Kim Richards Arrested At The Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel early Thursday morning after allegedly going on a drunken rampage and kicking a police officer.

Police were called to the hotel around 1:30am after a report of a “possible fight,” the police report says. According to police, hotel security claimed Kim had caused a disturbance at a hotel restaurant. The police say Kim was “displaying symptoms of alcohol intoxication including slurred speech and belligerent insolent behavior, cursing at the officers and passively resisted arrest.”

TMZ reports Richards was hanging out at the Polo Lounge and was asked to leave after because she was too drunk and “unruly.” Kim reportedly refused to leave and hid in the bathroom, where “drag her out.”

Kim was taken to a nearby jail where she allegedly kicked a police officer. Kim has been charged with public intoxication, trespassing, resisting an officer and battery on a police officer, according to the statement.

Richards was released at approximately 10:36am on Thursday. She is due to appear at LAX Superior Court in early June, according to police.

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. i’M LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!!!!! Thats what she get for being such a Lier! I’m sure she’ll blame everyone else for what she did by the way was her Dog with her?

    1. I CAN’T believe it! This shit is Bat Shit crazy! !!This whole time we knew this. .. we’ve wad her so called BFF?

    2. Nobody did this to **Kim BUT *Kim*. She is her worst enemy. Now is when Kyle should try and help her when she needs her. Who was she with @BH hotel?

      1. I think Kyle should back off, let her deal with the ramifications on her own. If people keep cleaning up her messes she will never get the help she needs.

      1. In response to Michael re not a laughing matter: you are correct this is not a laughing matter but a response to all the BS kim has tried to throw at viewers all season. It is a relief that she has finally shown her true colors and hopefully will now be forced to get the help she so desparately needs. As I stated before, I grew up with alcholics in the family so I know first hand the heartache and pain they caused. But my father’s siblings wouldn’t believe us and that was so frustrating. That’s why my heart always went out to Kyle and my anger against the K and B supporters who made excuses for their disgusting behavior. No I am not laughing but my heart hurts for her children and the embarrassment they’ve had to endure. I wish Kim luck and recovery but I don’t want to watch it played out before me each week because I lived it.

    3. That’s really funny angelina. I hope this happens to you, your parents, siblings, or child. Then you’ll probably laugh your ass off 😉

      1. I agree.. If you can laugh at a woman with deep rooted issues it can easily happen to you or someone you love who will be laughing then? Rinna should not have gotten involved her infamous lips are always flapping because she “has to ask questions to find out what I don’t know.” She has daughters too karma can bite her in the place that hurts most..home.

      2. OMG can’t you people let it go. Kim has no one to blame but herself. The reunion is over and the season is done. Let’s hope these people can resolve this over the break. I am so tired of the same old same old.

    1. Karen, you crack me up & of course it’s Kyle’s fault–everything is where Kim is concerned—Right? What a nasty liar she is, a drunken brat all the while. Should’ve kept her locked up & called her bff Brandi to come keep her company with a bottle of unfiltered blonde.

      1. Today Brandi was busy going to talk shows telling everyone how much plastic surgery everyone has on the show.I am sure Brandi will be drinking with her soon.But on the show she probly was snorting something cause know one once said she stunck of liquor

    2. Lol, it’s Rinna”s fault for bashing Kim and putting her trough hell. & yeah it’s also Kyle’s fault cause she let it happen & didn’t shut Rinna down, since she’s so “private” & deals with her family issues “privately”, but yet, she didn’t have a problem standing by Rinna when she was trashin Kim. That’s pathetic. I hope Kyle can’t sleep at night.

  2. Oh Kim please get help! You can’t continue your dependency on alcohol. This is Kyle’s fault she’s always picking on you then playing the victim. You are a beautiful lady but you’re hurting your much for Kyle’s ‘sweeping things under the rug’ things get better when taken care of. We care about you. What happens in the dark comes out in the light. Good luck and may God bless you, as you have a good heart and spirit. Stay away from Lisa V, Lisa R and Eileen, they are nosy, mean, and poisonous.

    1. You are do full of it- blaming others for a 59+ year old woman’s decades old addiction problem Dooley on the shoulders of her younger sister. What a load of CRAP. As long as KIM does not take responsibility gir her own actions and decisions dhe will never-EVER- be a clean and sober individual. And that my dear is 100% in her hands, and always has been- just as the ability to walk away from the sickness and discourse the addition causes is in Kyle’s.

