Kim and Kyle Richards Reunite, Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna Clash


Kim Richards made her return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week and had an emotional talk with her sister Kyle about their tumultuous past on-camera. She joined Kyle for tea, which led to a deep conversation that the sisters needed to have to resolve problems in their relationship.

“For us to bring things up from the past can be so detrimental because I think that’s just stirring up old stuff that isn’t healthy,” she told Kyle. “I love you, but I have these feelings of resentment, too, when I was upset, too. But when I started remembering a lot of good stuff, it made it easier to pick up the phone or to text you to say I love you, I miss you. It was easier because I was feeling those feelings.”

While Kyle seemed ready to have Kim back in her life, she did have reservations. “I feel bad to say that a lot of it depends on her sobriety because that sounds like I’m putting all the blame on her, and it’s not all her fault,” she explained, and of course, Kyle had to mention Brandi Glanville and why she has to always tweet every time she hangs out with Kim. “Why does she do that, every time she sees you she has to tweet?”

Another moment of contention in the show was when Lisa Rinna sat down with Eileen Davidson and Eileen confronted Rinna about being afraid of Lisa Vanderpump.

“Why are you afraid of Lisa Vanderpump?” Eileen asked Rinna.

“I have a loyalty to Eileen, yet I really like Lisa Vanderpump,” Rinna explained in her interview. “I have a great connection with her. I feel really between a rock and a hard place.”

What were your thoughts about this episode? Discuss below.

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Ugg…why is it when ever there are more than 3 women in a room…we start to compete with each other…and try to form alliances. It started in kindergarten…and it never seems to freaking end. We can be so insecure. Let me just say…LVP is LVP. Is she perfect…no…but she has a lot of really good traits. Why can’t these women just accept her as she is. If they feel she is trying to manipulate them….just don’t let her manipulate you…smile and move on…like men do. Kim irritated me, as usual, with her complete avoidance and denial of the past. She… Read more »

I haven’t seen it yet as always a day behind but have read a really good report of the episode. Like you I don’t get it why they have to compete it is like high school!

Love love love this

Bambi was priceless. That looked like a beef wellington she took off the plate. The dog has good tastes.

THANK YOU! I laughed so hard when Bambi stole the potato. That was the best part of the night. Can’t we have a show called “The Pets of the RHOBH” I swear to God it would be funnier and more entertaining. Lately it’s been a car crash. Kim cannot accept responsibility. I love how she said “the show” caused problems. How can a show cause a problem? It’s not alive. As for LVP, I will always prefer her over the others just for her work ethic alone. Say what you will about her, she’s only human, she isn’t perfect but… Read more »

I’m with you Anonymous. None can hold a candle to LVP & show with just housewives dogs/pets, just too funny & just what the doctor should order for us.

LOVE LVP! She isn’t doesn’t whine like the rest of the ladies. They preach forgiveness, but I have yet to see anything LVP has really done to any of them. I am not a Kyle fan because I don’t think she can be a true friend. I do like it when her & LVP cut up, it makes me laugh. Wish the show was more about those times, their lifestyle, travels., etc. It is fun to watch Kyle & her family & the dog.

ITA LVP is a cut above the other ladies. She has a great work ethic, is kind hearted, & gives back to others. Maybe the others could take a note from her & stop complaining. So sick of the same old song & dance that LVP is manipulative. Get over it & move on.

In complete agreement with you, patricia. I’d be thrilled to watch that show. Getting tired of these women having rich women problems. I wanna see some rich women fun.

I haven’t missed Kim at all, wish she would stay awsy. I’m so sick of Eileen’s schtick. What did LVP do so horribly wrong? Ask a few personal questions? If it makes you uncomfortable, say so. But to bring it up week after week even when LVP apologized, makes you look like Yolanda. Speaking of Yolanda, it doesn’t make you look good when you sit around a table with Eileen and Erika to only bash LVP. That’s not very ladylike as you would say.

Totally agree! 😀

Bravo! Them constantly trying to make LVP be the ones responsible for their bad behavior and blaming it on “manipulation” is getting old. Stop running your mouth if you want to stay out if trouble!

