Kim Richards Clean and Sober


In a new report from TMZ, Kim Richards is doing extremely well in her fight to stay clean and sober, but the judge in her case is committed to make sure she doesn’t fall back down the same road.

In new court documents filed in the case, Richards has to regularly been attending AA meetings ever since September. The judge at the time sentenced her to 300 hours of community service, 3 years of probation, and the 52 AA meetings.

The judge is now wanting Richards to attend AA at least once a week.

With her filming RHOBH and continuing AA it looks as if Kim is getting much better. What do you think? Comment below.

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15 Replies to “Kim Richards Clean and Sober”

  1. I don’t ever want to see her again, she completely ruined last season of BH for me. Of course I want her to get better but not enough time has passed for it to have helped yet! Nothing rehab or AA will do can help her personality, she is just horrible! ❤️

  2. sadly…..I don’t think this isn’t the end of her troubles…. she’s too nasty to stay sober…. someone will tick her off and she’ll grab a drink. . . . and will feel justified in doing so. Please Bravo…. don’t sign her up.

  3. Kim is on the right path. That’s promising. As long as Kyle stops interfering Kim has a good shot at long term sobriety. One day at a time, Kim.

    1. I really don’t understand how or why people keep blaming Kyle. I don’t think Kyle has done anything to Kim that Kim hasn’t done to Kyle.

        1. Kyle needs Alanon. She needs to learn how to detach with love which is a primary principle of Alanon. Kyle is currently constantly trying to fix Kim. She needs to stop that and allow Kim to find her way which she will with the help of AA. The tenets of Alanon are I didn’t cause it; I can’t cure it. Kyle needs to give herself and Kim a break.

          1. I agree Kyle needs to give herself a break. And Alanon. On the other hand it is a lifelong way of life that her nieces come to her as the one who sees reason and supports them. It is a very difficult road to hoe. I’m sure she has been told about the tenets of AA and AN. I will always be a fan no matter what mistakes she makes or what she does about Kim or Kathy. As far as Kim is concerned, she might recover for a while, but there is no “program” for bitch.

  4. I’m glad the judge is committed, but how about Kim? It’s been 3 months, that’s a drop in the bucket considering how much help she needs. I’m not convinced until her attendance at these meetings is voluntary, not mandatory.

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