    2. What?? Kim said she likes things the way it is now by not speaking to Kyle – so how can this be Kyle’s fault? Maybe she should hang more with Lisa V, Lisa R and Eileen – much better influence and they care about her…Kim needs own her relapse. I know she’s going through sickness and weddings and dysfunctional family and lawsuits and so on…I hope she goes back to re-hab

    3. Are you being sarcastic or are you for real? If you’re being sarcastic I can understand, but if not Beth, I think it’s full of crap. Good heart, Kind spirit? where? How? she is a nasty, vile, black hearted, mean person & a drunken liar to boot.

      1. I was being sarcastic about Kyle but Kim does have a good heart, she’s caring for her ex husband because of cancer, lost her boyfriend due to murder while on the phone with him, empty nest syndrome is a powerful depressing state and she was thrown into film at the very young age of 3, you must admit that’s an awful lot of emotional rollercoasting. She needs professional help and people should not insult her but pray for her, don’t be so quick to judge her or could happen to you or anyone you love

        1. Exactly Beth. I am continuously surprised by the lack of compassion fans and some of the other housewives have for the behavior of some. They expect perfection and when it is not seen or they fail, some people choose to laugh or gang up. Yes, Kim’s sobriety is always in her own hands but to constantly be questioned and harassed only hurts her situation.

        2. Hi Beth, kinda hard to deal & be sympathetic to “NASTY” all the time & that’s just how Kim has been. Comes a time, one has to take accountability for one’s actions & hurtful words. Not dump & blame all around you. We all go through many, many trials in life & I mean real hard trials, but that does not mean we have to be mean, nasty, unkind etc; etc;

    4. Kyles fault? Did you read somewhere that Kyle poured the alcohol in her mouth? Because if you didn’t, blame the person in denial of her disease. Kim

    5. No one is responsible for Kim’s actions but Kim. To say anyone else is responsible, will only keep an addict from getting well. Anyone with knowledge of overcoming addiction knows this. The ladies tried to help, the addict screamed and yelled that she was sober and they were mean. Most people would not even try to help, but they did. I admire them for sticking their neck out, especially being new on a show. In the end, Kim showed her true colors at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Multiple charges against her including public intoxication. No, no one did this to Kim, she did it to herself. Evidently she did not take Rehab seriously in 2011.
      When you are an addict in denial and not responsible for your own behavior, you hurt everyone around you.

      1. You are right. Sadly, Kim is seriously deep in the grips of addiction- which has taken her over, eradicated the best of her and may very well kill her. It is probably excruciating painful for her family to watch this downward spiral, but their hands are tied, as the only – ONLY- one who is responsible for their sobriety is the addict themselves, and thus they are the ONLY one that can CHOOSE what path they want to take. The famiky members and friends can only hope and pray Kim will wake up and be honest with herself.

    1. Nasty Rinna is dancing her ass off over this news. Rinna should take responsability over this because she’s a big part in pushing Kim over the edge. Rinna should get fired from the show she’s nothing but trash

  3. Geez, hope her favorite sister Kathy is there to hold Kim’s hand during this terrible incident! lolol

    Kyle, honey, consider yourself lucky at this point!!!! From here on, you’re actually dodging bullets!

  4. Why am I not surprised?!!….I wonder if her BFF Brandi was there with her?! …Two birds of a feather and all… lol 🙂 …And for those who want to blame her younger sister Kyle….Are you kidding me right now?!!! …The only person at fault is KIM!!! …I had high hopes for her also–regarding her sobriety…. I’m realizing in this last season, that I’m not liking Kim so much anymore….Must be Brandi’s influence! ….Remember…Two birds of a feather and all! lol 🙂

    1. Her BFF, like you said, didn’t spend 22 episodes of the season bashing her. It was Rinna. Rinna is the one to blame here. She pushed Kim over the edge & went after her, like it was some kind of witch hunt. Kyle is also to blame since she let Rinna trash her sister on the show. I remember one episode Elieel said to Kyle something like “When you care about your relationship with your sister, you tell your friend (speaking of brandi) to shut up”… i goes both ways, Eileen is judging Brandi for being in the middle, but Kyle should have shut Rinna down knowing that it wasn’t her place. Kyle let Rinna push Kim over the edge and humiliate her. Brandi has nothing to do with the Kim bashing. Get a brain.