Lol xo

I don’t see them trying to make her responsible, but I was almost stunned when Eileen likened whatever it was to hers and Lisa’s “problem.” God, I really do wonder what she wants from Lisa. Whatever it is she won’t ever get it because Lisa is who she is. Simply not clicking with every single person isn’t a failure, it is human nature. We like some, some like us. We understand some, some understand us. Some people just don’t speak the same internal language. Sometimes one must really listen, actively listen, to what others say and simply take them at… Read more »

3D ITA! And well said! Xo

That entire thing with Erika was odd. “Why did they both ask me the exact same question?” I kind of wasn’t paying attention when that scene came on, the show comes on at 6:30 here and my phone rang, so when I zipped it back I was confused. She kept saying “why did you want to know” I was thinking it was going to be some intrusive question. But it’s how long had she known Yo! Weird. That’s a normal question, isn’t it? Then Kathryn. Well, can’t stand her now, never liked her but that entire “it’s on you” thing.… Read more »

ITA 3D!! She JUST told her, I want to be your friend!!! You’re a grown woman KAthryn, you know what you should or shouldn’t repeat! Kathryn is trying SO HARD to go up LVP ass, and it’s sad that Lisa doesn’t even care that much about her

ITA! They are the ones doing what they claim LVP does.

My comment was suppose to be under Vinettas. I’m glad Kathryn told on Erika. I agree, if it was in confidence then Erika should have mentioned that lst. Oh, I forgot, she’s perfect. I think it’s funny she did the exact same thing to Erika, that Erika did to LVP & Kyle.

I missed who “she is perfect is” is referring to. I know it was sarcasm, but I wanted to know what you meant so I could have a laugh. So many new women with so many social steps to climb! Too bad for them Lisa V. has enough friends and you just blew ever being one of them. So glad though to see Lisa and Kyle back together again. I believe they understand each other better now. Both said and did regrettable things. None of which was unforgivable. My 2 favorite housewives of all time.

Agree Vineta & Agree again.

Oh Lord here comes the big dark gloomy depressing cloud blowing in. 🙁 I swear I don’t wanna see or deal with the two sniveling sisters and they’re junk anymore I don’t WANNA Bravooooo 😮

Not to mention Vyle crying every chance she gets…. makes me want to hurl .. soooo phoney

Could the show just be about Bambi….please !!!!

On one show Kim is screaming to be back on, and of course, a paycheck. On another show she and her daughter are trashing the very show that gives her the paycheck she needs! YUCK on Kim’s return. Phooey on Eileen rehashing LVP and Erika and Yo constantly bashing LVP and talking smack when they themselves say they dint do this.

Is she? Kim I mean. I didn’t see the show she was on with her daughter, just the trailer. The trailer was depressing enough with the Mom’s bawling and screaming after whatever shit things they did when they were raising their daughters. I suppose one would have to look back, go back, and try to apologize and be forgiven if they ever wanted to have a Mother-Daughter relationship. It is sad that the symptoms of addiction are, in many cases neglect, selfishness, deceit, hostility, degradation, promiscuity and dishonor. In Motherhood these “symptoms” are in opposition to what children need to… Read more »

Kim looked much too fragile on this episode to ever be considered to be brought back either full or part time. She clearly still has issues and she hasn’t had time to recover.

I thought that scene with Kim and Kyle was poignant and powerful. I’m glad she came back for this one episode. Regardless of what a mess she is, she seems fragile, sad and just plain lost. Let’s stop piling on her and flogging her to death, and just wish her the best

Yes!! Positive thoughts they both heal.

Kt!!!!! Xoxo 🙂

I actually thought she seemed healthier than she did in her entire run as a cast member. There was a light to her eyes, like she was more aware of the world around her and not in a substance-induced fog. If that is where she is going, then by all means, I wish her well. I don’t think burying the past is any kind of solution for these sisters though.

Some people cry when things are difficult. I totally get what you mean with Kim. I still can’t believe she can not simply say “I am sorry for saying those hateful things to you Sis” I mean she can’t even apologize for what she did! She always starts with the whole “I was hurt too” BS. She is in a very weak state right now, and until she says she is sorry for all of the really horrible things she has said and done she will never, never get well. I have seen this pattern in someone very much like… Read more »

Sorry I just can’t handle the Kim and Kyle thing. I FF through that scene.

