Kim & Kyle Richards’ Emotional Conversation About Kim’s Sobriety…

Kim Richards

In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kim and Kyle Richards have an emotional conversation about Kim’s sobriety. Both sisters, who are very emotional in the scene, talk about their fears about Kim’s sobriety and problems with addiction. Kim explains the reason she was acting weird in Paris was because she mixed up her medication, and Kyle opens up and explains to Kim why she worries about her. Kim says she has worked very hard on her sobriety and she would never want to go through what she went through again, or put her children through it.

Kim opens up to Kyle about how bad her alcoholism was. Kim says, “Seven months ago, I was sitting on a bed and I thought I was going to die. I knew it.” Kyle, who is crying, tells Kim, “Every time my phone rang in the middle of the night I thought they were going to say your sister is gone.”

I feel like this is one of the most raw and candid conversations we have seen Kim and Kyle have. You can watch the preview below.

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6 Replies to “Kim & Kyle Richards’ Emotional Conversation About Kim’s Sobriety…”

  1. I am sick and tired of this storyline. If Kyle really gave a sincere shit about Kim, she would not have her on a reality show, not ever drink or have alcohol around when Kim is present, and Kyle would seek therapy and educate herself about addiction. Kyle ‘s snarky remarks and constantly exposing Kim to these relapse fueled activities are selfish, cruel, and stupid. As far as Kim, she is not spouting any real truths or forgiveness to others. Simply saying how hard she works at it doesn’t mean a thing. Addictive people that take sobriety serious would NEVER get any form of elective surgery exposing themselves to a situation for an abuse of rx pain meds – which is surpassing alcohol addiction these days and thr number one abuse problem in the US. Gheez-do these women ever pay attention to any facts about serious issues?? Bullcrap – both of them, get real therapy and get over reality tv – it isn’t working for either of you.

  2. I agree totally pinky. Kim was a pill popping addict at the end. She started as an alcoholic and now a drug addict. Her subloxin meds are very strong, and if you dont take them correctly you get high. Thats what i witnessed in Paris. Kyle is not supportive of kims sobiety and i hope she reads these posts. Here is the hard truth about addiction’ 99 percent of addicts do not stay sober and fall back into it, she needs 2-3 meetings a week, and never stop going . Get rid of your sister kyle the enabler.

  3. Yes this is too real. We need contrived fights and housewives more worried about their image and how they’ll look on TV than this nonsense.

  4. Something that the previous comments have not taken into consideration is that Alcoholism is a family illness and has probably been a problem that has existed in this family, like so many others for a very long time. No one, unless you have been in this position either as a family member or the sober alcoholic or addict who is being honest with themselves and others, about the pain, suffering and terror they all live with on a dally basis. Kyle like the rest of the family has been treated to this abuse and fear of Kim dying for a very long time. So, unless you have walked in these shoes, do not be so quick to judge.

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