  5. As a recovered alcoholic, this makes me very sad. Kim has a disease which can at any time be RE-activated. She needs care now. She needs to get back to her program. No one is to blame here but she needs to stay away from BG. In AA we’re told to stay away from “people, places and things” that could lead us back to a drink. Alcoholism is a terminal illness. So please don’t throw stones at her. She needs our prayers.

    1. @jody–some of us are just “egging” on her because of all the time she kept proclaiming to all how sober she is. I wil speak for most of us on this site and say that even if we are so irritated with Kim’s bad behavior and irresponsibility, we WANT her to get help! (and be kind, and make amends and take responsibility and own up to her action–for her kids’ sake, not ours)

      1. I agree with you 100%. I used to like her and felt sorry for her until this season and kept blaming everyone especially Kyle for her problems. But I am firmly convinced that this show is not helping and she needs to get the heck off and away from her # 1 enabler, BRANDI.

      2. ITA- thanks Egg gir speaking up. Bottom line Kim joined a reslity show, this is a blog about reality shows where the point is yo comment about the goings on in the shows, MOST of the peeps on this site are decent and good hearted, even if we might snark and go for a bit of sarcastic humor here and there (and I thank all of you who get me 😉 ) and we are MOSTLY all aware that Kim is in dire need of help, but are frustrated (dismayed, worried) at her stubborn refusal to get it.

    2. This is the primary problem – Kim has never had a program. She barely admits she relapsed by taking that pill of Monty’s. How does someone who was on TV less than a week ago saying they’re sober sit at a pubilc bar downing vodka tonics? Screaming, “Don’t you know who I am?” What was she doing alone – trolling for companionship?

      I think it’s terribly unfortunate, but I knew she was either already drinking or on the edge of it all season. And Lisa R and Eileen could see it so clearly because they hadn’t yet become entangled in it. Bravo needs to fire her because this disease is a family disease and to show it as either reasonable or as sport are both wrong. Cut her loose. Consequences. Don’t show the world an alcoholic whose being rewarded for being a drunk and destroying lives.

  6. I knew she was over compensating at the reunion!! She is addict for a reason; she doesn’t like to take responsibility & wants blame others! I don’t blame Kyle for being upset with her.


  8. I wonder who’s fault it is this time? Remember–she has worked very hard for her sobriety for 3 years straight; taking someone else’s meds does not mean she relapsed–NOT!

    Wish she would just get help (again), quit blaming others, take accountability, send Kingsley away permanently because she obviously cant care for the dog properly, own up to her part with the dog bite, make up with her sister AND APOLOGIZE, and stay off the show

  9. Glad the truth is finally indisputable. As much as I have despised Kim’s abusive behavior, I truly pray she gets the help she needs. She needs faith in her life. Her soul is dark. I am very glad those women who were genuinely concerned about her feel vindicated. They really took abuse for what was obviously true all along.

  10. Unfortunately this will probably get her fired from RHBH while they continued to employ an admitted FELON like Teresa Giudice! I have more sympathy for a struggling recovering substance abuser than an admitted thief!

  11. Kim needs our prayers. I just found this. Did you know her fiance was murdered? She had to identify the body. OMG. I wonder if this is what did her in?

        1. Exactly, people just assume that Kim used alcohol because…. she likes the taste of it?!. She’s been trough enough crap in her life, the last thing she needs is an asshole like Rinna to trash her. This should get Rinna fired, please god. Kim needs to take care of her as well no question here

  12. I can not believe how nasty some people are here. Wether you like her or not, Kim has a REAL problem and laughing about people’s misery will get you nowhere.It is very sad considering that she was truly sober at one point to see her relapse and lose control again. I remember her in season 3 and 4, she was such in a good place with everything. I really hope she will get the support that she deserves because let’s be clear, it is not about “Lisa Rinna or Kyle winning” but about Kim and her well being.

      1. Yes some people are nasty just because they’re “team vile kyle”… get help seriously. Put yourself in Kim’s shoes and let a Rinna come after you like that, see how you feel. Let’s just pray for Kim & not get exstatic for this unfortunate incident

  13. So many disgusting people on this site, so so many.

    Laughing at Kim is like laughing at someone who has cancer getting a cancer recurrence, alcoholism is a disease, just cuz you don’t like her cuz she’s paid to be dramatic on tv doesn’t mean you should laugh at her.