Interestingly enough, there was a moment when one of them (I think Kyle?) questioned in her confessional how they could heal from the hurt and get back on track.

With all that they’ve been through, I personally believe that unless they BOTH do intensive therapy to attack the cancerous root and formative years of what has created this dsyfunction (both singularly and then then as a pair), they cannot find resolve, healing, nor renewal.

Proactivity, with the right TOOLS is EVERYTHING.

Bon, I totally agree, I think as a family the three sisters should have therapy seperate and together to try to get through this. I can’t excuse Kim she is a drunken mess, maybe not at the moment but hasn’t had time to heal. I think Kim will always be nasty I don’t think she has ever been anything else BUT maybe with therapy they can work through their early life with their mother and discuss it, just privately and repair the relationship with each other! I hope all going well in Paris, you lead such a glamorous life! I… Read more »

Kim & Kyle back on track—good for them!!! but I must question for how long?!
I think Eileen is wrong to pressure Lisa R. Lisa R has a long time friendship with LVP & Eileen both & should not have to choose. She’s not afraid of VP, but loves her. Eileen on the other hand is still beefing about the questionnaire & refuses to give it up, that’s her own insecurities & resentments & should not be shoved on to Lisa R. Time to let it go.

It really does make me see how very different people are. I mean, at first I thought she was just making something out of nothing, well, she was, but nothing to her really. Now I believe there is something more that maybe we didn’t see. Because this can’t possibly all be from that one interaction between them and the following apology, can it?

Eileen and Rinna sure seem to be LVP and Yolanda dependent for storylines. I’m not advocating this but of course Rinna is going to choose LVP over Eileen if those two are feuding. She’s not going to come out and say it, but who is going to give her more airtime and story…not Eileen’s “boohoo you asked me too many questions and didn’t apologize enough LVP” storyline. lol. Sorry to say that but that’s the reality.

If you look at the preview for next week’s episode, LisaR unequivocally throws LVP under the bus (driven by Yo and Erika) and accuses her of mind control. Yes, its the Bobby Fisher subplot all over again. You’d think Beverly Hills was a banana republic, the way these women constantly try to overthrow somebody.

Good Analysis as it’s the age old “king of the hill” game, except it’s “Queen of the hills” 🙂

I have to say that Eileen is doing LVP a massive favour… Earlier in the season people were making noise about her being a sh*t-stirrer, but Eileen is doing everything in her power to bring the public back to LVP’s side. Yoda and her minions are making it into a season 4-style witch hunt, and from what I have read on online forums people are, once again, reacting in favour of LVP. Also, anyone else notice that in Eileen’s attempts to get Yoda and Erika on side, she mentioned that she and LVP had an issue but didn’t bring up… Read more »

Totally agree! Even here at the startups the season so many were against Lisa, tides turned now! Eileen was the golden girl now a sh.. Stirrer! 😀

She’s doing what Brandi did in season 4… Going round all the women and telling them small parts of a full story in order to get the other ladies on side. I smell producer meddling. I don’t think Eileen is naturally manipulative, but I think her producer is whispering things in her ear to turn her against LVP. LVP is the best housewife to go after if you want to be part of the main storyline.

I would like Lisa to walk away at the end of this season, soon see how it gets on without her. Like her or not she plays it well. As for Eileen I don’t know if it’s producers or Yo!

Yes, she neglects to mention that she’s upset that LVP wanted to know about the affair Eileen had with her future husband. The affair that Eileen openly talked about with LisaR and Brandi in a public restaurant in front of the cameras before Brandi hit threw her wine at her. She shouldn’t be outraged about the airing of something she was the first to bring up.

Sure did notice that, RHOBHL. I believe the reason she non-stop brings it up, Eileen is guilty about something. And with LVP’s questions, everything resurfaced. Instead of stewing about it over & over, she should try a confessional. As for her shimmiying over to the dark side ( Yo & EJ) , I’m now seeing another side of her that’s not nice.

