to find Kim a storyline!

  2. Guess brandi had a lot of fun when Kim hid her crutches in season 1, or the scratch and sniff game Brandi was playing, when she was letting group know Kim pooped on her pillow.

    Kim is only trying to be upset about this episode because it showed her doing something–a boring something at that. Bye Kim–somebody get her off the show!

      1. @ chips–oh I can move on if Kim was more honest on her blog. If she had said something like “now we get along”, or “the past was rocky but now…” So show her change instead of appearance that they always had such a great friendship..

        Either way, she has to go.

  3. A conversation in the meeting room at Bravo:
    “Kyle says she will leave the show unless we give her sister a paycheck.”
    “But Kim has no life!”
    “Yes, but we need Kyle to stir shit. Brandi has no friends who will film with her…put her with Brandi.”

  4. I enjoyed this episode! I love Kim SOOO much! She’s so fun and the stalking scene was hilarious. That’s something only Kim would think of. Kim is seen bringing drama with Lisa R too so I think she will have a good season!

  5. This was the dumbest scene by far, really stupid and they look like idiots. They bring BH down to trailor park trash.
    When one thinks of BH, Lisa V., comes to mind, not these two opportunist trash bags…..

      1. You obviously are very biased Lisa V hater because you chose to ignore the ton of footage about the opening of PUMP, or Lisa shopping with Shiva for jewelry, or Lisa her choosing fabrics to have her custom shirts made, or Lisa shopping for a Bentley, or funny story about how Lisa found her second maid. You know scenes of a Beverly Hills Housewife. No you celebrate your two champions -two old has- beens acting like immature teenagers wearing bad wigs and climbing in bushes stalking a young man who obviously moved on- decidedly more Jerry Springer-iish.

  6. Looks at me, look at me, I am so desperate for camera time and a life, I will “stalk” a former lover? WTH? Who does this?? I think all the alcohol / drugs that kim has done has really affected her brain, and as far as brandi, she is mentally unstable with botoxitis which is leaking to her brain……

  7. Omg yes! It was SO much more fun watching Lisa bedazzle her name on shirt sleeves & whine about “last year” for the millionth time, Kyle “worry” her bratty kid will be spoiled as she drags her.on private planes & Yolanda cry that jet setting took too much time away from her horses! Give me more of those fascinating ladies!

      1. Correct–brandi is the one that seems to bring up Lisa’s name. She should feel bad for losing a great friend who helped her out. Now she is totally jelly of what she can’t have, of someone else filling her friendship shoes, and the many fan support Lisa has.

      2. Are we just ignoring Lisa talking about the gang ups to Ken and in her talking heads? and to Kyle? and to every interviewer? in every blog? Thought so.

  8. Wow, this whole scene of two idiots was so lame, really bravo- is this all you can come up with? No-one cares about tampon’s (alleged) boyfriend / sex life, and no-one cares about alcohol/ brain damaged kim who prays to garbage cans…….

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