    Especially given her circumstances that, understandably, will have lead to this.

  14. I had a link in my previous post that didn’t make the blog. but I just saw where Kim’s boyfriend was murdered while she was on the phone with him. That really makes me feel compassion for her. Google it. So sad.

  15. Did anyone else find it strange that on the very last day of filming, when BG no longer needs a story, she declares she is “washing her hands of this”. Bet she dumped Kim now that filming ended and Kim is heartbroken to be friendless now.

  16. Too bad it didn’t happen during the reunions, would love to hear her “excuse” for this. Hopefully her more caring sister Kathy will bail her out. Time for Kim to get off the show and focus on her and her children. May be why her son has been having issues again.

  17. Well I was waiting for this to happen. I just hope she called her favorite sister “Kathy” to bail her out and left Kyle alone. An addict is an addict and her behavior this entire season was screaming “I’m using drugs”. So sad to see the disease conquering her.

  18. This is way too much for me to handle right now. I’ve always been a huge supporter of Kim, and in the past two seasons, she seemed to have gotten her shit together. I wish I could say the same for this season. Even before poker night, I feel as though she was acting strange. She just has so much anger built up towards her sister and all of it combined with Monty, her children, and now the dog surely isn’t helping. I hope she gets well soon. And I hope that the other girls show compassion rather than gloating.

  19. Kim owes all the other women on the show an apology, apparently their concerns were warranted. In the reunion when she started saying how she didn’t have a problem and was fine, I knew she was lying because someone who is honest with their sobriety admits they’re an alcoholic and that every day is a struggle.

  20. I didn’t like how Kim was this season. I didn’t like how Kyle was this season. I hated how they both were so cruel to Brandi when she first came on the show. I hated how they ganged up on Lisa V last season(including Brandi!). I hated how Kyle every season had a new enemy. She loved Brandi when she could use her to attack Lisa V. Kim is a huge mess. Kyle is a mess.Lisa R and Eileen took a stand about Kim’s sobriety like Lisa V did a couple seasons ago. We saw where that got her. It’s too bad because Kim ( and Kyle) found another way to deflect their imperfections. Time for them both to go. Kim needs serious help… This show doesn’t help…. Except to pay her bills.

    1. Amen!!! I couldn’t agree more. It also saddens me that people would laugh at someone who is sick again. We didn’t laugh at Yolanda. Also people keep asking about Brandi and where she was, she has stated in an interview that she hasn’t seen Kim much because she isn’t a good sober companion. I’m completely over the richard sisters, and how editing is painting such villains. In hours and hours of footage the other ladies surely have scenes which make them look just as bad. They have in seasons past why are we no longer watching these women and lavish life styles instead we are watching editing and drama. I wonder if Bravo requires therapy for the HW? Many many other reality TV shows do.

  21. That crazy voice she had at the reunion was the same crazy voice she had at the dinner in Sweden. It’s scary. Everyone knew she relapsed and they are trying to reason with her like she’s a rational sane person. Kyle had it right: don’t enable her! I hope brandy apologizes to kyle and the rest of the ladies.

  22. Kim never had her illness under control. She kept attacking . the AA step is to make amends whether you are at fault or not. Gaining serenity and peace can only be achieved by recognizing one is not evil but sick. Unfortunately people have pity for cancers and diabetes but not for Alcoholism. A lot that went on at the reunion could have been avoided if Kyle had gone to Al-Anon and was there to give Kim healthy support (tough Love) instead of having a screaming match and giving Kim ammunition for failure. Raising her voice only gave the other party power. Mixing with people who drink is a no no until you are stronger and have completed the steps. Kim needs to get off the show and continue to work hard and follow the ideals of AA. I do wish her all the best In her future.

    1. My mother died on this date of cancer. It was horrible. I don’t like the comparison of someone abusing a chemical and getting addicted with someone innocently getting a dread disease. That doesn’t mean I don’t have compassion for addicts because I do but they are not faultless like a cancer patient.

      1. There is no known cure for some cancers and victims have no control. Addicts can be cured and that cure is in their hands. I have very little sympathy for Kim if she had been “cured” in 2011 and has CHOSEN to jump off the wagon.

