Kim Richards’ Arrest Captured On Surveillance Video


Kim Richards may have escaped jail time after her recent arrest, but a new report reveals the Bravo star’s behavior was all caught on surveillance tape at The Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge.

“There is incriminating surveillance video that Kim wouldn’t want anyone to see,” an insider insists. “Cameras captured the fracas she created in the lobby area before being arrested.”

The hotel has decided not to press charges against Richards, but is there any way this footage would be released?

“No, there’s no plan to do that. Not unless it was used at her trial,” the insider tells RadarOnline.

Richards is currently in her third rehab facility since her arrest on April 16th.

Photo Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Kim Richards’ Arrest Captured On Surveillance Video”

  1. So the hotel is NOT pressing charges? What about the police officer who was harmed? I’m glad I do not live in Beverly Hills.

    1. The hotel can sue for civil damages, but it’s the DA who decides if the evidence warrants criminal charges or not. Criminal trials are “The People vs. So-And-So” so the hotel can say all they want about not “pressing charges,” but that won’t make any difference to the DA,

  2. Hop, skip, jump from one rehab to another, yeah, that’ll do it for her recovery. Too easy. No charges, not guilty plea, getting away so easily. Yes, extra yardage of red carpet laid out for Kim. With that attitude & treatment, she cant/wont get better. Hope somehow it works for her because of her kids-not her.

  3. Her THIRD treatment center? What the heck is this? Who is in charge here? How is this checkerboard treatment supposed to work? Every few weeks SHE decides to get out (and do what??? Before) re-enter another rehab? Utterly ridiculous and a absolute spit in the eye to serious rehabilitation. I agree with starr ^ – this sham of a rehab will not work., and my sympathy goes out to her long suffering children and family.

  4. Or maybe the rehab she was at did not offer the extended 2 year program. I’d really like to see the “reports and sources” to go away…and let this family heal.

  5. Of course they won’t release the vid… you know how many affluent people they have come in and drink too much, if they released the video no one would feel safe going in and letting their hair down in fear of ending up on the Internet and would quit going. So the hotel PR is actually protecting their clientele not Kim.

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