ITA I laughed so hard when Bambi stole the potato. That was the best part of the night. Can’t we have a show called “The Pets of the RHOBH” I swear to God it would be funnier and more entertaining. Lately it’s been a car crash. Kim cannot accept responsibility. I love how she said “the show” caused problems. How can a show cause a problem? It’s not alive. As for LVP, I will always prefer her over the others just for her work ethic alone. Say what you will about her, she’s only human, she isn’t perfect but she’s… Read more »

I would sooner have Lisa than all the others put together! A show on all the pets would be great! Swans, ponies, dogs heavenly!




Do it, Bravo….Lifestyles of the Pets of Beverly Hills…
I would definitely watch.

It’s strange how LVP caught so much flak about Yo and Mo’s kids yet he has had a very elaborate and cute pink stable made for the ponies! Makes you think, well it does me!

So true Sally. I thought the very same thing myself. Just shows that Lisa & Mohammed’s bond is stronger than ever & Yo was trying to stir trouble, using the children, to ruin that friendship. So glad that did not work. Didn’t you just love Mohammed’s Fiance?

I think Shiva is stunning! I hope he marries her but I guess he doesn’t want to pay out any more money!

I think you’re right, Sally. She seems happy with the arrangement somehow. And yes, she is so pretty & springlike. Yo can never compete with that–ever!! try as she might. Yes, they’ll always have the kids, but I believe that’s where it begins & ends. I’m still confused though. Isnt Yo & David divorced & yet they both hosted the party, how is that?

its weird! Because she said at the beginning Of the season that they had separated then the party so not sure what that was about Starr! Sorry!

Thanks Sally. That part was & is still confusing.

I think Mohammed is a gentleman. I don’t give a rats ass about any tabloid crap, I see him as a generous man. Shiva is a stunning, classy lady. I don’t think they will marry, but I think it has nothing to do with money. He lavishes her with the good life and I have not seen him treat any lady with anything less than respect. He is on the guest list of every event in BH and when he arrives he smiles and kisses the hostess and shakes hands with the host. He is a wonderful guest and host.… Read more »

totally off topic, but does anyone remember when Andy would play the clip of Kim G saying “how are you” all the time… does anyone else think Kyle says it exactly like that? That’s all i hear when she walks in the room and greets people!

I noticed that, too…Jack…sounds pretty fake to me.

Yep, Kyle sounds exactly like Kim G., and it is beyond annoying. “How are you? Nice to see you?”……like fingernails on a chalkboard not to mention so fake sounding. How about just a “hello” or “hi”.

I’m not a fan of Kim Richards. Never have been. She is too messy for me. And a bit of a hypocrite. She obviously wants to be in the public eye but on her own terms…it really does not work like that. Once you are in the public eye, everything seems to come out of the closet…best to make the best of that. But Kim is trying to steer everything to avoid stuff she has done that everyone wants to talk about…they are the things that make her more interesting. I, for one, am tired of seeing her cry. Feels… Read more »

ITA! Eileen needs to let it go & stop back stabbing & stirring the pot. I like LisaR & hope she stays true to herself.

Totally agree that Vileen is acting childish with the whole if I don’t like her, you shouldn’t. Holding a grudge cause maybe Vileen catches crap from the kiuds every time they are reminded she is a homewrecker?

As to Kim…the woman will never truly be on the road to recovery until she owns her crap…and from this episode and the first episode of mother/daughter…she won’t even say the words…I am an alcoholic. Isn’t that the first step?

Simone, I agree. Eileen is now in Yo & Ericka J’s dog house for me. A bunch of malicious trouble makers that needs to grow up. Eileen has disappointed me so much.

Kim may have stopped drinking, but she clearly doesn’t want to apologize or make amends for her past behavior.

Why should she, patricia. She thinks the world owes her.

A dry drunk can last in recovery for a time, but an alcoholic who goes through the painful steps of recovery has a chance to have a happy life in recovery. Kimmy has not taken one step.

So it is back to another “GD apology”…….Lisa doesn’t apologize enough times, another one doesn’t apologize enoug h times & now it has been decided that Kim “doesn’t” want to apologize. Enough is enough. An apology only means something if the person who is giving it truly means it. Empty words.