        1. Actually Addict is a medical diagnosis. We view all mental illnesses different than other diseases. I’m sorry if you feel it is not an illness however it is and it is not one you can just decide you no longer have because you don’t want to drink. You always struggle with it and very easily relapse. There are also many cancers which people bring on themselves also but we are not hateful about those. As a nurse it makes me sad how we classify illnesses, people do not know they are addicts when they take the first drink or get hurt and need pain pills and look up and they’re addicted and need it to function. It is not as easy as just quit drinking or taking drugs. Please research before you say it is not the same.

          1. CasseyJ I’ve done my research. I am a cancer survivor since 1998 have arthritis and a genetic spine desease. My father and 2 brothers were alcoholics. I’ve been to Al-anon. My Dr has prescribed Vicodan for me to take every 6 hours for pain. I didn’t want to become addicted so I quit taking it. Kim KNEW she had an addiction and spoke about her “sobriety” all the time. I just pray that your husband, children or parents don’t ever all victim to this illness. My tolerance for addicts is almost nil.

            1. Aunt Bee – I’m sorry you have a Sinsl condition- I suffer from Spinal stenosis ans Sciatica- thank God both conditions are not causing me any pain right now , but last year I was hospitalized fir 5 days and I was unable to walk for a few months and had to be in a wheelchair, tgemn graduate to a walker, then a cane. I am ESTATIC to report I am walking a Mike a day, dancing, exercising and am pain free, but gir a whike there I too was prescribed Norco every 4 hrs gir pain. I was so paranoid about becoming addicted I limiyed myself to 2 a day max. I was paranoid because there was additiction in my husband’s family, and even death associated with it. I pray for you though Aunt Bee because I know what it’s like to Ho through tgat hidious and constant back pain, and I woundnt wish it in my worst enemy! God Bless you!

              1. Right back at you Karen. How wonderful that you are pain free. I sensed we had a lot in common. Maybe I am wrong with my feelings for Kim’s addiction but to see how nasty and hateful she is takes away the pity. It is sad to see how many child stars are addicted or have succumbed to the disease. Praying that you continue to be healthy.

            2. Good for you aunt bee. It’s great you could control pain without meds. My compassion extends to all who suffer….whether from cancer or alcoholism or another dreadful disease.

          2. So what is the cause of this “disease”? A virus? bacteria? What pathogen? Its caused by “choosing” to introduce a chemical into your body and becoming addicted. Funny how people who do not ever drink are never alcoholics. The medical profession tries to soften the shame by calling it disease so people will came forward for help but it isn’t a disease. It isnt the same as cancer for their actions. r. Sorry. It is a disorder and a consequence of behavior. Of course in todays society everybody gets a trophy. No one takes responsibility for their actions. But that doesn’t change the fact that these people need our love and support.

            1. Well the reasons you were able to only take a few and quit when you no longer needed them, your brain is not that of an addict. Addiction is a mental illness just as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, dementia, and ADHD. You all are right and the rest of the medical community world wide is wrong addiction is not an illness. I’m very glad you are a cancer survivor as I am also 7 years now and I still see addiction as a medical illness. Question have any of you sat with someone as they cried because they just wanted to be well but couldn’t quit? I am very glad you all were able to quit taking the Norco or other pain meds but will go back to my original statement that if you had the brain of an addict you wouldn’t have been able to quit. I did my thesis fro my PhD over addiction and pain control people do not become addicted unless they have the mental illness which is diagnosed by a doctor Addict. Some people who have to take it for a long time their bodies become dependent but they are not addicted, we have to ween their bodies off of it but that is a much different thing than addiction. Only someone who is sick would become an addict. It makes me sad that unless you consider it an illness it is not an illness. Paul in scripture speaks of addiction and how is saddens him because he no longer has control over it. I am not just speaking about Kim here but all addicts before you say you have done research please do research.

              1. CasseyJ I am not saying addiction is not an illness. I know it is. I also believe Kim is deeply disturbed psychologically. I am just sick and tired of her constant lying and blaming others. That is the part that disgusts me. The other thing that disgusts me is Bravo allowing and encouraging this to continue. I know your heart is in the right place but I am a product of my environment and I took care of my alcholholic died Til he died of lung cancer, my addicted brother who also died of lung cancer and my baby brother (53) is now living with me because he almost died from alcohol. He has been clean and sober since being released from the hospital in October and I wake up every morning praying that we can make it thru another day. I am 70, handicapped and sick of living this way. Sorry I don’t have patience for the Kim’s of this world. I’m done.

