Kim Richards Avoids Jail Time; Source Says She’s Doing OK


RHOBH star Kim Richards won’t be spending any time in jail for her shoplifting arrest in Target.

According to E! News, Richards’ lawyer argued for a probation violation hearing that while she did miss the initial deadline for completing 20 days of community service and 52 AA meetings, she has since completed those tasks.

Kim’s lawyer tells the site, “Kim is up to date on all her requirements with the court and her probation was reinstated.”

Richards was originally arrested on August 2nd, 2015 for stealing at least $600 worth of items from a Target close to her home in the San Fernando Valley.

Meanwhile, another source gave an update on Kim’s current condition. “At the moment, she seems to be doing OK. She goes to AA [meetings]. She’s trying to get some projects off the ground. There are three or four in the works.”

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19 Replies to “Kim Richards Avoids Jail Time; Source Says She’s Doing OK”

  1. What a surprise!! As if she would ever have served jail time, I would like to see evidence of her completing her community service! Probably fixed as everything else seems to be in her miserable life!

      1. Karen, I am so sorry, it has to be so tough for you, (that is an understatement!) Both Rain and 3D have lost children and I nearly lost my son to NHL, which is why I detest Vicki. I was lucky unlike you again I am so very sorry Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

        1. Not trying to be a smart ass, but when I first read this I thought NHL(?) – you almost lost your son to hockey. National Hockey League. My best friend has non Hodgkins, so I know it’s nothing to laugh at, just made me stop and think.

          1. I guess as We don’t have a national hockey league in Scotland I had never thought about it! I’m sorry your best friend has NHL it is a really nasty cancer with tough chemo!

            1. Hope your son is doing well. I lost my father, aunt and mother-in-law and a couple of friends last year to cancer. Horrible disease. My best friend is hanging in there, but also suffers from Crohn’s so it has been a tough year for her and has really affected her treatment plan. She lost her brother to lung cancer and two weeks later found out she had NHL. Can’t imagine anything worse though than watching your child suffer or losing one. My heartfelt thoughts go to everyone that has had to experience this.

              1. Yes he was ten at the time and now thirty in January. We are very lucky! He is getting married next summer. They have brought the wedding forward as I have cancer and want me to be there. I have lost lots of friends and family to cancer as well. It’s a really shitty disease! Tough on anyone!

                1. Oh, Karen, I am so very sorry for your loss. There are not enough words to say. Others here have lost children too, and my heart aches for all of you. Thanks for sharing, my friend.❤️

  2. I can’t stand Kim Richards. She is another one who wants to lay blame all over the place except where it belongs…at her own doorstep. I understand addiction problems having come from a family with them. What I don’t understand is why Kim feels the need to do dumb sh*t and then expects not to have to pay her debt to society. LA Judges, wake up and adjudicate like ur supposed to! IF YOU DO THE CRIME, YOU DO THE TIME! She is no better than anyone else, former child star or not. Wrong is wrong, stealing is stealing and DUI is DUI. Let’s see you get tougher and give this person the punishment she deserves.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your Son. I know how it feels to lose a child. When others say to me the stupid things they will, I say “I hope you never know what this feels like.” Because that would mean they would lose a child, and a young person wouldn’t get to live their life.
      I can’t stand Kimmy either. She has not only blamed others for her problems now, but from the time she was a young adult, others took care of her kids, others stood in when she became, frequently from the accounts I have read, the person who rode in the car that night with Rinna. Anyone who believes a different person walks in the door where their children are when they have imbibed in whatever, they are wrong. Those kids grew up seeing and hearing that, the way she speaks to her sister and anyone who acknowledges her addiction. Kids are not immune, trust me.
      She is cruel, deceitful, hurtful and simply a bitch. I hope she NEVER comes back to BH. I never liked her from day one. She wouldn’t even try to enjoy the private jet to the Kings game in Sacramento. God, what a miserable witch.
      Anyway, I am so, so sorry about your Son. So so sorry. I always try to think that anyone who dies too young, has my Daughter up there waiting for them to help comfort them. I draw a small measure of comfort there. ❤️

  3. Sorry for your loss Karen. I can’t imagine anything more traumatic. As far as LA justice I totally agree with you. Kim is a spoiled brat who needs to be made accountable for her actions.

    1. Thank you sweetie. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Kim. LA justice seems to be wicked if one is an ordinary person. However, if your face is on TV, that is a whole different story! UGH…..

  4. My heart aches for you who lost a child. I can’t even imagine what that’s like. It makes Kim’s situation even more careless and selfish. Alcoholism is not an easy addiction to be rid of but what will it take for her to seriously quit? The death, at her hands, of someone’s child? I’ve tried to like her but she’s too ugly…drunk or sober.

    1. Amen Judyk, she adds NOTHING to the show. She always seems to land on her feet playing the “Poor Little Kim” card and she is sickening. Her apologies to Kyle are always fake and she seems to resent Kyle for having the life she does and Kim does not! Enough of her………..she needs to pay her debt to society properly.

  5. Kim is ok? who says so. Did anyone ask a REAL doctor or therapist? Kim pays people to comment for her and she only wants us to believe that she is a success. Kim Im so sorry BUT your got a LONG LONG LONG way to go before you will ever be even just ok. Kim finds people who will tell her whats she wants to hear. She never allows the professionals who can see right through her BS to speak the truth. Remember Dr. PHIL…. she was NEVER going to take his help you know why? He wanted her to go to treatment in a place that would actually get to the bottom of her drinking problem. This did not just start because of the HW’s this has been going on for years and years and years. She won’t go to place where she actually get the help she needs she wants to go to the Spa Rehab where she can have her 1000 thread sheets and a luxurious view in Malibu. She goes in has her vacation and then comes out telling everyone that she is sober. BS BS BS BS BS. The place Dr. Phil wanted her to go would actually make her work on herself and make her be involved in the program. That is not Kim’s style. She is a loser and always will be one. If they bring her back again Im done with BH, Im already done with OC and NJ haven’t seen these in years. NY keeps me curious. Kim your NOT OK your never going to be OK until you can reach down into your childhood and admit that your parents were horrible caretakers and you were the one taking on all of the pressure of staying prevalent in movie land. I have seen Witch Mountain and it was very good. I saw you as OLGA in Little House also very good. The problem is that your life took a complete halt because your parents only gave you love when you were making money to make their lives better. Sorry Kim but you know that your childhood is the cause of your drinking and until you can admit the abuse your never ever going to be OK.

    1. Oh my dear Melodie – you have hit the nail on the head with your assessment of Kim’s purported sobriety. She won’t go anywhere like the Betty Ford Clinic because she would have to really work at becoming & staying sober. She would also not be pampered there. Instead, she prefers to go to the “spa-like” places that cost a fortune, but don’t quite get the job done. If she ever dug deep down and confronted the demons she is wrestling with, I think she would probably go out and drink some more. You are a hoot Melodie and I love that you have called her out on this one. Too bad she probably won’t see it. Maybe these ladies should spend some time on this site where we call em’ like we see em’. And, we don’t buy into any of the BS these people are peddling!

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