Kim Kardashian Reacts To James Kennedy Calling Himself the “White Kanye West”

Since the first time I ever heard Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy call himself the “white Kanye West” I have been curious as to how the real Kanye West would respond.

We might have to wait awhile on getting that response, but hearing his wife Kim Kardashian’s response might be the next best thing.

Kim was a guest on Watch What Happens Live Sunday evening. Andy Cohen asked her what she thought of James Kennedy calling himself the “white Kanye West.” Kim said, “I think it’s cool.”

James told the Daily Dish in the past about why he calls himself that. “I’ve been a Kanye West fan since the day I first heard his music, I’ve understood his music and more so have appreciated his production as a music producer from the samples he uses to the bass sounds for melody,” he explained last March. “Some people get angry at the fact that I said I’m the ‘white Kanye West’ however I stand my ground, and here’s why. Kanye, as a person, never doubted himself. If you go to some of his earliest interviews, he is the same Kanye that we see today. Before he had anything, he was the same Kanye we see today. I think I’m like him in the sense that I explore sound. I want to create something nobody has ever heard or seen before and I have nothing stopping me, the only thing that could possibly stop me is myself.”

What do you think of Kim’s response?

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6 Replies to “Kim Kardashian Reacts To James Kennedy Calling Himself the “White Kanye West””

  1. Kim was actualy enjoyable to watch that night. Sbe wasnt heavily covered in makeup, she said no question was off limit, and didnt pop poor Jame’s delusional bubble.

    1. I’m not a big fan of the Kardashians however I do enjoy watching them occasionally. They are a beautiful family, at least I think so. I agree with you One rotten Egg, she wasn’t heavily made up which was nice to see. It was a nice interview.

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