                1. I just want the old show back. I am tired of constant drama and hatefulness. It becomes exhausting and makes the show hard to watch. I just want to watch the extravagant lives again.

                  1. We definitely agree on this. I started watching this show because I wanted to see how the other half lived. Their rich and famous lifestyle and discovered my middle class life was pretty damn good. I have great friends who would never under any circumstances do what these women (on all the RHW shows) do and say about each other. Thank you for letting me say more than I should have (but it felt good to get it off my chest). Hope you have a great weekend.

                    1. I also want to say how lucky your family is to have your unconditional love and support. Which is not just covering and yelling but sometimes hard love. Allowing your relative a place of reprieve during his recovery is so very commendable. I also found that most addict expect everyone to just be happy they are sober and do not give them tue time to heal from the hurt that they have caused. You also have a wonderful weekend.

      2. I agree with you Lisa, so much. We lost our young 34 year old neice to cancer this very morning, leaving behind a 6 & 4 year old kids. She did not do this to herself, but Kim did by her own hands. My neice, that’s tragic, Kim is anything but tragic.

        1. I’m so sorry for your loss starr. My condolences to you and your family. My brother in law is fighting lymphoma and will be going in fir a stem cell transplant (his second) in June. He has two kids too.

        2. Starr I am so terribly sorry for your loss. That is heartbreaking. I will say a prayer for you and your family. I pray you feel God’s love and comfort. (((HUGS)))

    2. Here we go again! You ALWAYS bring up Kyle going to Al-Anon! She has already mentioned weeks ago on WWHL that she HAS been to AA! Kim was the one who needed to keep up with the program

  23. By the way Kyle’s on Facebook calling Radar on Line liars. Maybe its time she stopped cloaking her sister’s sins?
    She is enabling her.

  24. Sober people are proud of their sobriety. They wear it as a badge of courage and NEVER EVER coward away from the topic. People that are NOT sober anger whenever the topic is brought up.

  25. All you ‘sensitive ‘ souls here moaning that people are ‘digusting’ and ‘laughing at Kim’, just CALM the heck down!! No one is wishing harm or anyone! Having said that, these women are on a reality show and open their lives for us to comment ! Not any different than commenting on Brandi of LV or Kenya or Bethneny. So this new ‘faux outrage’ that some of you are expressing is just baloney. This woman spent the WHOLE season playing victim, harping about her sobriety, her kids etc etc, AND blaming Kyle , Lisa and Eileen ! M sorry we are calling her out for her the drunken liar she is. She’s a mess and she’s on a show its within our right to call her a mess. A drunken lying mess! Get off the show Kim and get help and get better .

    1. So true. And what about the trip they all took to Paris, a while back. Kim was OBVIOUSLY on something then, too. But when Lisa V. questioned her about possibly taking a pill that made her drowsy or disoriented, she acted like it was the BIGGEST insult and claimed it was an attack on her “sobriety.” PFFFFTTTTT!!!!
      From the first season, I have suspected that Kim was using pills, alcohol, etc. and whenever I stated my opinion, her “fans” would go ballistic. Well, here it is. She’s a mess. Always has been, always will be.

      1. Always has, always will…

        Aren’t you a wonderful, positive, piece of joy? Glad I’m not around such perfection as yourself on a daily basis.

    2. I don’t know if it is as much defending Kim as it is being offended for other addicts who may read these statements. That is an incurable disease and a large number of people struggle with it, this whole name calling and laughing because someone who is sick and struggling is terribly offensive. Saying things like I knew she wasn’t sober, or who’s fault is it now I think are just fine but laughing at this and using the diagnosis addict as an insult is offensive. How many on here are recovering or have family members who are addicts or recovering. It is just plain hurtful. Commenting on the story or on Kim being a fake is fine.

  26. And now the silly game begins of who ‘showed support ‘ for Kim and who didn’t! Same crap they did with that criminal Teresa! If your a criminal or addict, you’re not really a war veteran, so why should everyone be tripping over themselves to show support and ‘be there’ for you??? Such a misguided sense of decorum! Until you’ve paid your dues, sobered up etc, nobody owes you anything !

    1. Rain – yeah, let’s screw society as a whole. Why show kindness or generosity of spirit to your fellow man (unless they happen to be a war hero)? These are just idiots to laugh at and bash for your own pathetic enjoyment. Wow, are you a heartless hag.

  27. Some people can’t be helped. Addicts die everyday. Kim will either choose life or death, but its her call. Viewers should hope for the best, but expect the worst.

  28. I knew all season that Kim had relapsed. I was harassed on twitter multiple times when i said it. I feel bad for the family but Kim caused her own problems and has yet to take responsibility for her actions. All of the other ladies show what was happening and Lisa R and Eileen called her on it but Kim’s bff always allowed Kim to continue to avoid owning up to her relapse . Brandi is as much to blame as Kim. She was the worse person to be around for Kim and now that filming has stopped so has the friendship. Kim has lost her sister Kyle due to her actions that were backup, supported by and mostly instigated by Brandi. To me Brandi looks worse every day but especially today. Had it not been for Brandi Kim might have gotten the help she never or at least started to realize that she had a problem again.

  29. I knew when I watchted the reunion Kim was not sober. That defensive behavior is textbook alcoholic, I have lived with it my entire life. My thoughts and prayers to her children.

  30. One thing no one has mentioned is Andy and Bravo’s part in this. I mean is it really earth the ratings and the buck$ to the Network and Andy to exploit an obviously terribly I’ll woman like Kim Richards? Will they follow her story like vapid vultures to her death or will the cut her loose and push her (gently) to the rehab she so obviously needs? And gor God’s sake NO “Kim gets out of Rehab Show” Just let tge woman heal.

  31. A lot of you are stating that she needs AA and AA works for a lot of people but it does not address the underlying psychological issues. I agree that she needs rehab but a newer program like HR would help with the psychological issues. With most people the reason they become addicts is that they are trying to self medicate for their psych issues. Through out the season I did not see Kim hurt anyone else, yes she tried to defend herself and it really was not anyone’s business except those people Kim trusted. Yolonda approached Kim with respect in regards to her concerns and Kim accepted it well, the others were constantly on her with their so called concern but it came off as mean and harassing. I’m wondering if Bravo suggested that Lisa R and Eileen keep confronting Kim with their concern. If they did it was wrong and distasteful.

    1. Who said AA doesn’t help with underlying psychological issues? It certainly does and if a member needs to seek additional help its recommended.

  32. The 19th chromosome of the alcoholic is defective. There is a whole series of medical research on alcoholism which shows it is genetic.

  33. Lisa This is what I meant by ignorance. One doesn’t choose to get cancer and one does not choose to become an addict. Their brain is wired differently . They did a study of 100 cadavers and found the brain of an addict even before any damage was different to a normal person. It is not a choice to be an addict. It is not a choice to get cancer. I am very sorry for your loss. I just hope that through Kim`s illness people may become more aware of the mental side of alcoholism and do some reading instead of running their mouth about something they know nothing about. Dr Carl Yung is a great starting place.

  34. Thanks so much Karen & Lisa for your kind words on the passing of my young neice, truly appreciate it so much. Karen, I hope everything works out for your brother-in-law with the stem cell treatments, I will pray for him. My brother died of Lymphoma also, but was not a candidate for the stem cell treatments. Like both you & Aunt Bee, I’m never pain free. Osteoporosis, stenosis of the spine & scheolosis, all very severe, but I’m grateful to God on every count & know this is where He wants me to be right now. So, in a nutshell, the Kim’s of the world I have no patience for, especially one who blames all of her troubles on everyone instead of herself.

    1. I worked at my church for several years working with the sick and elderly. I got pretty used to going to funerals, but nothing touches me more than going to a young persons wake. To those of you watching relatives suffering you have my deepest sympathy and my prayers.

  35. It’s interesting that the hotel continues to serve Kim even after she is out of control and than have her arrested! Although she is responsible for picking up the first drink the bartender should have some responsible for the additional ones that caused her to be intoxicated.. Hollyweird can add yet another broken individual to their roles. Sad

  36. This is an opportunity for Kim, if only she takes it. Her denial only puts off the inevitable at best, and will exacerbate her problem into a full-fledged tragedy at worst. She needs to quit LYING, she needs to stop attacking others and blaming him for a problem that is hers. I can’t believe I was out of town and off line when this happened! I wanted to hear what you all had to say.

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